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Posted 12/29/11 , edited 12/29/11
Hello everyone.
This forum is teach you how to make a difference between HQ images and LQ images.
Most of you guys think that HQ images are the same as LQ images, but they are not.
Here are some examples of HQ images:

Okay, as you can see. Those images are way difference from images you requested.
How? You say. Lol its easy, they are more smoother and cleaner than LQ images.
Here are examples of LQ images:

Okay, so they are a little bit of blurry and kind of hurt your eyes, right? Well those are LQ images, But they were probably HQ images for your eyes in the past. But as you adjust to more quality images, your eyes adjust changes.

Some Images may be hq to others, but you should try to test their eyes.
For example:
Person 1 : Requested a LQ image but thought it was HQ image
Person 2 : Ask for another image.
Person 1 : Says that is a HQ image.
Person 2 : Here are two images, one is the image you requested, another is image that is the same as the one you requested but much hq one. Choose the one that is the hq.
Person 1 : OHHH I see the difference, Sorry about that.
something like that. XD
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Posted 12/31/11 , edited 1/1/12
Ohhhh. Now I Get It!
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