Top 5 Animes of 2011
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Posted 12/31/11
So 2011 is almost over so its time for another "best of" sort of thread.

So this thread is about what was your top 5 favorite animes that were RELEASED in 2011.( No counting animes that were running before the beginning of 2011.)

There were alot of good animes this year so i can't wait to see your all's choices. After a week or two i'll try and add up the top 5 overall as decided by what you guys put down

my choices
1. Hunter X Hunter
2. Un-Go
3. C-Control
4.Deadman wonderland
5. Beelzebub

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Posted 12/31/11
In no particular order:

- Blue Exorcist
- Chihayafuru
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Fate/Zero
- Kami-sama no Memo-chou
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