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Father/daughter relationships related to the boys we like?
Posted 1/27/12
I don't think my relationship to my mother's spouse has anything to do with how I interact with guys. I always done acts towards the opposite sex based from what I felt was right or tips from family or magazines. Some of the commenter here like kailani_ivo and DeusExMachine made some valid points also.
Posted 1/27/12

Mafouka wrote:

I've been seeing a counselor lately due to attachment issues I seem to have with men - I tend to get attached almost immediately

Oh, so I'm causing you grief and suffering at the moment?
Posted 1/27/12
Well, I live with my parents, but I don't talk to them all that much.
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Posted 4/22/12
OP has nuked. If anyone wants to recreate this thread they're more than welcome to.

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