Subtitles on Boxee. UI covers them up.
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Posted 12/22/11
Quite often while watching anime (via boxee/PC) the subtitles aren't always on screen long enough to be fully read. So I would back up and pause, but the problem with doing that is that the navigation portion of the interface covers the video to include the subtitles. Is there any way to change is behavior? Is this Boxee specific or is this part of the plugin/app. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 12/23/11
As someone who has used Boxee in the past its more of a boxee issue then and app issue or anything with Crunchyroll. From what I remember most the apps are the same in design besides a few minor things in some. There may be a workaround or fix to get rid of the navigation bar. Log in to the site and then go into forum for help and they would probably be more helpful then anyone here. Sorry to push you off somewhere else but I dont have enough experiences with Boxee to help and I think you would get a much better answer there anyways.
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 6/7/13
We revamped the forums. All the old site/support threads will be locked. Please use the new Help Forum Category.

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