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Post Reply What makes you hate the teachers ?
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22 / F / blingee world!
Posted 2/15/08
1 if there angry they take it out on who? students!
2 if they don't like you they'll ignore you. or give you a brief explanation and move on to another student.
3 you call there name....they dont listen.
4 your finished and packed up, they ask 'why? i didnt tell you to' dude wtf?!
5 if they ask 'can you share with this person?'
if you say no. you know there gonna yell at you. wtf's the point in asking?!
6.your the first finished, straight away they want a bigger description.
7. they give you attitude because 'their older than you' .dude you are teaching us not being a dickhead about it.
you gonna die first anyway.
8.if something goes missing. first thing they say 'who stole it' wheres the trust?
9.if the teachers angry. they say 'i could get paid just sit here and give you nothing.' (you do that)
10 why give us home work if it dont teach us nothing?
11. teachers trying to be cool are covering up there retarded background.
12 the teacher who cries first is the first to blame you for everything.
13 yelling at students doesnt work it'll only make us hate you.
14 they know it embarrasses you when your getting yelled at in the class.
and they do it for some retarded reason.
15. just because you dont know where there reading from in a book (for 2sec) you get yelled at. man i know dont repeat it.
16.you learn the same shit everyday.
17.the ones who love school are the ones the teacher loves..(suck ups..='')
18.they lie to your parents and when you say the truth they shut you up.
19.when a teacher says something good about another teacher, there lying.
20, when you know the answer and the teacher makes a mistake.after yo correct the teacher they gat upset
and debate over how there right and your wrong.
22.you forget you book at home. all they say is 'well what do we do now?'
and walk off...WTF, WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!
23 half of them dont even know what there saying.
24 the english teacher doesnt even know how to read aloud.
25 if your brother/sister are older and realy smart. you must be as brilliant as them.
26. wow you got suspeded/detention. doesnt mean you dont tstop trusting the student and give up.
27. they dont care if there over it.
28.when they yell at you they thing there right...but there not.
29 they give you lectures about goals and trying your best...who cares? i know i dont.
30. wow your late dont mean you tell me to 'try' and come early....at least i came to school..
31. teachers who dont like other teachers say some thing either bad or good.
bad;backstabbing,rumor. good;there different. thats just how they are...my ass.
32. you make a small joke about their name..detention is suddenly your best friend.
33. you walk out on a sex ed video. suddenly your 'sensitive'. man i need to go to the toilet i dont want you holding my hand.[who walks out of a sex ed video? like come on?]
34. your parents complain to the teacher. the next day they tell you off.
35.they confiscate your phone, for what reason? its just there!, what you have yours i want mine XP
36 the teachers lie to your face and talks about students to other teachers.
37. the teacher is sooo boring and knows your not listening. so they give you work. but doesn't tell you what to do.
38.they say if you trust,keep going in life hve good morals (?) you will be a better person...dude good morals dont help no one.
39.i don't think they realized 'life isn't fair'
40.you dont understand the asian teacher.

and in the end when there totlly freaked out they put the blame on us such lozers !!!
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22 / F / U.A.E
Posted 2/16/08
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23 / M / Twilight Dimesion
Posted 2/18/08
homework man they don't know what fun is
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23 / M / In ur backyar dig...
Posted 2/19/08
Me hates them cuase of 3 reasons 1. they are terrorist's.! 2.they give Home Work. 3. they will kill us!!!
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26 / M / Trapped in Hell
Posted 2/19/08
Teachers always say that you're smarter than this or you're smarter than that. of course we all know we're smart we just don't want to do any of the bullshit assignments that they hand out and want us to do. Teachers get on my nerves the way they are always wanting to know their students more than students as if they are trying to be your friend when u know they aren't
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Posted 2/19/08
the things waht i hate about the teachers are:-
a.they butt in in our conversations
b.they dont give us breaks XD
c.i hate it when they fuckin' shout!
d.explain lessons when i dont even listen to 'em
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22 / M / United States of...
Posted 2/20/08
retarded teachers that doesnt know how to teach for crap
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23 / F / inside a house
Posted 2/21/08
- giving too many i mean too many projects and submitting it after they said it....
- copying lesson that they didn't discuss....
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29 / F / ♥♥♥♥In My OwN wOr...
Posted 2/21/08
hmmmmmm...i actullie like most of my teacher....but when i was a freshman in High School i had this teacher for my physical science class i HATED him so much...what worst he was also my homeroom teacher...i was the only asian in his physical and homeroom...he alwasie made me feel out of place...Like when he hear that some of the hmong student started a fight with his fav. white student he would look at me while telling the class about it...and ask meh if i had anything to do with it....i was alwasie the laughing stock in his room...so what i did was everytime he made a joke about me or my own kind of people i would just roll my eyes at him than laugh...if he call on meh i would look around to see who he was calling for cuz he couldn't say my name right...so when he couldn't deal with meh he would just send meh to da offices....
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22 / F / somewhere OVER TH...
Posted 2/22/08
the way for saying so fast and ask we all copy down ARGH! she is f***king ass and scolds innocent ppl!!freak off! <<<teacher
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24 / M / It's like ham, bu...
Posted 2/23/08
scolding without a definite or exact reason, giving errands not a bit related to school, giving homeworks and quizzes but not recording the scores......AAAHHHHH!!!! there's too much!!!!
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