Post Reply So what do you guys think of Byakuya?!?!
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Please share some thoughts and feelings! This club is new and I hope to have new friends join my club and hopefuly get more members to be friends
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well i think he's amazing.. and of course hot.. can't forget that lol.. but he turned his back on the soul society o.O .. in english on tv that is where we are at lol.. i think he just has something planned though..
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OMG!! SPOILER!!! LOL IM STILL WATCHING EPISODES LOL I cant seem to find the manga! that and everyone thinks im such a big time nerd because i watch anime...*ugh* I soooo...wanna fill my shelves with mangas!!
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On the chair, abo...
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i really like byakuya~ i think he's strong and intelligent.. but at the same time he seems somewhat secretive.. owh well ^^
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ah i know i want the manga too but its like they dont sell it -.- evil people
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LOL I agree he is so secretive!!! I love a mysterious character
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.... you can't forget hot o.O .. all around awesome
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LOL Zanahara your so funny!
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LOLL .. but it is true ... he is hot.. simple fact haha ... btw you can call me cassie xP
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aww cute name Cassie-chan!! lol Im Charlene, but Char is fine LOL
and yes Byakuya is suuuper cute LOL
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lol i like your name xP its pretttyy..
lol chibi byakuya is so cute
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?? who are you talking to? LOL *looks around* me?
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lol of course i'm talking to you xP
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LOL oops silly me BTW you did an awsome job!
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lol xP .. thank you
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