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Posted 3/8/12 , edited 3/8/12
Welcome !!!

There are actually some rules we need to have in here. I don't want to be hard, and these rules are just for people that...

1. Spam in this group
2. Say bad things to this group
3. Say bad things to other members
4. Say and upload inappropriate words and pictures in this group

... If you see people who did that, report to me right away for points.

Here is something I know you don't know about is POINTS

Q : What are POINTS ?
A : Reward for good member.

Q : What can we do to get POINTS ?
A :
Post topics about Magical Anime

Post topics about Happy Magic

Post topics for fun

Post Pictures of Magical Anime

Help Other Members

Support Happy Magic

Q : What can we do with our POINTS ?
A : If you have 100 POINTS, you can join 1 Week of Testing to be a Mod
If you success the 1 Week Testing, you will be a Mod

Q : How to we keep our POINTS ?
A : Go to the POINTS topic, sign up.
And when ever you get POINTS, I will update in that topic, you can go check your POINTS anytime.

Any other Questions go to the Questions topic to ask !!!

- Dear
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Posted 3/13/12 , edited 3/13/12
So, no rules for us
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