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Mascot Contest
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Posted 3/10/12
Since there's no official thread to post these in, I figured I'd start one. So, as stated here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-754084/calling-all-animemanga-artists, CR is holding a mascot design "contest". If you felt inspired to make one yourself, why not post it here for everybody to see?

For various reasons I'm not submitting my pic to them (one of them being I don't feel like shading it) but I guess some guys might be interested in seeing the moe girl I came up with so I'll start this off:

Posted 3/14/12

Here's my entry though I new to the blurred shades thing though.
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Posted 3/19/12

Here's mine It's interesting to see other's illustrations Hope others would also upload theirs Keep up the hard work everyone! :)

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Posted 3/20/12
Hi there!

On the main contest page a couple of people already posted some of their arts




Andddd, this! Is mine ;)

*~ Sanae ~*
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Posted 5/17/12
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