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Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/27/13
Angel smiled as she walked through the park one day, minding her own business. It had been a little while since her talk with MAK and luckily even longer since she saw Kurai around. As she got to a small stage set up in the corner of the park, she could see they were starting to put on a play. Since she loved seeing plays and had a bit of a Drama bug about her, she watched from the side lines. It was about a girl doing all she could to get the affections of a man.

The play was actually rather touching and heartwarming and as the curtains closed, she turned and found herself staring straight into Kurai's face. It was only inches from her and so she headbutted him hard. He yelped and jumped back a little, then chuckled, "Well, you like the little play?" he asked, a sly smile on his face.

"Like the headbutt I just gave you? My foot is going to meet your groan next if you do that again...." she answered back.

"Well, it was such a lovely play, but you know what would be better? If the girl was very hyperactive," he sneered.

"Let me guess, Excel Saga?" She rolled her eyes.

"Ah, am I that easy to read?"

"It's one I watched before I was a reviewer...." she commented, "Fine, I'll do the fucken job."

Excel Saga(Oct 7, 1999 – Mar 30, 2000)
Director: Shinchi Watanabe
Action, Parody, Sci-fi, Comedy,
Key Words: Stupidity, Blood, Aliens, Conquer the world,
Studio: J.C. Staff Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 26

Join Excel and Hyatt as they work to conquer the world for Lord Il Palazzo.

My Thoughts: Ok… this is fucken nuts… Why would a show with no plot and underlining story exist like this? Actually, maybe I’m being a little too harsh on it. It’s a rather mind numbing show, full of ridicules humor and down right perverted jokes. Almost all of it is rather random cut away gags and many people dieing and the story starting all over again. When I say no plot, it means that it never actually follows what the plot is ‘supposed’ to be!

The main character must be drinking to much caffeine and taking speed pills. I would love to have half of her energy just to get through class in the morning. Excel is… I really have no clue exactly how to explain her since she is everywhere. She is the main reason why I dislike this series pretty much consisting of the same strange energy and randomness as Puni Puni Poemy. In fact, I believe that the same voice actor might have even played both characters for crying out loud! How am I actually supposed to pick her apart anyway? We only know she loves her ‘lord’ Palazzo and she graduated. For god sake, she dies almost every 5 minutes of the first episode!

Hyatt pretty much only has the base of being a weak little princess character that coughs up blood. That, pretty much is her character. Palazzo some what falls for her, even to playing a dating game that has a character like her as the main. He also does pretty much nothing in the show except sit on his but and play games. He also has the manga creator for Excel Saga killed in the first episode too.

The animation is all over the fucken place! Sometimes its ok but most of the time its pretty much stupid. It doesn’t look right with characters getting out of proportion, the backgrounds becoming bland, and the characters writing seems odd. Seriously, I have trouble just talking about all the flaws that this show has most of the time. I did like the few times that they are good, it is pretty good.

The voices actually do fit, though I still don’t like them in both English and Japanese. Excel sounds to whinny, half the time I can’t hear Hyatt, and Palazzo seems to be the only one that sounds good but he does pretty much nothing… Ya… this is stupid.I seriously do not like this show although it is not as bad as Puni Puni Poemy. Watch this while drunk or just don’t want to think because even as I try to write this, my mind is going numb.


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As Angel finished the Review, Kurai smiled and leaned in close to her, though not to close and said, "Very good, and your little sister says hi by the way..." and then pulled back and left quickly.

She blinked for a moment surprised he had said that, then ran after him but was unable to catch up to him. She felt a little odd after he said that for he didn't say it rather meanly like she thought he might, but more gentle, as though he understood how she felt.

After a bit, she shook her head, "Must of been my imagination. There isn't any way he would be nice to me...." and walked off, not noticing that Kurai was in one of the trees nearby watching her, his golden eyes glowing slightly.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 9/1/15

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Adventure Time (Dec 7, 2008 - present)
Director: Larry Leichliter Written by: Pendleton Ward; Patrick McHale; Adam Muto; Tim McKeon; Merriwether Williams; Steve Little; Thurop Van Orman; Kent Osborne; Mark Banker
Comedy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Post Apocalyptic, Surreal Humor, High Fantasy,
Key Words: Vamprires,
Licensed American Publisher: Cartoon Network

Episodes: Ongoing

On a continent called the “Land of Ooo,” a nuclear war that the call “Great Mushroom War” has happened, creating a post-apocalyptic world. Finn is the last of the humans and he wishes to be a hero along with his morphing dog friend, Jake. They travel the land, trying to help those that need help and keep piece in the world while living in a large tree house.

