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Posted 11/13/07
I know somebody. Do I be in love? No, cannot be. Love does not find me.

Act I feel a shout in my lungs. My cold, dry lungs. And, nevertheless, I can still hide or let out even a hot shout! World! They gripe! Do not forget me! I am not a point on a screen. I am real. Forgive me. Love cannot find me. No without love I cannot feel pain, I cannot shout. And, nevertheless, it is ready to pierce the boldest of hearts.
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28 / M / Philippines
Posted 11/13/07
Secret love
Marc Avila

i dont know how i could stay
for always feeling this way
not saying what i feel
could really be a very big deal

i dnt know how many days ive suffered
on the nice word i could have uttered
i dnt know how many years ive cried
how i wish u be by my side

everthing was said
but this words seems dead
cause it will stay in this paper
probably forever

p.s. pls comment on it...or just message me....tnx its the first poem i ever made.....................................
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28 / M / Toronto, Ontario
Posted 11/20/07
"Sometimes when I’m alone I cry.
Cause I am on my own.
The tears I cry are bitter and warm.
They flow with life but take no form
I cry because my heart is torn.
I find it difficult to carry on.
If I had an ear to confiding,
I would cry among my treasured friend,
But who do you now that stops that long,
To help another carry on,
The world moves fast
And It would rather bass by.
Then to Stop and see what makes one cry,
So painful and sad,
And sometimes,
I cry and no one cares about why."

-Tupac Shakur

I think it was a short song or something not sure but got it from a friend
Posted 11/20/07
My Favourite, the end is best

Invictus by William Ernest Henley
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
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Posted 11/23/07
i have one here, i did make this!
title: the imprisoned
The imprisoned,
Is what you’ve made,
Me become.

By holding me here,
I’ll never be the same,
quit trying to win me over,
I’ll never come,

I don’t love you,
Never will,
I’m stuck in this cage,
With nothing to do,
But mope for the one,
You killed.

Don’t you see it?
I’m not yours to keep imprisoned,
I’m here against my will,
Chained to the wall.

Let me go,
I’ll die here,
I’ll die anyway,
You’ve killed him,
My heart is already pulled out,
And strung against the wall,
What more do you want?

I’m imprisoned in your will,
The steel is holding me back,
From killing you.

You’re haunting me,
With my past,
Its torture,
Remerging his last words,
Of hate, to you.
I’m stuck in your,
Imaginary world,
Where I’m just,
A toy,
To be thrown around.

It’s not meant to be,
Sorry, I really am,
That he hasn’t killed you,
He died saving me.
What more do you want?

Imprisoned, imprisoned,
To the concreted wall,
The chains holding me back,
From killing you!

Let me go,
I’ll die here,
I’ll die anyway,
You’ve killed him,
My heart is already pulled out,
And strung against the wall,
Just kill me now!

I still don’t understand,
How you smile,
Knowing that I’m in pain,
But of course,
You have everything,
You’ve ever wanted,
Including me.

I’m chained to the wall,
With my heart ripped out,
And pined to the wall,
It’s over,
One day I’ll break the chains,
And you will find me,
Dead on the floor.

I’m already gone,
Gone with him,
All you see,
Chained to the wall,
Is my body, mined, and heart,
My soul is gone,
Gone with him.

We’re happy,
We always were,
We’re together,
You can’t prevent that!

Its over it really is,
I’m going to die,
The pain of you is worse,
Than dieing.

Let me go,
I’ll die here,
I’ll die anyway,
You’ve killed him,
My heart is already pulled out,
And strung against the wall,
You can’t keep us apart.

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25 / F / SG
Posted 11/23/07
A simple poem by me!


can something/someone be ideally perfect?
Pray tell.

a faceless monster,
an unreachable goal.
To the very extremes
has it pushed many a soul.

Oh yes,
some are perfect in this,
others in that.
But nobody can perfect everything,
that's an undeniable fact.

For the world is all opposites
and being perfect in all,
is inhumane.
From being such a perfectionist,
you have nothing much to gain.

can something/someone be ideally perfect?
You don't have to say,
this talk about perfection,
has already ruined my day.

Do comment!
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26 / M / Hayward, CA - OR...
Posted 11/23/07
in a corner I am, paralyzed by fear
for a tower of sorrow within me, is becoming erect
such is the tragic penatly
for the return of intellect-

for he says the pain has been quelled
but it is only so easy to tell
that tears in his eyes still welled
and it was simply a lie, which he was trying to sell


behind bloodstained hands
chaos reigns supreme
from all the sorrow that lands
i find myself wishing for-
a painless end to this horrid dream

yearning for eyes that see all
I realize humans are only dolls
hoping for endless power
in a grand scheme so wicked-
to made even the most stoic cower.


only fools wish for this curse
for they cannot begin to comprehend
what it is like to be one of the gifted
they will never know, our brilliance will be our end

to be so incredibly introspective
only a genius can do
but we soon lose our will to live
and it is rare for our will to spark anew.

sounding conceited as I may
those like me will surely know
the pain from day do day
it takes just for our feelings to stowe.

