Naruto Shippuden episodes are loading slow
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Posted 1/16/12
Ive been experiencing this issue for some weeks now. A lot of episodes of Naruto Shippuden are loading extremely slow, it stops during the episode to load and again it's super slow. I've played DRRR immediately after loosing my patience and it played just fine no slow load time no stopping then I head back to naruto and yet again it's super slow

I am on a Roku XS on the latest firmware 4.2 update 1006

Please let me knw if I can try anything to remedy the situation. It's very frustrating trying to get through all of Shippuden and having episodes stop to load and load very slow.

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Posted 1/17/12
I'm having this problem too.
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Posted 1/26/12 , edited 1/26/12

Still having this issue season 10 on Shippuden is absolutely unbearable.

Have restarted my Roku XS and didn't make a difference.

Was ale to stream an episode on a iPad on the same wireless network. Streams just fine on the iPad and I'm using a free access on the iPad.

Please look into why streaming is slow on the Roku. Wife and I are already concedering canceling our Paid Anime Access.

Example episode 212, trying to watch it right now. Loads fine on iPad but keeps stopping to load and it loads SUPER SLOW.
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Posted 1/26/12
We're currently aware of the playback issues that Roku users are encountering.

Evenings and weekends are our peak times for viewers who use Roku devices.

We're working to resolve this issue and are hoping to have this taken care of within two weeks.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are working to resolve the problem.
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