Myst & Riven, PC old school
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Posted 3/14/12 , edited 3/14/12
Anybody else out there remember & enjoy these games?

A random conversation triggered my memory of playing these, back when I first began my ( yes, limited ) interests in gaming. Fifteen years or so doesn't seem that long ago...... but after a search in this PC forum & not a single reference found just goes to show the amazing length of "computer years" compared to "real time".

Actually, I'm curious to hear If anyone has recommendations for newer games with the same mystery/puzzle as the Myst series for PCs !!!!!!
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Posted 3/30/12 , edited 3/31/12
I loved the original when I was younger, I had a notebook dedicated too all the clues and stuff I figured out as I went, I recently tried Myst 5, but I found it super annoying at all the Cinematic dialogue every 5 mins and I couldn't find a way to skip or fast forward past it to explore anything.

The original was best imo.
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Posted 4/8/12 , edited 4/8/12
Unfortunately, I didn't have much access to computer games when I was young. I got to try some watered down ports (the NES versions of Shadowgate, Maniac Mansion, and King's Quest 5). After grad school, I finally got a halfway decent PC. That was around 2002, when adventure games seemed pretty much dead...

Over the last few years, some companies and independent creators have finally started bringing back the graphic adventure game genre. Haven't gotten into one just yet... I tried the Wii anthology of Sam and Max games and thought it was decent, but I didn't give it much time. Perhaps I should get an adventure game or two for my iPod Touch.
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