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Anime Licensing Costs
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Posted 2/15/12
I thought this Information was cool. During a Law suite they had to state how much it cost to acquire these anime's. My goal was to make a streaming site legal but not at these prices lol. I will keep paying my $8 for Crunchyroll.

* Guyver 746,665
* Comic Party 30,336
* Jinki:Extend 91,000
* Pani Poni Dash! 138,666
* Utawarerumono 109,201
* Moeyo Ken 43,335
* Coyote Ragtime Show 224,000
* UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 21,335
* Nerima Daikon Brothers 124,800
* Air Gear 780,000
* Sgt. Frog 408,000
* Le Chevalier D'Eon 440,000
* Ghost Train/Synesthesia 58,668
* Kurau: Phantom Memory 960,000
* 009-1 325,000
* Shin Angyo Onshi 130,000
* Ah! My Goddess 2 (Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy) 516,000
* Innocent Venus 120,000
* Pumpkin Scissors 780,000
* Red Garden 660,000
* Welcome to the NHK 240,000
* Magikano 65,000
* Xenosaga 120,000
* Tokyo Majin 780,000
* Project Blue Earth SOS 180,000
* Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower) 500,000
* Air TV Series 145,000
* Air: The Movie 20,000
* Moonlight Mile 156,000
* King of Bandit Jing in Seventh Heaven 50,000

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Posted 2/16/12 , edited 2/16/12
[b]Are this quantities in YENS or DOLLARS??
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Posted 2/16/12

crlshvi wrote:

[b]Are this quantities in YENS or DOLLARS??

According to the site he linked to, it's in USD.
Posted 2/16/12
ya the money is worth paying for it
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Posted 2/16/12
Wow, I had no idea it was so expensive to run a site like this.
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Posted 2/16/12
I'm just thankful that I can even get an idea of licensing costs because I'd always been curious about how much Anime costs to bring over. (And the prices DO NOT include other costs such as dubbing, marketing, and packaging). YAY for court documents being public record!
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Posted 2/16/12
Each series mentioned is a property which was acquired by ADV Films in the mid-2000s. The company released the vast majority of them on dual-language DVDs, with three to five episodes per disc. (I say "vast majority" because I don't think ADV released a few of these. IIRC, Funimation was the first company that published Sgt Frog.)

Some anime series get held back from international release for years because they include expensive, difficult-to-license music. One of the classic examples is Macross 7.

Companies occasionally talk about bidding wars. One presumes that there's competition to see who can acquire the rights to recent, high profile shows such as Penguin Drum or Bakemonogatari.

So yeah, if you see an anime series which is first issues as a special edition with very few episodes per disc, don't be surprised. The publisher probably needs to make money.
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the South Bay
Posted 2/17/12 , edited 2/17/12

those figures are for license to publish and distribute a specific title of a specific season . I believe there is a streaming license . My friend who use to work that industry told me how much it cost for Naruto to license it and to show it on the air. It aint cheap but Naruto is a pretty big title . Which why Viz is doing ok. And they also pick and choose which anime to release for US release .

Among the anime on the list Kurao , Guyver were pretty expensive and those anime werent that special or didnt get popular at all. I think they have loses on those easily.
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Posted 2/17/12
That is to buy the license for distribution on DVD or BR. CR does not pay that much or they would be in debt.
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Posted 2/19/12
I work for one of the top 10 CO providers in the US. The amount to air anything on TV is insane. we are talking Millions per station and a lot of places will not let you have just one you need to buy a bundle of them. I cant give exact numbers but I can say that there are some stations that cost more than 50+ millions just to Play them. There are New things Like HBO go that demand around 15-30 million to have there streaming content access. This changes from company to company its not like everyone gets the same offer its actual against the law for them to disclose the numbers.

I would not say anything about a company's assets unless you have direct information about it.
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