Posted 3/4/12 , edited 4/6/12
Rules must be respected or it will cause expulsion of the group.

- No god-modding/powerplay. You mustn't overpower your character.
- PG13- Therefore no Hentai or intense Yuri or Yaoi.
- Limit your cussing, or replace them by '*'s or '-'s.
- Do not get personal in here, this group is to Roleplay not to Solve personal problems.
- Respect the higher-ups and the other members of the groupe.
- This is a group to have fun, no fights are allowed EXCEPT Roleplay.
- No killing other people's character.
- If you are to join this group, you must be active atleast once a week or tell the mods.
- Have fun.
- Please respect the rules.
- More information will be added later on.
-April to May's Character Creation Password is 'AngelsTear' at the end of your form.

Concequences will vary on which rules you broke, after 3 warnings equals to ban from the group for as long as it takes. Excuse message is required to rejoin the group.

PS: If you have any questions, ask here or on the wall. Do not quote this post though ;O.

* Sincerely, Headmaster Laven.
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