-☆-The 10 Heavenly Items-☆-
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The Sacred Items and The Legendary Item both make up the 10 Heavenly Items. 10 Objects that can create and destroy any and every thing.

-☆-The 10 Legendary Items-☆-

The 10 heavenly Items, the 10 reasons the Battle Grounds exist in this world. It is said if one had all ten, that person would ruler over all. There are 10 items in all, A Headband, A Ring, A Gauntlet, A Coin, A Chain/necklace, Twin Swords, Holy Armor, A Mark, A Shield, and A Mask. Each item has a Keeper which serves a the guardian spirit which aids the barer/wearer of the Item, all but the headband. These spirits can not take a human form and can only be seen by other item barer/wearer. The Keepers can also refuse to lend their power to its barer/wearer or host at any time. Of the 10 only 8 have resurfaced.

The Ring of Anubis

Obtained By: The World Government
Bio: The Ring was the 3rd item to be forged. Its power rivals The Necklace of Legend - The Ryūjin Chain. The spirit of the ring know as Anubis is a crazed, a Psychopathy, power hunger type of spirit. The ring is one of the hardest of the items to control is power because of the spirit guardian. Anubis was once a ruler of an Egyptian kingdom. Anubis requires the user to quote his oath in order for the user to use his power. "With blood and rage of crimson red, Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, Together with our hellish hate, We'll burn you all--That is your fate!
Powers of the Ring

*Able to use and absorb any type of magic even from other Items expect from The Headband of Yin & Yang and The Sacred Mark of Rai.

-Powered by Rage or a Evil Nature

-Monstrous Durability & Power

-Able to Move at the Speed of Light

-Light speed Flight

-Accelerated healing of wounds, protection and treatment from viruses and biological attacks

-Red Magical energy flows though out the User body allowing them to fire blood red Lights and beams of various intensity, such as destructive plasma lasers, red beams of energy and summon skin like barrier to block attacks.

-Each time the ring is used, the ring take some of the blood of the wearer until the user has no more blood to give ultimately killing the user with each uses.

*Highly Fatigue and Fever the longer the ring is active (After 15 posts the user passes out)
- Weakness -

-The Black Flame of Suzaku
-The Twin Swords of Shi & Zuka
-Can Refuse Host
-The Headband of Yin & Yang

The Heavenly Shield of Seiryuu

Obtained By: World Government
Bio: Seiryuu is the wife to Fire God and creator Suzaku. She is the only person able to clam his violent. When he is around her he shows a softer side. Seiryuu is the Goddess of Thunder,Lightning, and Wind. Giving her wielder remarkable power. Legends says when she crys lightning storms hit the earth and when she is happy a calm wind blows though the earth.
Powers of the Shield

*Enhanced Speed

*The power to control and form the wind

*The power to control and form pure lightning

*The power to control and create Illusions

*Able to control and use the legendary and sacred 3 blots of lightning; Zeus,Thor,Raijin

*Able to cancel and null out any and every type of Lightning/Electric attack, Lightning/Electric magic, anything Lightning/Electric related

*Power of flight

*Power to create tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning storms

*Power to jump-start hearts after they have stopped.

*Twice as strong against water attacks
*Able to enter The Suzaku Coin inner world
- Weakness -

Seiryuu's Medallion is Always in uses and constantly feeds off users emotions
-User Loses all emotions
-Natural insulators such as Wood or Rubber
-Bad Headaches and nosebleeds
-Earth Elemental Magic
-The Sacred Emperor Gauntlet
-Spirit can reject Wielder
-The Headband of Yin & Yang
-The Sacred Mark of Rai

The Oni Mask

Obtained By: World Government
Bio: The Oni was one of the most powerful Demons known to man. He was the King of Demons. He wasnt evil but not good tho he loved to fight and test his skills. One Day the Oni got sick and learned he was Dieing not to be forgotten his but all his Demonic Aura in a Mask. the Oni Mask if used correctly can be the one of the most powerful Artifacts.
Powers of the Mask

-Super Enhanced Durability-

-Super Enhanced Strength-

-Super Enhanced Speed/Reflexes-

-Instant Regeneration-

-The power to generate and control dark matter-

-Super Enhanced Attacks-

- Weakness -

-Can wear 3 times a Day with a time limit of 5 mins
-Drains Life Force every time Mask is worn
-Mask can be broken
-Earth/Water/Light Elemental Magic
-The Ryūjin Chain
-The Twin Swords of Shi & Zuka
-The Headband of Yin & Yang

The Ryūjin Chain

Obtained By: World Government
Bio: The Ryūjin Spirit is one of the most calm and wise of the 4 spirits. He is The Oni's best friend and the only one who was equal to The Oni's power. The Ryūjin is known as Dragon God Sage, because he was the only Sage to control the 5 great dragons and to seal them away in him which were The Dragon Of Flame, The Dragon of the Mist, The Dragon of Lightning, The Dragon of the Earth, and The Dragon of the Air. Which are the 5 elemental natures Fire,Water,Lightning, Earth, and Wind.
Powers of the Chain

