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Post Reply Does anyone write stories?
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17 / M / SPACE!!!
Posted 20 hours ago
I'm a huge movie fan. I am currently writing a couple screenplays. I tend to like expanding my boundaries so I write whatever I like. However, I don't write comedies -short of- because I don't see myself as a comedian. Looking back at my list of ideas (Yes, I got a list of story synopsis's and such) most of the stuff I write are either Crime Dramas, action flicks and exploitation. Yet, whenever I write a love story I tend to write it like an anime.

Yet, I don't post these online. I have a quotev, but I didn't like the layout and how most of the stuff on the site don't interest me that much.

Here is one story I am currently working on.
The screenplay is about a college student in Japan who one day see's one of his drawings come to life. Before he went to sleep, he drew a sketch of this one female that eventually came to life and the rest of the story is just him interacting with her such as going to the beach, going on a date, Christmas, etc. It's a blend of a romance and a slice of life. Enjoy!

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30 / M / Liverpool, England
Posted 19 hours ago
Yes. Yes is the short answer.

The long answer is "Yes, and here's my first Novella."
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