The most moving episodes...
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Posted 2/9/12 , edited 2/10/12
I buy and read the Japanese version of the manga books, and was moved by the actions of the 4th Hokage and Kushina's ultimate decision to give into the 4th's decision to use the death reaper's technique to scale down the 9 tailed fox,then have his son become the jinchuriki, but to see the actual emotions as it was happening was by far, the most moving episodes with the different options that was persented by Kushina, for example, so Naruto will have the 4th Hokage to stay his father, to teach , mentor and keeping his misunderstandings as Eight tailed Jinchuriki had his brother, the Raikage. The ultimate decision of his (the 4th Hokage's) understanding that there had to be love in him to get thruogh the travails and ultimateley gain the 9 tails powers withe the help of Kushina was all there. I always thought I liked reding the manga books more than the anime, but this episode has changed my views greatly.
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Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/29/12
Totally agreed with the author and now the episodes are also aired
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