the hilarious Saga of Ocean Marketing
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Posted 12/30/11 , edited 12/30/11

here's a condensed summary of the events that started with an email for an update on a gaming accessory called The Avenger and the response from a bad PR rep

Paul Christoforo's history of terrible customer service finally caught up with him when he threatened a smear campaign against Penny Arcade. After realizing that this was possibly the stupidest thing he could have done in the videogame industry, he begged Mike Krahulik to make the collective internet mob back off (that sure as Hell didn't happen). He then started giving interviews where he claimed that he hadn't lost any other clients, Krahulik was unprofessional for not introducing himself, and he was really only sorry that he got caught being a jackass. And now, finally, he's been caught trying to extort money from the clients he very nearly destroyed.

stupidity level= 9001

some of my favorite highlights from this

(from Christoforo as Ocean Marketing to Mike Krahulik)


"I didn't know who that guy at Penny Arcade was," he admitted. "If I had known, I would have treated the situation a little better."

translation: "I'm nice to people as long as they're important."

and for the cherry on top a response from Moisés Chiullan, who christoforo tried to extort money from
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Posted 12/30/11
Yeah, he brought this on himself. Just imagine how many people he pissed off before he was "discovered".
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Posted 12/30/11
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