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Anonymous attack, after SOPA & PIPA got passed. Do you support thier action or are you against it ?
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80 / M / Oslo Norway
Posted 1/20/12
Federal websites back online after Anonymous attack. See link below.

Somebody definetly need to represent the peoples rights here, but with a little manner, please.
This is not kid stuff, this will affect everybody that travels the WorldWideWeb aka WWW

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Posted 1/20/12
In my own opinion, Anonymous's actions are justified.

I have no idea what the American politicians think they're doing. I doubt many of them actually use the internet.
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32 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 1/21/12
Ally with Anonymous? I don't think things have gotten that bad yet.
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Posted 1/21/12 , edited 1/21/12
What they're doing can be seen as a crime by many, and perhaps it is; however, it's the responsibility of the party getting hacked to have the best IT security measures in place. If they don't have the best security practices to prevent the cyber attack, than they should perhaps thank Anonymous for finding the breach.

As for everyone being angry about SOPA, it's perfectly justified, but we must also keep in mind that it's in the interest of many companies to protect their intellectual property, and such companies have many stakeholders who would be ruined if intellectual property is not protected. I'm sure a middle ground can be reached so that everyone is happy in the end.
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Posted 1/23/12
I think you might be confusing SOPA and PIPA with the shut down of MegaUpload. SOPA and PIPA have NOT passed yet.
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