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18 / F / going insane
Posted 12/24/11
Name: Raeleigh
Age: 14
Side: Natives
Race (Natives only): Cat
Bio: Raeleigh is very shy but can fight very well. her parents died in a car accident and that is why she will do anything to help anyone

Abilities (One element only, two extras ): the power of water
Weapon (No guns if not human): scythe
Family? : none
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26 / F / Croatia
Posted 12/24/11

Name: Sully ( Raven )
Age: 21
Side: neutral
Race (Natives only): Native
Position (Humans only): ---
Different position/race, give reason: ---
Sully is one of the natives. She has the powers over the wind, telekinesis and molecular combustion.
Usualy, she tends to use her telekinesis powers since they were the first power she managed to control. The power over air is used to fly on daily basis and her 3rd power she can't really control fully. Normaly, when she is angry or mad, something will blow up ( she'll make the thing blow up). Sometimes, she uses it to blow up her opponents, which are mostly demons.
She doesn't like to use her 3rd power in battles much, since it might get out of control.

Abilities (One element only, two extras ):

¤ power over the air - fly, blasts of wind, shield of wind, wind attacks
¤ telekinesis - move objects with her mind, move people with her mind ( like breaking someones fall ) which ends up in blood flowing out of her eyes from the pressure
¤ power to blow up objects at will ( molecular combustion )
Weapon (No guns if not human):
Sully doesn't use weapons, she thinks of her body as a weapon since she knows martial-arts.
Family? : She was born into a small family which consisted of her mother and father. They were later on killed, when she was 10, and since then she was on her own. No one knows why they were killed...
Sully intorduces herself by another name so there is no one who knows her true name. So, when someone says her real name, she knows that the person knows something.
Sully likes to fight, usualy she doesn't back off from a chalenge.

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F / Always just out o...
Posted 12/24/11
Name: Astrid Miller
Age: 27
Side: Human Scientist
Position: Scientist, creator of Black and White
Bio: Starting as a little girl, she tried to make machines to help mankind against global warming. When that didn't work she joined the army. Age 17. Made a couple weapons and studied the spieces of the natives. Till one day she found out how to transfer enough power to make an elemental of her own. About five years worth of research and failed experiments later. TADA! Black and White!

Weapon: Hand gun. Shot gun. Machine gun. Scalpel
Family? :Black and White~
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21 / F
Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/27/11

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On the chair, abo...
Posted 1/21/12 , edited 1/21/12
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