Legally Subbed Anime in Japan
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Posted 2/20/12 , edited 2/20/12
So basically i'm moving to Japan in a few months. I am a huge anime fan, and i hope to actually work in the anime industry. For the first few months of being in Japan my language ability will be fairly rubbish.

To my question - Does anyone know of a way to watch legally Subbed Anime in Japan. I have a subscription with Crunchyroll, but for obvious reasons they don't have a license for distribution in Japan. I know the Japanese are kind of strict about copyright, and as i will be on a government sponsored scholarship i definitely can't break the law - or i loose it. There's also the moral issue of Pirating content when i plan to work in the industry.

One idea i had my be fringing on the legal line. Can i keep my CR subscription and use a VPN? Is that seen as illegal, i will have one set up anyway for other purposes. As i see it, its basically the same as buying a subtitled DVD in Australia and sending it to Japan, compleatly legal. I can watch it on TV in Japan anyway, but i want to be able to understand what they are saying.

I still have a few months to find a way. If i can't, i'll have a backlog to catch up on when i finally learn enough Japanese.
Posted 2/20/12 , edited 2/20/12
I don't think Crunchyroll has any licenses to stream anime in Japan, for obvious reasons o.0
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