-The power to control and create Fire/Water/Lightning/Earth/Wind

-The power to absorb & become immune to Fire/Water/Lightning/Earth/Wind attacks

-Can Summon The 5 Great Elemental Dragons
- Weakness -

-Can Only use 3 times a day
-Can only summon One Dragon a Battle
-Must be always worn
-After use ones body is very fatigue
-Darkness/Dark Matter Magic
-The Oni Mask
-The Twin Swords of Shi & Zuka
-The Headband of Yin & Yang

The Heavenly Twin Swords of Shi & Zuka

Obtained By: World Government
Bio: Shi & Zuka are twin sisters which were both once the true Love interest of the Oni. Because they allowed a Man to become between their sisterly love they only allow Women to wield them because of The Oni they have an undying hate for all males. Shi is the older twin and Zuka is the younger. They maybe the most deadly of the 4 spirits. Shi & Zuka were very skilled swords-women and had monstrous Chi levels that matched a Demon or Angel energy level. Their powers can stop and cancel the other legendary Items and the Sacred Items abilities all but The Headband of Yin & Yang, The Sacred Holy Cannon, Excalibur and The Sacred Mark of Rai.
Powers of the Swords

-Enhanced Speed and Strength

-Able to use Chi and has a very high chi level

-Swords can never Break, Rust, or Tear

-The power to pinpoint and strike accurately at the pressure points with the usage of Chi

-The power to control water (Or any type of liquid) & its temperature

-Stop and Cancels all the abilities of the The Ryūjin Chain, The Oni Mask, The Suzaku Coin, The Sacred Ring, The Holy Armor and The Emperor Gauntlet when swords comes into contact with Host.
- Weakness -

-Its primary weakness is earth
-Wind Magic
-Swords can not Cut the human body
-The Oni Mask
-The Sacred Mark of Rai
-The Sacred Holy Cannon, Excalibur
-The Headband of Yin & Yang

The Suzaku Coin

Barer/Wearer: Jubei Harumasa
Obtained By: The Society
Bio: Suzaku is the most violent of the 9 Spirits. He loves destruction and Fighting. He comes from a legendary clan known as The Berserkers. He is an Elder of his clan and older brother to the spirit of the Emperor Gauntlet but in terms of strength and power his younger brother hail as champion. He is known as the Phoenix King and the man who created Fire. Because he can be reborn every time he dies which makes him unable to die. Suzaku's spirit was sealed within a coin by the Oni. Suzaku hates the Oni for sealing him away. Suzaku only lets the strongest of warrior use his power. And wishes for them to find and kill the Oni's Host and destroy the Oni mask. This Coin is the Rarest of the Legendary Items and maybe the 2nd powerful.
Powers of the Coin

-The power to heal others

-Able to control the legendary and sacred 3 flames Blue,White,Black

-Super Sonic Flight

-Great Immense Healing Factor
- Weakness -

-Suzaku's Coin is Always in uses and constantly feeds off user life force
-Fire powers are weakened at night since the Sun is not up
-Water Elemental Magic
-The Oni Mask
-The Twin Swords of Shi & Zuka
-Spirit can reject Host
-The Sacred Berserker Ring
-The Headband of Yin & Yang

The Emperor Gauntlet of Longinus

Barer/Wearer: Jubei Harumasa
Obtained By: The Society
Bio: The Sacred Gear Gauntlet was the first item to be forged. The keeper of the gauntlet know as Longinus is the younger brother of Suzaku. Unlike Suzaku, Longinus is a fun loving, calm, relaxed, and cool type of spirit. He is also has a very high sense of Justice and normal accepts Good Nature Types of warriors to wield him. He is a mighty Emperor King but it is unclear of what he ruled over. The Emperor Gauntlet is a power boast Item which can 'power-up' its users Strength every 5 mins (Every 3 posts) given it the power to destroy gods, demons, and other supernatural beings.
Powers of the Gauntlet

*Super Enhanced Durability-

* Increases users Strength every 2 mins (Every 2 posts. Which means the longer the User wears the Gauntlet the stronger they become.)

*The power to control earth and nature

*Can brake though any type of Barrier or Defense

*Very Strong against Elemental Attacks even from the other Items expect from The Headband of Yin & Yang and The The Sacred Mark of Rai .
- Weakness -

*Time Limit for every use is 20 mins (A total of 21 posts. After the User's 22nd post the Users arm goes numb and is unable to use it)
**To Use Item Keeper/Guardian Spirit MUST transform into item
*If over exceeds time limit the User loses the ability to use their arm for the remainder of the Battle.
*After each uses the arm of the user goes numb and stiff and has to heal for 24 hours real time.(So basically the user CAN NOT use whatever arm the gauntlet is on for a day.)
*The Oni Mask
*The Twin Swords of Shizuka

