What kind of problems does your DS encounter?
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^^ See that! My d.s fell and the screen turned white O.o and it it's permanent! Tssk Have you tried this before? >.<
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It's the same what happened to one of my ds systems, but from closing it and opening it too much. It's possible to let it be repaired/fixed. Although it will cost you something if your guarantee period has expired. But you always could do it on your own, as you can buy parts of DS systems on the internet. But that will break your warranty seal.. Good luck!
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So far, my original DS still works. But I know that its battery won't last forever.

Assuming you haven't modded your DS system, you should be able to get it repaired or replaced. Check http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/index.jsp first, and then call the company if you have further questions.

If all else fails, used DS systems are pretty cheap now.
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It's original, But it's not new :)))) Ow well i have no other choice but to have it fixed -.-
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1st. Original ds - Dropped on hardwood floor and the top screen flickers
2nd. The warranted/replacement ds - I was playing too much Mario Kart with a bunch of friends at school and the L & R buttons broke from drifting too much lol.
3rd DSi - Thank god it's not broken but my nephew scratched it w/ a key, thinking it was a stylist.
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1st: DS LITE Black, niece broke it by dropping it... Basically the hinge cracked (area around where the LED's are) and eventually came off (I'll replace the case, when I can be bothered.)

2nd: Original DS Silver (pre-owned), touch screen needs replaced, along with the bottom LCD (when I can be bothered).

As for my DS LITE Silver, basically gathers dust now... because I have a 3DS Cosmos Black.
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Top screen is broken loose. Bottom screen is acting retarded cause it rapidly shakes
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