Looking for good free PC games to download
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Posted 12/31/11
Hey im looking for some good games to download.....i got most of the free to play games off of steam like alien swarm and TF2......but i must have MOAR!!!! and what better way to ask to find a good downloadable game then here at crunchyrll....cause for sure i always see random games up for advertisement up here.....and most of them were free downloadable games too!

So like i said please gimme the link to the best mmorpg's and such! except sports...i HATE sports -.-

give a gamer a hand plez
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Posted 12/31/11
Well there"s this http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=851573 if you haven"t seen it already, and a good indie game (if you like them) I recently played was Cave Story. It was in the Humble Indie Bundle 4, but it"s a freeware http://www.cavestory.org/downloads_game.php and I thought it was pretty good (if you like metroidvania games especially). I'm not the best "Free game" advice giver ( My game list -- http://steamcommunity.com/id/evanjs/games?tab=all ) A good free mmorpg IMO is Maplestory, because it's free, simple, and is kind of fun if you know what you're doing, know the right ways to do quests, farming for good stuffs etc. Those are probably my 2 favorite free games (as you can see on my games list, not too many are free -_- ) Anyways, hope this helps!
(In addition, even if you've read some bad things about a free game, it's free, so you wouldn't really have anything to lose in trying it out.)
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Posted 1/1/12
No personal thread allowed. Please take a look in the recommend me threads which are stickied instead.

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