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Post Reply Filipinos Abroad: Do you ever get mistaken for another nationality and not as filipino?
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Posted 1/27/12
most of the time I get mistaken for Vietnamese, Chinese or Korean. Even fellow Filipinos (those ones I encountered) can't tell I'm filipino, unless I talk in Tagalog. Ewan ko ba kung maaasar ako o hindi.
Posted 1/29/12
Well, I get mistaken for being some kind of foreigner sometimes, because of the way I talk, they say. I think I have an accent... And if I try, I could look European.
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Posted 2/8/12
Yes as a Chinese.

There was this classmate, I though she was a Flip but she's Chinese. She says she doesn't like it when people mistake her as Flip but I told her I get mistaken as Chinese when I'm a Filipino.

I say this in a good humored way coz I like the guessing game of "what's your nationality?"
Posted 2/28/12
There was a time when i was really tired and i had to get to class, some people thought i was japanese .. Because they're really not used to seeing my eyes that small -.- ,, But i am 1/4 though
Posted 2/28/12
I've been mistaken for Mexican (since I live in southern CA i guess) and If i'm wearing contact lens, i once was told a darker middle eastern type
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25 / M / behind you...
Posted 3/1/12
Been mistaken for a Japanese or Chinese, but I actually look a 100% Filipino lol
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17 / F / Phoenix Arizona
Posted 3/4/12
Chinese once and Korean once. -rolls eyes- I don't look like either.
Posted 3/4/12
ant filipino more darker skinned than Japanese and Korean people

ill just look still think god tourist move out my way

reminds me i think i scerd some tourists like just standing and like chating whould not move i just slammed frow shouted move rilly lode

don't mined tourist but omg i get so anger wjen there just standing in place were people walking or they stop dead infunt of u to take a pic
Posted 3/8/12
A majority of my friends thought that I was Chinese and were surprised when I told them I spoke Tagalog D:
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20 / F / 砂隠れの里
Posted 3/23/12
I always get mistaken as Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian... lol.

I remember when I transferred to a different school my teacher asked me if I can speak Tagalog... >____>
Posted 3/24/12
I get mistake all the time for being Hawaiian or Chinese LOL, theres nothing wrong with either races buuuuut I do love being a Filipina
Posted 3/27/12
Yes, Vietnamese or Chinese :/ I don't think that I look Chinese at all though~
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Posted 3/29/12 , edited 3/29/12
Whenever I ask someone if they can guess my ethnicity, they usually say Thai, Chinese, or Vietnamese. I guess I do look like Thai, Chinese, or Vietnamese because whenever I say I'm Filipino, they think I'm lying. In fact, most people think I look like this guy:

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Posted 3/29/12
Yeaah, I've been mistaken as Korean, Japanese and Thai LOL When I start speaking Tagalog is when they realize im Filipino
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Posted 3/31/12
People would say I'd come from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, pretty much anywhere in southeast Asia.
In some cases people think I'm Spanish or Mexican, but sometimes people tell me that I'm from America being one of those light skinned African-Americans. Strange really..
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