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Posted 1/29/12 , edited 1/29/12
I think everyone gets a long with others for their own reasons, despite what astrologers may or may not say.

I typically get a long with Capricorns: my play aunt, cousin, some from school, etc. My cousin is probably one of my best friends. We took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and found out we were both ISFPs (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Percieving) and though, when it's just the two of us, I am clearly the louder, more emotional one, I feel we have a great understanding of eachother.

I also like Sagittarius's. I dated one who was very much like they are described. One of my best friend's is one, as well. Also, I have the biggest crush on Nicki Minaj (born Dec. 8th. X_X) I can tell you straight away that I love their uniqueness and willingness to go anywhere and try new things. My ex loved to travel which was perfect because his mom worked for American Airlines. And even though we're so different, with understanding and respect of your differences, you might easily be able to find something in that person that you wish you had, and really thrive on that: you might realize you need eachother for that reason.

Aquarius - Strangely enough, there was a time when coincidentally 90% of all people I was meeting were Aquarius's. Sometimes I really value their logical approach to things but that's typically as far as it goes - must keep my friendship on an impersonal level, or at least not expect them to get as emotional, because that's hardly ever in their nature.

Lastly, other Scorpios. My first love was one (Nov. 6th) as well as my second (Oct. 30th.) Yet another one of my best friend's is one (Oct. 27th) and so is another I'm talking to, though I forget his birthday. I'm also close with another (Nov. 10th) and her adopted daughter (Nov. 12th.) Don't have much to say about it other than I can always expect to have an interesting conversation :p And I'm still studying the connection two Scorpios may often share.

So, basically, what I'd like for you to do is share your experiences. It will really help with research and I'm hoping it might be beneficial to you, also. ^^ Thanks in advance.

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