Misconceptions about Daily Deals
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Posted 3/12/12
Here is a couple of common questions I see in the Daily Deals comment logs.

1. "I think this is a scam, you can buy this at amazon for about the same price but crunchyroll says its "Worth" $200.
- First off, Crunchyroll is not the one claiming the worth of said item is what it is... I'm sure they just pull the MSRP , which if you are unfamiliar with the term, is the MANUFACTURERS Suggested Retail Price. This means that the company that made the item said that you SHOULD sell it at this much. This is not the price that Crunchyroll buys it at, every item in the USA has an MSRP.

2. "Why is shipping to Canada so much more expensive then shipping to the USA?"
- I'm not quite certain but I'm fairly sure this probably has to do with import fees and taxes. You guys do get free healthcare and such and your Government has to pay for it somehow >.>

That's all I have for now if anyone else has anymore that they wanna clear up go for it.
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Posted 3/12/12
I Don't think of it as a scam I just feel some of the deals are just crummy.
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Posted 3/12/12 , edited 3/12/12
It's the 91% off that cracks me up everytime. Some of them are good and some of them are just well regular stuff you can buy online. But they're not scams.

And I'm glad you pointed out the import and taxes. It says it right there in bold on the left that if you're out of US you will have to pay duties. Normally it's the other way around for USA, and we have to pay a bunch of taxes and duties for Japanese stuff, but this happens to be an US based company.
Posted 3/12/12
you can buy almost anything elsewhere at the same or lower cost, but you choose to buy from who you like/support.
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