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26 / M / Guess
Posted 12/29/12
To Miss Lisa-

As Epicycles in Epicycles
My thoughts travels-
Luminous wanderer, Celestial Orbs,
In that nexus between noetic perfection
and the world

O Melette au thon-
Soixante grammes
de thon à l'huile
taillé en tout
Petits dés, ajourtés aux
oeufs battus

In the shaded streets at the periphery
of the civilised world
I see her
A gold cross between her breast,
between the mountains Sinai and Cavalry
--Who art thou?
--I am the Pimander
mind of the Great One,
What dost thou seek?
What wouldst thou know?

Een venster
is de opening in de muur
en bestaat
dus uit een kozijn
met eventueel
een raam.

Serpentine Beast-
Bêtise! She coils around me
- Strangling me!-
And I grasp at nothing!
Sun! Sun! --I need light!
No light, but darkness visible-
- I felt her hands
- Cold
- Her lips
- Glacial
- Beating
- The Pleroma
- And Silence
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F / Nova Scotia
Posted 4/25/13
Since this thread is more than 7 years old. I'll let the new thread open, and close this one.

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