being so brilliant as I
to reach human potential's core
one must pass through horrors
that the conscience see nor store-

-having reached that core
inner demons now reign-
in my own mind I am held captive
to this ever so lonely pain.

when one is a genius
unable to live, only to cry
consumed by emotions and thoughts
we wish for the unattainable
simply, to find our peace of mind
and then one day, happily die.
-Kristopher Coker

I wrote this when I heard an old man wish he was in the mind of a genius, yet we both knew the pains it takes to reach that, and the aftereffects or that journey. Somewhere deep down, we all know these pains are felt by everyone, but by accessing more of your brain to become a genius, areas of emotion are tapped that no one should ever know.
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25 / M / London-England
Posted 11/23/07
Depends some poems are just pure crap and others can be extremly inspirational
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Posted 11/24/07

How is life a road
and death an empty hallway?
The tiles on the floor
growing crimson, slowly...
Between the curves of stone
my soul is gone.

How is love that drove me
a sin in realm forbidden?
The guardian in its doorway
granted me no warning
before the gate cracked open
in honor of my choice.

How is death a cage
while that gift is freedom?
In every breath and heartbeat,
another step,
the ghost in mortal flesh,
all that's left when all is said.

A tear that's rolling down
left a burning scar.
Your face is so bruised now
from all this grief;
don't cry, a day will come
of lesson's end,
I shall return

Special Friend- By Yours Truly

You are such
a Special Friend
Our Friendship
shall Never End

When I'm with You
I have so much Fun
Let's go Play
In the Bright, Warm Sun
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27 / F / Paradise
Posted 11/24/07
I dont have enough creativity for making up poems.

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29 / M / CA SF
Posted 11/24/07
It was a poem for my friend who i have not talk to for 3 yrs, and in the three yrs my friend changed a lot,

People change, it can make a person so different.

For some, it is big change, 3 years can change an person a lot.

You may become good, and you may become bad. You will nvr kno.

One thing will not change, friendship will stay,

It will be a little diffenert now, we may not hang out anymore or chat much.

But you kno wht? you will always have an friend out there that will support ya no matter what.

Even if I m not able to be there support, i ll be here listen to ya, and will give ya advice when you need help.

I dont see ya different, ya still the same old self to me.

You may do stupid stuff, but so what!
I dont give a F***K of what other think.
Because your a friend.Friend dont see you differently no matter what you do.

Once a friend alway a friend that what I believe.
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33 / M
Posted 11/28/07
Look at your hands
your right and your left
see how much they've endured and worked together
they sweat, bleed, break, and tire
yet they have no dispute or strife
they belong to one body although they are the right and the left
having their strengths and weakness
they'll always need one another
life wouldn't feel right
they'll always support and encourage the other
working as a team to make life happen
now, look at your lover, your best friend, your companion, your soul mate, your spouse
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36 / M / The Other Side of Me
Posted 11/28/07
Condition of the heart,
With the weight of the madness,
Preserved in sadness,
Just could couldn’t part
From the wasting past,
Killing me inside,
Never know the internal tears I cry,

As you know,
Heart remains as a child,
Pacing myself while,
I’m learning as I grow,
But the pain still holds
My inners most fears,
I overcome,
Facing my worldly demons,
Inside with the hope that can’t shine

Illusion of the heart,
Wonders of my own vision,
Blocked me from my reality,
It’s the reason,
Remaining in self pity,
Only ascending me deeper in darkness,

As you know,
Heart remains as a child,
Pacing myself while,
I’m learning as I grow,
But the pain still holds
My inners most fears,
I overcome,
Facing my worldly demons,
Inside with the hope that didn’t rise

All chapter of my life,
Could define my perception
Of a delusional mind,
Merciful I thank you,

That has not came to be,
Your love and strength
Covers me,
Giving me enough time
To open my eyes

With swarthy memories burning,
I can see you and my destiny,
Shinning so clearly,
Descending light
In my life,

Posted 12/11/07
Girls go to College to get more knowlege
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

(Just made it up, Its not true, though ^^)
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30 / M / Cebu City, Cebu
Posted 12/11/07
Hindi ko alam kung ang tinig ng tubig
o ang dumadamping lamig
ang bumubulong sa puso upang magpadaig
sa kagustuhang pasukin ang iyong daigdig

Ngayong gabi asan ang lakas ng loob
di magawang sa presensya moy sumukob
at sa bighani moy mapaloob

Ligaya nang iyong maanyaya
alaala sa larawan makuha
oh! kung iyo lamang mapagmamasdan
sa puso ikaw ang tanging laman

Madaling araw na, bigo nanaman
hindi man lang kita makumutan
buong umaga ikay pinagmamasdan

Sa pag sikat ni haring araw
ganda moy lumilitaw
kasabay ng pagbuhos ng kawasan
nais kong ibuhos ang puso
para lang sayo mahal

At hindi ko maipaliwanag
sa pagdating ng ulan ikay kailangan
parang hindi makayanan
oh hangang kailan
bago mo maramdaman
na tayo ang nakalaan

this is my own poem... i wrote it while im at kawasan falls at cebu philippines... it's tagalog though
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