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Posted 8/5/10
I wrote a poem to put inside the box we burried my beloved dog in when he died.

If tears could form a gateway
and sorrow a bridge.
I'd follow you to heaven
My sweet prince.

doesn't really rhyme but
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Posted 8/5/10
under the constellation of california
i felt somewhat new

hoping to never bear again
the sad parts that drained from my lips
each time i told you "i have had enough"

i wanted to hang there forever, suspended in the wine glasses
i wanted so badly to forget the past completely
as you held my face in the intoxicating air
of 111 minna street

we are told in life to do certain things:
always be truthful, take care of your heart, let love in
but it's so easy to walk away

when you know:
the good things will hurt you
in all the same ways
as the bad
Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/6/10
White man came across the sea
He brought us pain and misery
He killed our tribes, he killed our creed
He took our game for his own need

We fought him hard we fought him well
Out on the plains we gave him hell
But many came too much for Cree
Oh will we ever be set free?

Riding through dustclouds and barren wastes
Galloping hard on the plains
Chasing the redskins back to their holes
Fighting them at their own game
Murder for freedom a stab in the back
Women and children the cowards attack

Run to the hills run for your lives
Run for your lives
Soldier blue on the barren wastes
Hunting and killing their game
Raping the women and wasting the men
The only good Indians are tame
Selling them whiskey and taking their gold
Enslaving the young and destroying the old

Run to the hills run for your lives
Run for your lives
(repeat to end)
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24 / M / With the awesomes...
Posted 8/6/10

I'm sitting so close to you
Theres nothing else to do
So we begin to stare
For quite as long as we dare

My heart starts to go crazy
My vision then goes hazy
A tingle begins on my skin
So many feelings I don't know where to begin

A smile crawls over my face
So fast as if it were on a race
I make the choice and close my eyes
I don't know what I'm doing but I'm taking this dive

Then our lips finally touch
But the feelings overflow and its just too much
My life has been filled with so much bliss
From just one simple kiss

I stare back into your eyes
And feel as if I'm going to die
Yet I don't want these feelings to end
These feelings I get when I am with you,
My one and only special girlfriend.
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/6/10
His eyes

His eyes like night
shine bright in morning due
blessed is the face
upon which rain dances

He wipes the sky with his smile... ^ ^

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25 / M / Where the sky rea...
Posted 8/6/10
I love you and nothing will ever change that.
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/6/10
when i saw you i felt the room divide into peaces..
oh the lights danced around us just like stars in the sky...
one night in pairs with a man i barely knew
I'm lost in a moment...
C'est la vie, c'est la chance, c'est l'amour
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26 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 8/6/10
"Before The Great Collapse"
"We stand before the light, And our true nature is revealed. Self-revalation is annhilation of self"

Mommy i dont wanna live no more
I dont think I got nothing else to give no more
Its like I lost all my passion for life
Its like all my actions are trite
I dont feel like I use to about the world
I dont feel like I use to about my girl
I just wanna die mommy cus its to hard
I jsut wat lie calmly and refute god
Ever since Daddy died its been pain mommy
Its like there's something wrong with my brain mommy
You was always there for me so I love you
I'll die for you and I place no one above you
Tell Lenny and the kids the should stay stong
And when I meet my maker that Im gunna pray for them
And tell P that I think he'll be a great father
Tel Young that I think he'll be a great author
Tell Planet that hois wife and kids gorgeous
And the same goes for Andy and for Marcus
And tell Size tthat I have faith in him
And nevr let the bussiness snakes get em

"The ending of time. The entire worls is a graveyard. Thats all we are we're the ones. Who let the dying know.The hour has come"

I got a few more things I should say mommy
I never meant to hurt you in any way, mommy
I never meant to hurt anyone, its God's work
Cuz waking up everyday for me is hard work
And tell June ahe was the love of my life
And that I never stopped loving her even in spite
All the things that we went thru together
Thru the highs and the lows and bad weather
Let Frank know he always made me smile
Tell him back in the days was crazy wild
Tell Stoupe that I always had his back mom
And we was meant to be together on the track mom
Tell Chique I consider him a brother
When I die the pain will split into another
Thats how life goes mom, its painfull
I'll come back to you in dreams as an angel
So dont blame yourself for what happaned
Cus you wasthe best mother I could fathom
So I'm going to the first place I can go
I love you, Sincerely Vinchenzo...

