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Posted 12/28/11 , edited 12/28/11
WElcome to the OC's contest forum if you did wish to take part in the event please refer to the contest page

This is a reminder that this entry must inclued the

~wepon/meinster(if weapon what kind)
~background story
~apperence with picture

This entry must not
~have any names from the original soul eater
~no same looks
~no same backgound story
~to sum it up nothing from soul eater beside weapon type

use this form as a template

Weapon or meinister:
Partners Name:
Background story:
Apperence(please add a picture):

if any questions regarding this topic or any other matter for that conceren please contact pokefan14By privatie messaing

thank you to thosse of youwho chosse to participate
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Posted 1/21/12 , edited 1/21/12
Name: Razia or Razzy
Age: 14
Weapon or meinister: Meinister
Partners Name: Mason
Background story: Razia came from a big family, she had 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Her and her twin brother racer -his real name is Rennie but he doesn't like it- found Mason one day in the woods and he said he had the power to turn into a scythe, but Razina and Racer didnt believe him so they left. Every day since then Mason followed them untill they believed him. Razina was good at using wepons of that type and loved to use them, but she was uncertain about using Mason. She tried, and it was exactly the same. He said that there was a school for wepons and meinisters called the DWMA. and they enrolled there.
Apperence(please add a picture):

death sytchs
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Posted 1/27/12 , edited 1/28/12

approved ^-^
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