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Posted 1/19/12
Hey all
I'm gonna be starting a new rp so fill out a appliction form from here, and post back your chatacter (note: you CAN you characters from the series!
Here is the appliction you can fill in:
Name: (character name)
Race: (human or vampire??)
Bio: (anything about them you think we should know)
Powers: (any powers they have if there a vampire)
Class: (day or night, and / or normal vampire or noble if you are a vamp)

List of Characters that you can play from VK!

Yuki Cross / Yuki Kuran = Taken (by me XD)
Zero Kiryu = none
Kaname Kuran = none
Sayori Wakaba = none
Ichiru Kiryu = none
Akatsuki Kain none
Hanabusa Aido = none
Maria Kurenai = none
Rima Touya = none
Ruka Souen = none
Seiren = none
Senri Shiki =none
Takuma Ichijo = none
Headmaster Kaien Cross = none
Toga Yagari = none

Thats it for now, Happy Roleplaying!

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