The Holy Armor of Keri

Obtained By: The Zodiac
Bio: The Holy Armor also know as the Ultimate Shield possess the strongest defense power of all Heaven items. The Spirit of the item is a quiet tall red headed male. Who normally does not speak not even to the wearer/bearer. The defense power of the armor can even match the mighty offense power of the Emperor Gauntlet. When summoned the users is encased in a snowy white and gold armor.
Powers of the Shield

*The power to control and form the light

*Ultimate Shield: When attacked, the surface of the armor instantly changes into metal, composed of small hexagonal tiles; Not only does it completely block physical attacks, it is resistant against ABCE (Atomic, Biological,Chemical and Elemental) weaponry and attacks. The Holy armor automatically regenerates any damage it has sustained from attacks by reforming itself using the hexagonal tiles.
- Weakness -

- A strong enough force can break the armor
-Dark/Dark Matter
-Spirit can reject Wielder
-Can not wield or use any other weapons but the Heavenly Items
-The Headband of Yin & Yang
-The Twin Swords of Shizuka
-The Sacred Mark of Rai

The Sacred Mark of Rai

Barer/Wearer: Unknown
Obtained By: Unknown
Bio: The Sacred Mark of Rai is mysterious. They say the mark has been around since the beginning of time and has been involved in every major war, for better or worse, though there is no physical or scientific evidence of its existence and only lives on through stories.
It is told that the appearance of the mark is a precursor to a new chapter in the history of the world. From Generation to generation, it would choose a champion and grant them amazing abilities, and they, in turn, would bring about revolution, forever changing the civilizations current structure, for better or worse. The Sacred Mark is almost the equal to The Headband of Yin & Yang. Some even say the Mark and The Headband are in two different classes on their own. The Sacred Mark 2nd most powerful of all 10 Heavenly items. Being only second to The Headband.

Powers of the Mark

It is immune and unaffected to all the powers and abilities of ALL the items EXPECT The Headband of Yin & Yang

*The ability to warp space(An example: able to shuffle landscapes around at a whim, allowing doors to connect to places miles away and for large forests to fit inside tiny houses)

*Time Freeze
Is the name of the Power of the Mark gives its wielder. The user can a halt time in a specific area for 5 seconds. It can also speed up or slow down any type of an Attack

*Time's Gate
The second Power of the Mark. The User is able to open portals to engulf/absorb attacks and another portals near the foe and the attack is fired at them as a surprise attack. This makes things very hard to read and predict. It uses this ability to attack from a great distance away. The portals are hard to read so most enemies are hit by the attack by surprise. It can also escape thur the portals as well.

*The power of Omnipotence Energy(unlimited Energy)

*The power to generate and control Dark Matter and Light Particles

*Power to Seal and stabilize any type of energy for any uses whether it be Magical or Elemental

-Godly Enhanced Strength

-Godly Enhanced Speed/Reflexes

- Marks burns when near another Item

-Able to Enter any type of Inner World
- Weakness -

-Spirit can reject Wielder if Wielder goes off Rai's Path
-User is unable to move and automatically goes into a Rest like state (In 30 posts) and awakens within a 12 hour time frame (Time Skip)
-The Headband of Yin & Yang

The Headband of Yin & Yang

Barer/Wearer: Unknown
Obtained By: Unknown
Bio: This Item was the most sought after item and some say it was the first Legendary Item. The Headband of Yin & Yang also know as The Legendary No.1 Head Band is the greatest and most powerful of the Heavenly Items. Its promise is Power,Omnipotence(unlimited power),Immorality But at what cost? One that is GREATER than ANY man can imagine. And heavier then any man can bare. No soul who has wore its tared grace has ever escaped its infinite burden....Having this head ranks you the greatest, the most powerful, the No.1 fighter in the whole known universe.Being the only items not to his a spirit or guardian, the headband has the kanji for 'No.1' and the yin & yang symbol. Legend has it that a Great Samurai Warrior was the last to bare this honor and he took it with him to his grave. Making the The Handband of Yin & Yang forever lost to the world.
Powers of the Headband

-The power to generate and control Dark Matter, Light Particles, Gravity
The power to bend and concentrate light

-The power to drain light from an area

-The power to control darkness & light

-Able Copy and Use any powers of the 10 Heavenly Items (Only when around said Item like if The headband user was fighting the Suzaku Coin User, The Headband User can uses the 3 flames and ect.)

-The power to Heal, Create, and Destroy

-The power of Omnipotence(unlimited power)

- The Power to make and control Chaos or Harmony in the world

-Great Healing Factor

-Godly Enhanced Durability

-Godly Enhanced Strength

-Godly Enhanced Speed/Reflexes

-Godly Enhanced Senses

- Knowledge of the whereabouts of the all 10 Heavenly Items

- Headband glows when near another Item

-Able to Enter any type of Inner World
- Weakness -

- No real drawbacks or limitations But ALL WAYS and FOREVER Targeted, FOREVER Challenged, and FOREVER Fighting
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