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Post Reply Runescape
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20 / M / Ireland
Posted 3/5/14
Played it when I was quite younger, Its was a stepping stone to much greater MMO's such as WoW for a little bit then to SWTOR which now takes up most of my life ^^
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24 / M / New York
Posted 3/10/14
Runescape is the worst. Everything from Malicious adverts and having to recover your account every couple months. I guess member is fine. But if your f2p be prepared to get hacked hard. I bet the game is still terribly optimized as well. I managed to get up to lv 136 out of 138 take my word for it. At one point i quitted the game for a good 6 months. And one of my active friends seen me log in for the first time in forever and called me sense i was not replying. What a nice way to find out you been hacked. Sense my emails and passwords are different on every site and game I play. I never use same info on anything plus uses some caps numbers and special symbols. Its pretty ridiculous that I ever manage to get hacked. Out of the 30 or so past mmos I played thats the only 1 I ever had issues with. Because the problems always on there end.
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21 / Lazulis Island
Posted 3/16/14
I've played it about 5 years ago, the new RS is wayy far better than the old one, and I guess never going to be good as before. They had remove a lot of good stuff like wildness, and the pvp world. I don't know how it looks now the new RS, but I get bored of it already.
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22 / M / Finland
Posted 3/18/14
Played for 9 years and still going. No other games has kept my interest for a such long time. If you don't like the skilling and/or doing random stuff and/or don't care about the lore (which is great), there is not much for you.

I don't play many other MMO's since I am tired of the "kill x of that" and "collect x of this" quests. Runescape's quests are the best, no other MMO is on that level (ESO might become one of those though). Runescape is repetitive too (skilling), but it is not like you can't progress your character/game if you don't do those boring "quests". If you are tired of doing one thing, you can just go do another thing. Very little restrictions.
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Posted 3/19/14
I used to be a hardcore runescape player then 2 years ago I got banned for no reason, i was a member but they still refused to review my ticket. So yeah, i ended up losing interest.
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