My Thoughts: Have you ever heard of a game called Munchkin? It’s a very fun little card game where you fight different monsters in order to level up. The thing is the game is really funny in its humor, monsters like the shrieking geek and weapons like the singing sword. This show reminds me a lot of that sort of game play; it’s random and full of jokes. The show was created for younger people but as an adult, I did find it a bit funny as there were some references that are more adult even at the start of the show. The more the show goes on, the darker the show seems to be.

For those that don’t believe me when I say that this show has dark undertones, let me point you to the actual description of the story-line. This is after a nuclear war that destroyed the land and killed off the whole world of humans except one little boy who wants to become the hero of a land that is not his anymore. The animals and even candy around him are all living beings with intelligence because of the radiation from the war, some for the better and some for worse. The only ‘father figure’ this boy has is Jake, a dog that has the mind of a child at times. If this idea isn’t dark, then I’m not really sure what is.

When going into the characters, there are a ton of them. This show pretty much has a episodic nature to it and some characters just show up once while others show up multiple times. The main characters, Fin and Jake are actually a pretty cool duo. They play off each other really well with both the sort of father son times and the best friend times. You can sort of tell that Jake is older by how he acts and talks. He gives Finn some good advice sometimes, although other times he is just as childish as Finn. Their groups of friends are actually rather interesting as well though since there is so many, I don’t know if I could talk about all of them. As like most shows, I have favorites and ones that I wish where not in the show. One of my favorites is Marceline. Her and her songs are some of my favorite’s parts.

There are some things that bother me slightly with the story line. This paragraph might have a few bits of spoilers to give you a bit of a warning. Now since the show is so episodic, there really isn’t a story that goes more then two episodes and normally those are the end of the seasons. The main enemy of the show only shows up for about 4 episodes in fact throughout much of the first 5 seasons. I would have loved if they touched a bit more on where he came from or even touched more on Jake being a father. The stories that seem the most interesting seem to only get small episodes, which seems like a let down to me. On the other side, we have a lot of strange philosophy also placed into the show at random points. This show can get major deep when it wants to. It gets deeper and deeper near the end of season 6 but we never really get an actual ending to the whole show. There are times when I wonder if the creator even knew where they were wanting to go with the show as many of the philosophy has to do with the concept of existence, of endings and beginnings, Science vs. Magic, Belief vs. lies, and of what it truly means to be a living being. I can’t say what it means to be human as many of the creatures in the show are not human themselves, but these thoughts still seem to roll around between the comedy that is in this show.

Now, we can get into the fact that many people see this show as rather gay, but I think we should consider the other definition to the word. I’m talking about the definition meaning happy. Throughout the show, Finn and Jake actually do act happy and almost carefree most of the time. Sometimes it seems rather ‘homosexual’ in a couple cases, but they never actually force it. It’s more like they are just showing the care and friendship they have for each other and the people around. A lot of people seem to think that just because two men are friends, they are also a homosexual which is not the case, no matter how many pictures someone draws and places on the internet.

The artwork is actually pretty nice for an American made show, and since the show has so much of a dream world LSD trip feel, it works pretty well. Everything is pretty much twisted and full of whimsy with colors that look like they were pulled out of a coloring box, bright and sometimes eye-popping. Then when we get to the darker side of the story, even if they did go more saturated, the coloring still popped out at you threw the whole thing.

The voices are alright sometimes, though there are a lot of times that I didn’t really care much for a character because of their voice. That was mostly the background characters though as all the main characters you run into have rather perfect voices to fit the characters. Some things I’m not really sure about like when Finn sings, sometimes he sings with a auto-tune and other times not. Some songs are really good while others just seem a bit messed up. I am not sure if it just depends on who wrote the song or something but some songs just seem a bit forced into the show.

Overall, this is a really good show. It may not be good for people who really want a show that each and every episode has some sort of main plot but it is still a fun and interesting show.


