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Posted 3/17/12
Hello again folks! Like most people who either have to work or go to school etc you have to fit in video gaming and other good things around 'real' no exception,so when i get spare time this i what i like to do and have done this particular week and a bit!


This is a game i bought on Xbox live..and what a great little find it is!
You play as a man going home to a ruined city after a huge national disaster-like an apocalyptic level size disaster!
You have to try and find your family-your wife and daughter,and help (or not) other people you meet along the way.
There are all sorts of perils in your path from gangs to the ruins of buildings and even huge dust storms.
Its a VERY atmospheric truely feel like your there and having to ration out water,first aid kits and especially bullets..
I urge you to give this game a try..its got to be one of the games of the years so far,a quiet hit!

Yep, im still trying to find time to rank up,and improve my game easy task with so mnay great games to play-theres not enough time!!
Anyways, this week ive gone back to the old school and have been running around with a 12 gauge shotgun..the reliable 870mcs

Compared to using my usual weapons,learning to use the shotgun has been pretty hard if im have to think more about its use-ranges,target priorities etc...but thats all part of the fun. Its very satisfying to come out on top in an encounter with anyone with an auto weapon ( especially such noob weapons as the Famas )
If you havent tried a shotgun..give it a go. No NOT the easy ones like the USAS,Saiga etc..earn respect from going the harder route and proving your skills by getting better with worse equipment, a true challenge!

If you need tips for BF3, i will list some more or you can go onto Youtube and watch some of the guys i do.
1WINDSHEAR..great player and great videos,youll learn a lot from him. CLOUDEDTRUTH is another who makes great,fun gameplay videos.
Give them a look and i guarentee your game will get better.


Thats right, i tried my first Ramune bottle the other read about them,seen them on so many different i thought id get one and try it.

If you didnt know,these bottles have a marble in the top that stops the drink coming out-theres a tab that you press to push it down and then you can drink the goodness inside.
'How hard could it be?' i thought..oh foolish wolf! took me a good few goes and face/tongue contortions to move that infernal marble!
I got it in the end-a NASA space monkey probably would have done it quicker..but whatever!- it felt great, joining in with a real iconic japanese cultural activity!
FYI i had a strawberry flavoured 'Hello Kitty' one...;)

Hope this didnt bore you too much!..and until next time
happy gaming!
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Posted 4/2/12
I very much appreciated this blog post, I hope you keep at it Wolf-san!

I'll have to find out where I can get a Ramune drink now so I can try the marble-challenge
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Posted 4/3/12
Yep sorry,been busy with stuff..but i shall post more up in the next couple of days!
As for the Ramune?..its really easy if you read the instructions,which i didnt ha ha
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