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Post Reply Does anyone write stories?
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Posted 2/6/12
I, in all honest truth, have really mixed feelings about writing.

The process of putting words to a page is really frustrating. Not to mention, the feeling of doubt over whenever I'm looking over a sentence and see some kind of grammar error or, perhaps, a lengthy purple prose that otherwise interrupt the flow of the words -- those kinds of things really depresses me and makes me want to give up being a writer altogether.

But then, there are times that makes writing all worth it. Watching the process as a character become a real person is an experience -- I think it can be explained as something akin to being a parent and suddenly seeing your children in a new light that you didn't quite expected them to turn out. It's unexpected, but you feel a sweltering pride for them at the same time. When things like that happen, I don't mind pushing through days of writer's block at a time in order to record what happens to the characters next.

I don't really have a preference for settings, really. (Maybe because I'm really just a indecisive person by nature.) Though, I think any setting can be awesome if you supply it with the right characters and how they react to the settings.
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Posted 2/8/12
I'm with Don't Deny on this one

And...because I would like to make a "Final Mix" of the stories. Stories that don't happen with the general setting of the series (be it anime or series on CBS)
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27 / Not really import...
Posted 2/28/12

I guess i write for the fun at many times.
Or because i find it interesting and amusing, despite all the flaws with a written text.
But at times, when the content in my story gets boring or hard to work with, it can be dull and demanding.
At other times i can be writing in order to do something better than a text made by another person i dont regard as any good.

So there is various reasons for me to write.

Have written some already, about 12-14.
Some are short, with about 2-3 A4 pages long, while others range between 14, 26, 30 and 33 pages in length.
Heavy texts, with much descriptions and depth is my way of writing.
Doing fanfictions is normal for me, but original texts as well.
Mostly with themes around anime, manga, games, fantasy and so on.
And more concrete with categories as action, combat, magic, philosophy etc.
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23 / F / Where am I?
Posted 2/29/12
I do. A lot of my stories tend to have vamps and werewolves or angels and demons. I'm working a lot of different stories at the moment. Like now, I'm kinda doing a rough draft for my NaNo submission. It's a tough one because a part of it is narrated by one of the main charas who just happens to be mute.
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21 / F / HAHA! so funny, l...
Posted 3/1/12
Adding to the "I do, I do!" thing here, yes I in fact do write, not that anyone really cares(sorry for my two cents). My writings are novels that double as Graphic novels that i completely do myself(art, story, inking, lettering and so on), and triple as anime like clips. My story that is my child is called "Marionette". Although this is my favorite story i have created and is by far the longest and deepest, I am creating a one-shot graphic novel I hope to have published soon.

^^ The funny thing is, I never write in school, i always get 0s because I have a bit of a twisted mind and my stories, some of the content, isn't appropriate for school. Plus, with that aside, I don't like rushing and completing a story in two weeks, my stories are very in depth and it usually takes me a year to get the story board down and begin writing.

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Posted 4/28/12
yeah i kinda write stories..but not very good at it.
Posted 4/28/12

ZenZaku wrote:

As the title says does anyone write stories for the sheer joy of it outside of any sort of school assignment? If you do what sort of things do you like to write about? I know there's a thread about drawing but I don't think there's one for writing. Anyway,

I generally tend to write about military units in the future, such as space infantry groups or regular ground soldiers. I also have stories all across the board involving werewolves and the like based off of Larry Correia's Monster Hunter universe as well as other fanfic type stuff for other things that have already been created but I feel that I need to add to.

Yes, I write stories about mystery, crime, thriller, romance, futuristic, fanttasy, scifi, and the sort.
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F / Montana US
Posted 4/28/12
I love writing. Novels are my favorite kind because I cannot make a decent story that is shorter than a few pages. In recent years, I noticed that my writing is finally getting to a place where I won't be too ashamed of it in a few years. The most recent thing I wrote is like a vampire novel, although it is a little different. I took some ideas from Blood+, like changing the word from vampire to chiropteran. They also turn into monsters when they are under physical or emotional stress.
Although sci-fi/fantasy is my favorite, I probably will do more realistic stuff in the future. BTW Kitelse, you are just decribing the normal emotions that writers go through. I have the same problems at times, but it is still worth it. And how do you only have writer's block for days at a time? I want your secret.
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Posted 5/1/12
I ran a couple of blogs just to practice the grammar and all at past and now I'm working on a real short-story. But for a certain reason it is really hard to start
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18 / F / Australia
Posted 5/17/12
I love to write Fan Fictions in relation to K-Pop OTPs (One True Pairing) and biases

I recently begun my first Fan Fiction featuring Myungyeol (Myungsoo x Sungyeol) from INFINITE

Please feel free to check it out~
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66 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 6/27/12
I write nit-witticisms over in the General Discussion section of CR. I try to make them zany. Surprisingly, a few readers remark about my being "interesting". I'm guessing that refers to topic exposition or the grand fiction that emanates from it. If I can be witty I generate a bit of off-the-wall logic scatterings. If I have to be serious than I hardly write anything because I tend to get too wordy and obtuse trying to be both clever and creative. I have found as I've gotten older stories are easier to summon from the soul than when I was younger. But I have to be very selective about which topic to grapple. Because CR is populated by a youthful crowd my age suggests I pre-censor any topic response spontaneity beforehand unless I can cloak it as a rimshot spinning off the topic hoop. I am the gender and age posted under my avatar. Because of that I remain hostage to what my boundaries are and which stereotypical internet stigmas I dare not transgress.

Happy writing.
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25 / F / Perth, Western Au...
Posted 6/29/12
I used to write fanfiction...but that was a good 3 years or so ago. University kills your creativity..
I'd love to get back to it though. I really enjoyed writing fanfiction. Most of my stories are about romance and usually end on a happy note. Guess that's just my naive perception of love/relationships. =/
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Posted 7/3/12
I never wrote any Kind of Fan Fiction based on other Copyrighted Works, everything I write is 100% mine (aside from a few jokes and references to other works ), though, I'm writing right now, two light novels, and a Metafiction Tale of one of my LNs. But...I never finish what I start :

But you'll see, someday you'll walk to the bookstore and find one of my stories

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23 / F
Posted 7/20/12
I write fantasy, psychological horror, and memoir kind of stories. I'll write poems and short stories every now and then.
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22 / M
Posted 7/20/12
I'm typing a quadrology fantasy/sci-fi/comedy/action/mythological fiction/tragedy
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