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What is your opinion towards religion?
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Posted 4/19/12

D01BCDN3 wrote:

lithium07 wrote:

Freedom is being able to choose, as I said, which everyone possess but we wont always see somethings in a single way. All the actions that we take in life has it's effect but there are things called "limits"; thought only you can set the bar on how far you can strive for greatness. Classifying "Good" and "Bad" things solely depends on you, thus the freedom to choose is being used.

As for equality that is something that has been a problem for many generations. One such problem facing equality is "Racism" as you know there are some countries,even places, that show extreme racial issues.

For example:
In my country (Philippines) some condominiums actually turn away African-American and Nigerians just because their "Black".

Freedom is being able to choose, but what makes the Philippines turn away from the African-Americans and Nigerians just because they are black? The limits that you speak of, where does it come in for those people? Anyhow, that contradicts both ways, does it not?

Simply enough, the line of what is right and wrong, interpretations are varied. That I understand.

Agreed, let's just say that equality is hard to obtain yet it is POSSIBLE and that everyone can choose to what to believe in.
Posted 4/19/12
Frankly, I'm bored of it.
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