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Posted 1/22/12 , edited 1/24/12
(Please leave a comment telling me whether or not you think yours sounds like you! )


CAPRICORN-AQUARIUS CUSP - (January 17th - January 22nd)
Because this girl is in the cusp of Aquarius she can be exciting and full of fun. Keeping things a mystery is her way of playing around and flirting. She can get carried away with fantasies but the Capricorn in her keeps her grounded.

AQUARIUS 1 - (January 23rd - January 30th)
She loves to learn and challenge herself. If she doesn’t stimulate her mind as well as her body she’ll quickly get bored. She loves to be around easy going people but craves excitement as well. Patience is not her strongest point and if she meets someone with a controlling personality she will leave immediately with no regrets.

AQUARIUS 2 - (January 31st - February 7th)
She likes to try new things on her own pace and can be stubborn if rushed. She likes things to flow easily and although she is very sociable she tends to keep her personal life under lock and key. She’s happiest just enjoying a night out with the girls. There’s a certain girlish aura about her that never fades.

AQUARIUS 3 - (February 8th - February 15th)
This girl is very sociable and some of them may even develop psychic powers. There is no strange, weird or funky circumstance that will faze her. Her ability to always keep an open mind makes her a magnet for eccentric people. For the most part, she’s alive and colorful, always making jokes and telling stories. She makes everyone feel good about themselves but be careful not to offend her, this girl is ultra sensitive.

AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP - (February 16th - February 22nd)
Where would you like her to take you? This girl is an explorer and is not afraid to go off to places far or different. She soars in her dream world and sometimes it can be difficult for her to get back to Earth. She is always hungry for new experiences so feel free to tell her about that new move you want to try in the bedroom, this ‘female Columbus’ is ready to seek and conquer.
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