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What would you do to calm yourself?
Posted 1/9/12
I need some enlightening xD
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Posted 1/10/12
I see that the one that is making unrest to me is nothing more but some inferior being or thing. It is really effective.
Posted 1/12/12
i hang out with ppl i am really comfertable with and i feel calm
Posted 1/14/12
watch comedy anime
Posted 1/16/12
I'd tell the people that I can trust.
From that, I learned that you family is not always there for you, no matter what your mom says >.>
Posted 1/16/12
i have learned this too ^ but also learned that some things cant be trusted with anyone but urself
Posted 1/17/12
Or sometimes I draw a stick figure and rip it apart ^^
Posted 1/17/12
throw something or go outside in the woods and scream really loud
Posted 1/17/12 , edited 1/17/12
I'd jump out of a window. Or make my brother do it for me
Posted 1/17/12
Bwahahaha go play with snakes
Posted 1/17/12
I'd go steal Caity's snakes then throw them at my little brother as revenge v.v
Posted 1/17/12
i have a lil bro, hes good for testing stuff out on
Posted 1/17/12
Oh, ok here are some chemicals from biology class XD
Posted 1/17/12
<----- five min later
Posted 1/17/12
Oh my. Quite the successful experiment! <claps then blows up my brother too>
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