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Persona 3 Portable
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Posted 6/12/12
I love P3P. Love Theo, love using the naginata, and love building up all the social links. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish a link with a certain character because of what happened, and that made me even more sad that it happened. But I'm probably play the game many more times anyway.
The only thing that truly ticks me off about this game is Jin and Takaya. I have never known two more annoying/disappointing villains.
Was there even really a point for them to be in the game other than to be pests?
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28 / F
Posted 6/13/12
i just dl it yesterday
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25 / M / Guess! Still don'...
Posted 10/11/12
Beat it and love it, best ending ever, though most people would disagree,

Sad ending just makes a good game! Also love the fact that there is a complete different route in the game, different choices and new characters when you decide to play as the female character, hope Persona 4 Golden will have something similar like Persona 3 Portable, maybe not a female main characters, but at least some chameos from the 3rd game...(fingers crossed)
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22 / M / New York
Posted 10/16/12
Just downloaded it the other day, must say it is pretty interesting so far. Downloaded it based on a recommendation and so far I'm really liking it and judging by what I've read here I think I wont be disappointed
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28 / F / Canada
Posted 10/17/12
it is a great game had it on my psp before and now on my psvita awesome game
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26 / M / Miami, Florida
Posted 10/20/12
Have both P3P and Persona 3 FES on my PS3. Looking forward to the movie!

I also chose Mitsuru as my girlfriend since she pretty much offers me a better romance story then the other girls available. That and I get a nice motorcycle~
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