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Posted 1/5/12 , edited 9/18/12
Edit: I re-posted with some changes in here:

I know most people hate that there will be American live action cast,
personally, i'm not too keen on the idea as well, i like the anime and manga just fine, and wouldn't want to see hollywood butcher it.
but just for fun, what if you can cast anybody to be in a Death note live action, who would it be?
These are my thoughts.

Light as
lol joking, but he does kind of looks like, not sure in acting coz never watch any of his movies.

I donno, Light is a bit hard to cast for now.

L as...honestly, it's really hard to think anyone except Kenichi matsuyama

Misa as Lena Fujii, don't know if she can act plus maybe a bit old to play Misa i guess now, but does have that appearance, plus she's a model!

Near as Kanata Hongo, he's got that evil kid genius look to him

Mello as Jamie Campbell, i know, but i found Mello really hard to find, he's got a unique girly face mix psycho intense. i thought Jamie's eye can look a bit scary at times, so him for now.

I'm not too sure the others, don't have any clues yet.

What would you guys dream cast be?
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Posted 11/11/13
Ian Somerhalder as Kira from Vampire Diaries (no, I don't watch it, my sister does but he definitely looks like a psychopath)
Young Johnny Depp as L (he specializes in these types of roles, edward scissorhands?!)
Blake Lively as Misa (cause she's hot and i want to see her in gothic)
Bran Stark from Game of Thrones as Near (can't think of any other child actor besides Joffrey, who's a twat)
And that dude from Camelot, Jamie Campbell as Mellow, so we agree on that dude
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