Have Praens That Really Piss You Off?
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Posted 1/23/12
So I was just wondering if I were the only person here who has parents who make you REALLLY mad??.. cause mine did so mad that i was crying just a few hours ago..well actually it was only my mom but anyways.. exams are here where i live on the 25th and i havnt been able to study at all yet because of my mom.. 2 weeks ago i made plans to start studying but i got piled up with homework during the week so the only time i would get the chance to study would be on the weekends so i told my mom to not make any plans that involve me cause i have to study.. so she said she wouldnt.. the weekend comes.. and im busy the ENTIRE weekend and dont get to study.. so today i was copying ppls study notes like a mad man so i can try and get some studying sort of .. and when i got home i was blaming my mom for all of this and she told me that it wasnt her fault and how dare i blame her for it blah blah blah..so i argue back and the next thing i know all of my notes that were stacked on the table organized and everything were all over the floor.. mixed up with another class .... i was so fusterated and stressed i started balwing my eyes out so my dad told my mom off and reorganized my notes for me..but the thing was,, that my mom didnt let me have anything for dinner as more punishment.. then later she said i could havethe leftover potaotes that were in the fridge.. but the thing is, is that they were like a week old so the were super gross and on top of they she wouldnt even le me re-heat them
So whats your story??
p.s.. srry for mine being SUPER long! <3
Posted 1/23/12
Praens lol. Sounds like a retard saying parents.
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Posted 1/23/12
I don't want to be mean at all but try to check your spelling with a hint of grammar corrections before you post.

That aside, I don't have parents that piss me off really.
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Posted 1/23/12 , edited 1/23/12
I thought that Praens was something from Greek Mythology, I'm not being funny, I actually looked it up haha,

but no my parents don't really piss me off anymore. When my mother calls to complain about my siblings I just put her on speaker and she talks for about 2 hours or more. She'll get mad if I interrupt so I just let her talk. The only thing about my parents that I would say bug me is that is that they keep telling me they're going to move to my city when I know they're really not. Stop stringing me along and subtly trying to get me to move back home. Not going to happen.

Oh and how can I forget the you're going to regret if you don't get married and have kids. You should want to continue and spawn little yous. No thank you. They should be happy I'm only 60% against marriage.
Posted 1/23/12
Yeah, but I live.
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Posted 1/24/12

I assume OP is happy anyway, since she got to rant.

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