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Posted 10/29/12
It's mostly free-form and amateurishly written, but I finished it last night.

Your intelligence is enthralling.
A mind that is crisp, keen, a collage of your edition of slideshows, your personal time machine.
Your fondness for the stage, your pivotal mission to please an audience is admiring.
When the curtains retract and unveil your favorite canvas or when the cameras roll and you’re cued into position, you vivify a character the best of your ability. Your patent speech, motion, your fluent fingers.
You venture place to place while you wear arcanum for your daily cloak.
Pellucid and serene is what I hear when the lyrics you speak trickle its way to my ears.
A voice that strums a strong, sumptuous bass which can transition from a thunderous boom to a lulled breeze.
Your journey documents an exciting tale: one who overcomes small obstacles to being bestowed many awards and lucky accidents. An antithesis of a prosaic existence.
It swifts through your vital streams, a passion seamed upon the center of your core. A living testament poised with your sublime potency.
To the vast sea you take soar, enveloped by the lights and the feverish roars.
Posted 10/29/12
The sky is blue
The sky is blue
The grass is green
The grass is green
The sky is blue, the grass is green
The day is long, so let me in between.
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M / 20.0167° N, 155.6...
Posted 10/29/12
took my girlfriend out for a canoe ride.
the stars were shining and the moon was bright.
I lifted up her dress..
and what do I see...
I just realized she has the same as me!

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22 / Under Your Bed
Posted 10/30/12
Was l fool ? when l loved you ...
was l insane ? when l told you l'd die for you
was l blind ? to see your burdens that everybody complained about .
Do you think someday that l would ever forget about you ? When you meant the world to me
would you be sad ?if l ever went away
would you cry ? if someday l passed away
remember when you said that ''you will always be by my side '' well look at us now
at what we have become
l trusted you with my heart and look at what you have done . . .

Note : well this is still incomplete l still think it needs a little more but that's how far l have written it like a while ago .

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24 / F / NYC
Posted 10/30/12
You warm me up with just your smile. In fact, I think I blushed.
My face gave you a crooked grin; trying to hide the swollen and fatigued eyes.
Your voice is so calming. Makes me go back to the days the skies weren't red but blue.
I'm no longer suffering from the annoying chatter and cold hands around my neck. My tears don't try to asphyxiate me.
I no longer hunger for another human presence.
My chest feels heavier with my heart back in its proper place.
In my white mist forest, I no longer am lost. Your my blue butterfly, showing me the way.
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27 / M / CA/Napa Valley
Posted 10/31/12
Founding of Faith

The borderlines between you and I become loose.
The wondrous time being spent has improved our communication.

Performing an open minded creates moral safety.
Coming out of the dark and into the light.

Searching for a greater chance in victory over power.
Leading a pro founded group of people to our side.

Learning a new accommodation from your caring voice.
Avoiding problems between us when tension rises.

Needing the warmth of your heart turns me loose.
Touching the unknown of the atmosphere that were in.

Revealing one last chance of finding you through the crowd.
Releasing the tension between us from our biggest fears.

Hoping to see you every living single day of my life.
Being the person whom I am when being close to my memories.

Generating a long happy ending and seeing your happy smile.
Staying refreshed at all times to prove in the right person to be with.

Convincing you into showing up for one last time to share that bond.
Dealing the mistakes caused by me into cleaning the errors long ago.

Featuring a great establishment between you and I in this world.
Having to hang out with you was great and leaving you is going to be difficult but changes are made by life.
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24 / F / In chur head
Posted 11/1/12
I found these in my old High School Scribble Books!

"Halo Gone Awry" (It seems to be a "coming of age" poem)

MY halo has gone awry..
I think I like it.
The temptations enormous and
it's hard to fight, it seems
to have me trapped.

How can being bad feel so good?
Have my cake and eat it too,
I would if I could.
A cherry that's sinfully sweet,
An angel with a devilish demeanor,
what a treat.

I take pride in my stride
And flash a smile,
Let you think that you're in,
but little do you know,
(Only) Lord knows where I've been.

My has has gone awry,
I think I like it.
So it seems it's hard to deny it.


I don't know.
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?
It's crazy.
It's horrendous.
Is it the end?
Maybe so,
I don't know.
Let us begin.
I have no choice,
For I've no voice.
Am I a saint,
Or am I a sin?
I surrender.
You win.
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23 / F / USA
Posted 11/1/12
This is a poem I wrote 1-2 years ago.

Ironic Ignoran

You speak of love, yet you know it not.
Your naiveté deludes you
and stirs your ignorance
into a sea of desire;
for it is in that knowledge
that you so long for,
that you so taste
in the dew drop of your viridity
of your juvenescence
for that understanding.
You are credulous
and believe what you cannot yet comprehend.
You speak the words of love frivolously,
and you deny your ignorance
and persuade with your deceit
that you know love's gentleness,
like that of a butterfly's kiss.
You believe because there is affection
that there is also love.
You do not understand passion,
for affection does not propel you into love.
Affection does not create love,
but yet attraction and care.
Your mind is acute, and your perspective weak,
for you are young.
Love is not nailed upon affection,
but upon trust and loyalty,
devotion, and friendship,
forgiveness and sacrifice,
and determination and openness of character.
Though you think your “love” all of these,
it cannot be, for you do not yet understand
how these are erected for your strongholds,
and how these are burned down like Troy.
You have much to learn and grow.
Thrive laboriously for the knowledge,
and one day you too
will understand Love.
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28 / M
Posted 11/1/12
Man Is Us

The world in which we live now
has been shed in darkness
no one is to blame but us

he who cannot see this
is the darkness that we speak of
he is the man that will kill us all

for if we do not rise agasint this man
we have no future, and with no future
this world will fall

Justin Wiltermuth
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28 / M
Posted 11/1/12 , edited 11/1/12
IMO, one of my better poems.

