Inconsistency with the translation of Sora No Oto's Ikaros and Astraea's name using Japanese text versus their original
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Posted 3/15/12
"Ikaros" is the literal spelling of the character from Greek mythology. However, many English language sources tend to use the Latinized "Icarus". I don't get why the Japanese would retain that spelling but use the Latinzied "Astraea" versus the literal "Astraia".

Anyone who is good at reading the Japanese texts for those names, please explain this. For English-speaking fans that feel translators "should stay faithful to the original language", the Greek spelling, I feel, is the only proper way to go.
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Posted 3/15/12
There could be various reasons. It could be a style choice made by the show's producers when providing publicity material. The translators might be choosing to stay true to that. It could be a mistake on the translator's part since the Japanese phonetic system is fairly limited. The translators might have chosen what seemed closest. Plus, the translators might not have recognized the original source for the word so they might not have known the original spelling.

You should see how the spelling of some names changed within Fullmetal alchemist! The spelling of Ishval and Xerxes has changed even within the published manga.
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Posted 3/15/12 , edited 3/15/12
japanese people play basketball

japanese person makes the basket

what do japanese people say

"nice shoot"

^^what is gods name is that?

bad diction? no edit: yes

bad grammar? no edit: yes

because I have offend wondered myself but didn't start threads like these. yes
Posted 3/15/12
How are they pronounced when said properly?
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Posted 3/15/12
its just the way this things are

we say the plural of octopus is octopi when it should be octopuses

Octopus is a word of Greek origin. Not Latin. Therefore the correct plural form is OCTOPUSES. Not Octopi.
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