Post Reply Valentine's Day. What's your opinion?
Posted 2/14/12 , edited 2/15/12
People have so many views on Valentine's Day.. so what do you think? ^^
And Happy Valentine's Day to all you nomads ^^
Posted 2/14/12 , edited 2/15/12
I would pick "Other."
It's not really about the dating for me, but it's renewing your love for everyone that you cherish in your heart. <3
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Posted 2/24/12 , edited 2/24/12
i kept wishing people "happy stupid romance day ಠ_ಠ"
i think it's a crap "holiday" just promoted to sell more cards and chocolate..
Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/4/12
i think its just another holiday n flowers n chocolate dnt prove love
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Posted 5/27/12 , edited 5/28/12
I agree with AutumnsSummer
I think it's more of a day of telling ppl you love that you love them, whatever shape that love may take
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