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Do you feel comfortable reading manga together with someone?
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Posted 7/2/13
I think it'd be nice to cuddle with someone and read a manga~
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26 / F / In my bed!
Posted 7/7/13 , edited 7/7/13
I dont really mind it ^^
When my cousin and i just started reading manga online we would read the same.. But we dont anymore because when i find something funny i laugh, i laugh till i cant laugh anymore and thats that! I express my feelings, sad, happy, amused, angry and so on.... And my cousin asked me to laugh inside my head if i was going to laugh... HOW DO YOU LAUGH INSIDE YOUR HEAD??? I cant!! and then i asked her if she didnt find it funny, and she said she did but that didnt mean she had to laugh out loud, -.- so since then we dont read manga together.. But we do watch a lot of anime together!
Ive read some manga in school too on my phone, so i dont really mind reading with people or among people doing something else ^^ though i do find it most enjoyable when im alone cus then i can laugh to my hearts contents!
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Posted 7/7/13
Um, no. I just find it weird. Then again, I'm someone who does not read manga in public.
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Posted 7/8/13
Nope. I'm a person that likes to read by myself. Some of the ones I read are seinen so most people I know wouldn't read them because they're too violent. Also, I tried it before when I first started reading manga. I first tried it Inuyasha. Had questionable looks because of the violence. I didn't even try with Ranma 1/2 after looking thru it in the library. I wonder how the heck it even got put in that section of the library to begin with....I can just imagine the questions now: "Why that boy turn into a girl?", "Since when is comedy a girl accidentally walking in on a guy or vice versa?" *facepalm*

And so, that's why I don't share my manga while reading. Certain shonen anime is one thing. Manga is another ballpark entirely.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/25/14
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2013.
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