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Do you agree that westerners must stop cosplaying Anime/Asian characters?
Posted 3/2/12
Urgh, just... urgh...
Did you know Europeans are offended when Asians where shirts, suits, trousers and trainers? They don't complain. As for me, I wear a kimono all day.
Posted 3/2/12

ProudAsianKid wrote:

- Which become as good reason why Japanese Otaku don't like western cosplayers.

Until they see a hot one, then they first fap to it and disapprove after.
Posted 3/2/12
You know that you being proud of being Asian and not letting other people (that isn't your race) experience things that you get to do, is just typical racism and you are doing exactly what you are against, which is hypocritical.

It's like saying, "Caucasians can't learn any language other than English. Asians can't learn English (survive well). Blacks in vice versa. Hispanics, stick to Spanish."

In other words, dissent.
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Posted 3/2/12
Banned him for a year. For the users who are getting riled up for his idiocity, the "ProudAsianKid" is a huge troll. He even has his own encyclopediadramatica.

He goes around websites where there are anime fans to troll. I'm sure you'll see him again next year when he's unbanned. He'll probably make another thread regarding asians and westerners.

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