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Does your Zodiac Sign reflect your personality?
Posted 2/20/12 , edited 2/20/12
Aquarius Strength Keywords:

- Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original

Aquarius Weakness Keywords:

- Stubborn
- Unemotional
- Sarcastic
- Rebellious
- Aloof

I feel like I'm being complimented. I'm blushing
Posted 2/20/12

Aries Deep Inside:
Underneath the strong, independent surface may lie insecurity. This is due to the intense drive to succeed and Aries put too much pressure on themselves, thus resulting in self-doubt however, the natural optimism and enthusiasm overtakes this and the underlying insecurity may never be known to others.

Unless they get very drunk.
Posted 2/20/12
This is too accurate for astrology, they must be using black magic as well.
Posted 2/20/12
Not really
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Posted 2/20/12
Capricorn, yes it does

Good organizational skills
Neat & tidy
Strong work ethic
Materialistic tendencies
Respects authority
Cruel taskmaster
Excessive perfectionism

Posted 2/20/12 , edited 2/20/12
Gemini Strength Keywords:
- Energetic
- Clever
- Imaginative
- Witty
- Adaptable

Gemini Weakness Keywords:
- Superficial
- Impulsive
- Restless
- Devious
- Indecisive

I was really indecisive about doing this.

I dissent completely.

Sex With Gemini:
Gemini loves to experiment and sex with a Gemini is full of novelty and excitement, trying anything and everything nearly anywhere. Gemini is not for the faint of heart or the shy and secretive lovers!
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Posted 2/20/12
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