Empty Hands on White Sheets

I will die on a bed that isn't familiar
on a night just before something
good would have finally happened to me.

I will hold nothing.
A hand to hold belongs to a friend
too preoccupied with surgeries and prescriptions.
His hand, mere minutes away, will close around
a beer mug or wineglass when he goes home
after the last patient leaves his office.

Even the bottle, emptied of Ambien tablets,
will slip from the sheets to nestle somewhere
I have never looked, a crevice beneath the bed.

The bottle’s cap will remain with its
declaration of 'child safe' face-up
on the dresser for nobody to decipher.
But, perhaps, it is something nobody ought to read
because even though I will die,
I will never want to fix my childish mistakes,
to surrender the comforts of drug and drink.

I think I will die on a day that is not a Saturday
because today is Saturday,
and too many drinks are had on nights like these
to sit alone and think of dying.

I will not have said or written anything
to another human being on my day of death.
My silence will be the only hint
of where and when I choose to expire.

To myself, I would have died very slowly.
To others, my death might be abrupt.
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41 / F / Oklahoma, USA
Posted 11/8/12
I love to write poetry. I normaly write when I am sad or down though.
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F / Earth
Posted 11/9/12
I wrote this as a one-up to another's poem in a Dark Poetry site. My competitive side wouldn't let me pass it up. BTW It's copyrighted. LOL

The Reward

Cries of longing for your touch
In dreams and nightmares
Desire and lust,
I wait in the darkness,
For you are my release
Among pools of blood,
Wounds of my heart,
My companions,
Pain and suffering,
Full of desire,
For consumption,
To kiss you again,
You are my lifeblood,
You are my soul in peace
Reward for my torture.

I think it looks better in French:

La Récompense

Des cris d'envie de votre contact,
Dans les rêves et les cauchemars,
Le désir et la convoitise,
Dans l'obscurité J'attends,
Car tu es ma libération,
Parmi les flaques de sang,
Blessures de mon cœur,
Mes compagnons,
Souffrance et la douleur,
Plein de désir,
Pour être consommés,
Pour vous embrasser encore une fois,
Tu es mon élément vital,
Tu es mon âme en paix,
Récompense pour ma torture.
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27 / M / CA/Napa Valley
Posted 12/17/12
At Your Smile

Across the desert plains is being Nurtured by heavenly saints of life.
The moment of our time is being closely separated to the lives of our own.

Your smile is more frankly enthusiastic and the inspiration from a moment of life.
On days of persuasion of time being close to the eyes of your happiness come forth.

Under your breath comes in a clear desert vision of white snow covering small desert plains.
Rendering the soul and grief of an opportunity given for a special resolution.

Smiles across the watchful full night moon given by streams of water out in the bay.
Mellowing out a good feeling towards your emotion of affections onto feelings in the open of our minds.

Illuminations of trust and care comes from a simple smile of happiness.
Life at your hands will result in a beautiful paradise will become or our true reality.

Endless laughter of fun of the wonderful experience in your heart.
Comes a beautiful rose of joyous morning blossoms blooming in the spring.
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28 / M
Posted 12/18/12 , edited 12/18/12
Work was very slow, so I took the time to write a poem for the victims and families of those tragedies out there. Not the greatest poem, but I am not the greatest poet. It's just a humanitarian effort. I'm usually pretty impartial to things that don't involve me, but I felt like writing it, so here it is. My poetry is usually all doom-and-gloom, a message of hope is very rare.

A Fire Brighter in the Rain

Today, you have been wrenched free
from the daily obscurity of just "they."
Even the strongest man in the world
sheds tears on national television.

Peace-loving, you were suddenly thrown
high into the immortal arms of heaven,
far above all the cold gray clouds,
where you wait in the warmth of eternity.

Although we are islands unto ourselves,
oblivious, uncaring, aloof, we can speak
earnestly to our neighbors and strangers
about you, thanks to you, today.

I have never known you but there is
a murmur, carried by the raindrops
that drench flags at half-staff,
insisting a dear one has been lost.

Forgive us our ignorance and pettiness,
for we need reminders like you to
appreciate those like you in our lives,
see clearly many like you go every day.

In the wake of your abrupt passing,
we have rekindled the weak flame
of our compassion and kindness.
In your eyes, we see all of humanity.
Posted 12/18/12 , edited 12/29/12
I love that poem Morbid, it was beautiful and touching.

Oh, vacant minds with those curious orbs
Free thinking can lead you to your ending.
Don't worry, just listen to me
I decide what's best for you, just never think
Individualism is taboo and keeps away the green.
You're safer with me, do you not agree?
Keep our cycle going, stay with your strings.
Free thinking can lead you to your ending.

Something I came up for a picture I made on deviantArt. I think I named this Rendre a moi(?)
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