Shows that Failed to Quit when they were ahead.
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Posted 3/6/12
Anime that failed to Quit while they were ahead.
What is that show that kept going past the point of reason.
Was it that episode that just killed 23 episodes of greatness?
Did that second season just fail miserably?
What are some of the things that just make you go, what were they thinking?

Suggested Guidelines
1) Examples of Jumping the Shark
2) Remakes and Sequels that don't work
3) Avoid Long running Monster of the Week Shows

My Pics:

1) Negima! Negima!? WTH?
-The original was blasted by the manga created for being terrible (I like it)
-They then release a remake so bad as, IMHO* it is unwatchable.

2) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-If the world was going to end when Haruhi got board, we would have never made it through season 2
-I don't care if it is true to the manga, when 12 episodes are made Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V then you have a problem.
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Posted 3/6/12
Only six episodes of Haruhi's second season were effectively identical. In any event, the third season should have much more material available to adapt once Kadokawa gives the green light.
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Posted 3/6/12

BioTube wrote:

Only six episodes of Haruhi's second season were effectively identical.

"Only six" is another way of saying "just shy of half".

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Posted 3/6/12
Unfortunately I'll have to say Death Note. The first arc was epic. It was one of the most exciting arcs in all of the anime I've watched. However,

That's just my opinion.
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Posted 3/6/12
Dragonball series should have ended with Dragonball Z. The second season of Tower of Druaga failed to live up to it's predecessor.

And now the big one, and I really hate saying this, but Code Geass is definitely headed in that direction. The original series was awesome beyond belief, in a way no sequel or spinoff could ever match. Regrettably that hasn't stopped them from trying to keep this cash cow going. Unfortunately all their attempts at "relaunching" Code Geass thus far have been terrible. Knightmare of Nunnally was awful, Tales of an Alternate Shogunate was just weird, and now we've got this "Nunnally in Wonderland" thing coming out. Can anyone say "Uuuuugggghhhh"? First of all: what's the deal with making spinoffs that center around Nunnally? WHO THE HECK CARES ABOUT NUNNALLY? I'll grant you she played an important role in the original series, but she is not the reason I watched Code Geass. Secondly, maybe try telling a new story, instead of retelling or summarizing the same story in a slightly altered universe. All things considered, I'd rather they had just let Code Geass end, rather than ruining it's legacy with these awful spinoffs.

Now that I think about it, they did the same thing with Neon Genesis Evangelion! They had an awesome first series, that they then proceeded to remake over and over again, and threw in a bunch of weird spinoffs, none of which were very good. Are Code Geass and Evangelion owned by the same company or something? Anyway, definitely two good examples of number 2 from your list.
Posted 3/6/12
I agree 100% with Haruhi Suzumiya. What the heck was Kadokawa thinking? It alienated thousands of Haruhi fans! The first was so good, too.... I get the feeling they were trying to be creative and new, but failed terribly.

Pokemon also seems to have gone on far too long. We all know Ash is the best, so why is his journey the same? It's the same cut-and-paste as in Haruhi.

There are others that I know about, but I have not seen them myself- i tend to stick to shorter series for just this reason.
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Posted 3/6/12

Oh and Dragon Ball Z should have ended after the Cell Saga.
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Posted 3/6/12

zero no tsukima


haruhi again

haruhi for the third time
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Posted 3/6/12
Bleach definetly
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
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