Posted 8/6/10

Are we left all alone?
Mother has no time but she cares for me
And she cried all the tears
I am joining now the river flow
I am three days old
Now the time has come
You have to be man
I don't want to destroy
The only chance I have
To survive down here
The wind blows I'm so scared
And the waves so big, I'm not prepared
I will have to be strong
But for now I cry all the tears

Now enter the storm and feel electric sword
My entire life is about to burn
I am struggling, life is illusion
But I keep the dream of a better time

This secret knowledge
I receive from where I am
So precious the treasured icons
Extended to this point
Forget the ones that hurt
They all want, they struggle
They fight and try to dry their tears

We are all left on our own
We are bound yet by each others lives
Now I'm leaving this world
I will never forget the river flow

The pains and traps of life
I put my scars away and love

I have to face the truth of living
I left my boat behind
I am not taking it
Where I go I won't be crying
I die
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26 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 8/6/10
"Death Mesiah"

Did protons and electrons create the earth
Or did Allah meditate and create its birth
Is everyday in this place a curse?
Or should I pray on my knees and embrace its dirt?
I dont know if theres a reason Im here
I think the only thing thats driving me is reason and fear
And seein death to me is concievely near
So I dont give a fuck what you think bout me reaching for beer
I dont worry any more about what my friends do
I have a more urgent matter to attend to
Is there something out there bigger when I die and vanish?
That weaves everyone and everything into a canvas
I'm not smart enough to think I have a resoulution
I'll never be a man with mediocre constitution
My father told me that blood and power intoxicate
And that tyranny is a product of his father's hate

(chorus) woman
In earth, what it is, Sensatiiiiion of... that determines your world

I recognize that given the sins of the father
And recognize whats bult and what stems from the author
Understand man is not a machine
He need a surface and a purpose and a reason for being
Either way Im gonna stick with the fam
Regardless if thats a dream of a rediculous man
And Im becoming more adifferent everyday
So nnaturally all the questions have faded away
Some of the things I've said I hated to say
But blame yaself muthafucker you made it this way
I dont think I would even if I was able to say
I dont think you could I would sit to the angels and pray
But everybody gotta deal with they self
If they cut another throat for the material wealth
If its a problem are you man enough to deal with the health
Or are you destine of the darkness for concealing yourself


Im tryna deal with the 20 years I spent in prison
Not the physical but cus of existentialism
I backed myself into a previously dead position
When all I ever had to do was repent and listen
Why cant everybody leave me alone
Im the only one who really need to see that I've grown
You ain't smart enough to se what I know
I'd like to stab myself and let me bleed till I go
But Im too scared what would happen on the other side
Tryna fight the good fight, how many of us die
I dont know if I trust the people that hang with me
Is It God or is it the Big Bang Theory?
I know some really good people and they slanged at me
But I dont think comically that the should hang really
At twenty years old I dont havepeace yet
And I aint get outta the belly of the beast yet

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26 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 8/8/10 , edited 8/8/10
"Dealiest Melody" JMT

I'm your worst nightmare
The reversal of Christ here
The only thing you seeing is the shadow and knife glare
Me, I ain't the type of motherfucker to fight fair
Pistal grip, pump chain, saw and a pipe here
Y'all are pussy watered down like a light beer
I don't run from it, I embrace it, I like fear
Texas-chainsaw massacre I invite fear
Call me leatherface motherfucker I'm right here
Call me any other person that's an evil killa
Pazieso pontius pilate call me jesus killa
Call me Richard Ramirez because he spill venom
I'm Mark David Chapman before he killed Lennon
I was studying my lessons when the earth was seedless
You like Judas iscariot when he murdered Jesus
The way my operation work is like a surgeons thesis
I'll drink the period blood of a fuckin' virgin priestess
Posted 8/8/10
I don't feel like making any copy pasta so I'll just tell you who my favorite poet is, Robert Frost.
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26 / M
Posted 8/8/10

Yo no naka o
nani-ni tatoemu
kogiinishi fune no
ato naki gotoshi

Living in this world -
to what shall I compare it?
Its like a boat
rowing out at break of day,
leaving no trace behind.

--Sami Mansei
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29 / F
Posted 8/8/10
Good poetry, thanx all!
Posted 8/9/10
No name title yet :T I don't know what to call it...

I've never thought,
About how I would die.
So many lies,
So many times I've fought.
My eyes are now open,
To the world around me.
And all of its tokens.
But yet I have no glee.

Kinda sucks >_<
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