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Posted 3/6/12
Ever watch a show and ask, why did they stop now?
What show do you want them to make another 13.

:excl: Suggested Guidelines
1) Shows that were cut off early.
2) Shows that the source manga were added too later.
3) Avoid Long running Monster of the Week Shows

My Pics:

1) Saki
-It just stops before the big pay off, what gives?

2) K-ON!!!
-Yes, I like Moblobs, what of it?

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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 3/6/12

-It just stops at the very climax. The fuck.

Btw, this is a duplicate.

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Posted 3/6/12
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

They need a 3rd season to:
A. make up for season 2
B. add some new material that is further down the timeline
Spoiler about the movie below - seriously if you haven't seen it don't click
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Posted 3/6/12
Several efforts have been made to create a second season of Fruits Basket. The first and only season was made in 2001, and there has been no official news or plans for any OAVs, movies, or another season. One would think the timing is now right, since the Fruits Basket manga was finished in 2006. I'm not sure what's keeping it from being made. Is the director Akitaro Daichi not interested? Did the show not generate enough money?

The Berserk manga started around 1990, and is still being written, albeit slowly. The one and only TV season of Berserk happened in 1997. Only now, fifteen years later, are some feature films being made. Again, the show has a fanbase... but did it not sell enough DVDs, spinoff action games, or toys?

In the words of the Otaku in Review podcast, K-On! prints money. The short 4-panel comics series got two TV seasons, a few music/rhythm games, and a recent movie. I don't know how much more the K-On! cash cow can be milked.
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