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Could this game make you buy a PS3?
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36 / M / Austin
Posted 2/18/11

flipboy_420 wrote:
The one true game that would sell PS3's like hotcakes would be if they did a Final Fantasy VII remake.

Dude, I still can't help but think you're trolling. However, in case you aren't, I will say this: This game still has a lot of fans. I just don't know if they would be willing to shell out at least $250 to buy a PS3 so they could play a PS3 remake of FFVII. I know I wouldn't. I probably wouldn't even buy the game, unless I found it used for under $15. And only if there was nothing else out I wanted to play. In fact, I could care less if it ever got remade because while it was pretty good, it really wasn't all that great (especially when compared with Final Fantasy VI.) In fact, it's the line between when the Final Fantasy series was great and when it went to shit. I do remember it being popular as fuck though. Everyone in college was playing it, it seemed. Still, popularity in the past doesn't necessarily translate to popularity in the present. Though the nostalgia factor could help.

I'm guessing you'd buy a copy. However, I have serious doubts that a remake of FFVII would make the PS3 "sell like hotcakes." Most people that love the game probably still own the original and don't care to upgrade their console past the PS2. However, I'd be willing to concede that sales of the PS3 may go up some if a FFVII PS3 remake was included with the console.

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27 / M / United States
Posted 2/22/11
Yes it was a troll. Your statement about the series "went to shit" after VI is pretty biased and arrogant. ALL final fantasy games are unique in their own way, and evolve over time. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm guessing you're probably one of the RPG fans that are stuck in the past and refuse to adapt to new changes ( correct me if I'm wrong, and give me an example on how your not). I enjoy all sorts of different styles; be it turn based, real time action, atb turn based, etc.., and you can't compare them to one another. If your a true gamer you evaluate the game on its own and don't compare it to xxx game.
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
idk now that its cancelled
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23 / M / Inverness, Scotland
Posted 7/11/11
I bought my PS3 just to play MGS4, and im glad i did. i prefer it to the 360 now.
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22 / M / USA
Posted 7/13/11
The game that made me buy my PS3 would be Final Fantasy Versus XIII... I'm still waiting. It's been about five years now...
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18 / M / Philippines
Posted 8/29/11
Assassin's Creed series is the reason why i want the PS3 so badly
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