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Do you drink beer/alcohol/wine?
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26 / F / World of Weirdness
Posted 2/26/12
In a social gathering.
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27 / M / Maryland
Posted 2/26/12
No. I don't drink.
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28 / Shrieking Shack
Posted 2/27/12
As someone with a bartender education I feel compelled to answer.
Yes I do drink but not often. I prefer social gatherings with close friends and a few drinks over dinner. (Our Taco nights have a tendency to get the vodka flowing)

To the beginners: if you visit a bar or a club and there's a drink named something or other Ice Tea (like Alaska Ice Tea or Tokyo Ice Tea) don't drink more than two of those. They taste freaking good but contain enough alcohol to make a horse pass out.
Please take it easy the first time. I have seen first timers go haywire and end up in a ditch somewhere.
Start light with either beer or cider.
Wine: ahhh... well wine can be complicated. You should not drink vast amounts of it, the result may be disastrous. Try a glass to dinner.
Liqueur: May also be quite dangerous since it tastes sweet but may contain a lot of alcohol. Always check the alcohol percentage!
Whiskey: ... takes some time getting used to, when I first tried I thought it tasted like truck tyres with old socks wrapped around them.
Bases (such as vodka, gin, rum etc): Are Not supposed to be drunk on their own! Mix 20/80 with cola or some other soda you enjoy.

A little tip: when you feel your teeth go numb, Stop, you have achieved the best type of drunk.
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55 / M / Tacoma, WA. wind...
Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/28/12
As someone who used to spend 5 of seven days drunk . .
Try to start slow, just one or two drinks over an hour or two. One 12oz. beer is about the same as one shot of most other hard booze, (gin, rum, whiskey, tequila.)
If you get mixed drinks sometimes the drink is mixed pretty stiff, a lot of alcohol. I think there are four or five different kinds of booze in any "Iced tea" drinks (Long Island Iced tea is gin, rum, vodka, tequila & triple-sec with Coke, Long Beach Iced tea is made with Cranberry juice instead of Coke, both will make you look stupid in short order.) Keep that in mind.

Martinis are mostly Vermouth (think strange tasting wine) and gin, a couple of those can be like drinking the better part of a six-pack of beer . . . KEEP that in mind and maybe stay away from them to start with.

The thing that saved me from hurrling my guts out after too much booze was drinking as much water as booze.

In other words 12 oz beer, drink 12 oz water.
One mixed drink, drink as much water as would fit in the same sized glass.
It works with shots but you have to adjust the ratio . . . being one beer is the alcoholic equal of a shot of tequila, or any other hard liquor, for one shot you should figure to drink 12oz of water.

You might pee a lot but you will wake up without your head feeling like there's a bad country-western rap band living in it.

Hang-overs are mostly your body being sucked dry of water, alcohol is a diuretic so you will pee regardless, if you rehydrate you'll save yourself a lot of grief.

One last thing . . . try not to spend your 20s like I did, drunk 5 of 7 days.
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23 / F
Posted 2/28/12
I've actually had a friend who'd take like 10 shots and say it's equivalent to 2 beers because of the size of the glass....
Just watch out for alcohol perentage, and make sure you're with people you trust
Posted 3/1/12
Sometimes. I mostly drink the sweet ones, nothing straight up (urgh). My friend clubs a lot and she tells me what drinks are good w/ what, and in turn, it makes me wanna try them all out.
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colorful colorado
Posted 8/19/12
I have no taste for alcohol
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F / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 8/20/12
Becareful of how much you drink when in might wake up with a sasquatch....
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Posted 8/30/12
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33 / M
Posted 9/5/12 , edited 9/5/12
Do not drink too much, drink slowly and also, enjoy the taste while drinking slowly. Think about how expensive the glass/bottle you are drinking was.

Vodka should be taken alone or with ice.

Oh and if you have taken quite a lot. Do drink a lot of water after, you will be in pain next morning if you do not. Also: Trust no one.
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25 / M / Australia
Posted 9/5/12
I'm a bourban lover, Jim Beam all the way.

Advice? Hmm, you don't need to go nuts, especially for your first few times, you have to build a tolerance to it before you can drink a lot. Besides if you only have to drink a couple of drinks to be drunk, well, that just makes things easier and cheaper If you feel sick, have a drink of water
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26 / F
Posted 9/8/12
bad habit.....leave it.
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/8/12
ive been drinking vodka whiskey rum tequila and all sorts of wine sense i was 9 yrs old i hate beer all beer ive hated beer all my life cus i still cant find the right tasting beer to drink ive been making my self mixed alcohol drinks sense i was 9 and iam now almost 21 i love alcohol drinking watching anime and playing video games is my life also walking around the town and forest drunk is fun and at night its even more fun
Posted 9/8/12
Pretty much never, I've only taken a sip from a few "girly" drinks because the color enticed me.
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36 / M / Texas
Posted 9/8/12
A nice glass of Irish Whiskey, Bushmill "Black Bush", and a Guinness is all I ever drink.
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