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{ GFX only } Examples of work:
{ Recommendation and Photo hunters only } Sources:
{ Co-Creator only } PM DangerousLover Why you wanna be Co-Creator and what you can do?

We need:

1) Recommendation Moderator { 3 }
2) Head Photo Hunter { 1 }
3) Co-Photo Hunter(s) { 3 }
4) GFX maker ( in charge of Avatar, Banner, and etc) { 0 }
5) Co-Creator { 1 }
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Posted 3/6/12
Username: sonata-
Name: Caesura
Position: GFX Mod
{ GFX only } Examples of work: from my other account
Posted 3/6/12
Thank you for applying. I'm Vincent basically the leader of this group. You have been accepted but you are on probation for 2 weeks. I need you to do a few things for this group first and prove you are active. (:

• 1) Invite buddies
• 2) Post (No Copies) pictures within the Forum for Photos ---> Stock Photos
• 3) Check Wall every time you're on to make sure I or no one posted anything. Encourage those to be active within the group.
• 4) Here is your test.
Take this photo and make both a banner and an Avatar for the group. Due date back for this is March 20th the end of your probation. (: Enjoy !

• 1) Stay active
• 2) Try to get people to be active
• 3) 2 day notice of Haitus with either date of return or tell me you are resigning your position.

Welcome to Yaoi forever ! (:
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