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Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13

Humanoid Monster Bem(Oct 7, 1968 – Mar 31, 1969)
Director: Noboro Ishiguro, Hideo Wakabayashi
Horror, Adventure,
Key Words: Supernatural, Monsters,
Studio: Daichi Doga Licensed American Publisher:

Episodes: 26

When darkness seeped into our world, a single cell divided into three gruesome yokai (Demons) who wish nothing more to become human. To do so, they believe that by destroying the corrupt demons that feast on humans so that one-day they can be seen as such. As they do, they make friends and lose friends as the three try to be accepted by those around them.

My Thoughts:


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Humanoid Monster Bem(Apr 1, 2006 – Oct 7, 2006)
Director: Hiroshi Harada
Horror, Adventure,
Key Words: Supernatural, Monsters,
Studio: Studio Comet, NAS, Sony Pictures Entertainment Licensed American Publisher: Animax

Episodes: 26

When darkness seeped into our world, a single cell divided into three gruesome yokai (Demons) who wish nothing more to become human. To do so, they believe that by destroying the corrupt demons that feast on humans so that one-day they can be seen as such. As they do, they make friends and lose friends as the three try to be accepted by those around them.

My Thoughts: As I have not seen the first version of this show (done in 1968), I have no clue if this is like the original or if it is created off. All I know is that it has a rather good feel to it. I love shows like this because it has an air of mystery and supernatural horror that always captures my attention but then has a superhero addition to it.

The story has an interesting feel of old Japanese folklore about demons living among humans with the interesting vibe of trying to combat evil. It’s hard to explain exactly what this is because its somewhat a monster by week storyline, and then it has a few pieces that seem to give it a actual story driven feel of just a couple demons trying to be excepted and do what they think is right. It’s almost laughable because most of the stories are just human stupidity and them paying for it.

I don’t really understand why the show is called Humanoid Monster Bem because it seems that the stories revolve around Bero mostly. In my mind, even though the characters are parts of the same person, if one is more the focus, then you would call it after the character that has the most screen time, right? The only problem I have is that he’s rather naïve and a little to trusting, although I understand why Bero is like that. He’s pretty much just a child himself and wants nothing more then to have a friend. When he meets Kira, a girl who despite seeing his monster form still wants to be friends, he tries anything he can to keep that friendship even when Kira’s parents try to pull them apart.

Bera is rather harsh and loves showing off at times even though she can’t show her real form. On the other hand, she is rather loving and motherly to the people she meets and to Bero who acts a lot like her child. Bem is a lot like a old guy who knows more then he lets on to the other two. I’m somewhat surprised that they are supposed to be the same age because I would of sworn he was the oldest of the two with how much knowledge he actually has about monsters in this world.

I was surprised to find that the more I watched this, the more I actually liked the episodes where they didn’t really have to fight and kill the monsters. There were some monsters that actually were just rather misunderstood like themselves. For example, the little goblin they called Imp from episode 5 only wanted to make friends and so kept the children of the hospital from recovering. When the group actually explained to him the problem with his idea, he changes his plan to actually help the children. There are other stories like this, though not many.

The animation is actually pretty clean as to be expected of a show done in 2006. Bero looks a lot like Beast Man from Teen Titans. There are small things that bother me like in the English version, some lip sinking is done rather poorly and characters move a bit stiffly at times. There are times were we get CG images that look a little off. You can tell that they just don’t fit right. Other then that, the animators got a really interesting way of showing terror in the faces. It’s really well detailed.

The music is actually rather catching and has a feeling of urgency in it that gets you pumped for the episode. The background music adds a feeling of the occult that I really like, making the skin on the back of my neck get goose bumps. The ending though feels a little out of place since its actually rather sweet and gentle. The Voices are all right, although a lot of them seem just standard. Kira’s voice is a little annoying to me along with a bunch of people who really don’t really show up except for only one episode.


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Posted 2/3/13 , edited 2/11/13

Persona 4: The Animation (Oct 6, 2011 – Mar 29, 2012)
Director:Seiji Kishi Written by: Yuko Kakihara, Mitsutaka Hirota, Jun Kumagai Music by: Shoji Meguro
Urban Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Action, Romance,
Key Words: Slice of Life, Murder Mystery,
Studio:AIC ASTA, Aniplex Licensed American Publisher:Sentai Filmworks

Episodes:25 +1 recap +1 True End

In the rural town of Inaba, strange murders have happened in the fog after a heavy rain. Rumors abound that there is a channel that only shows up at midnight that showed who the next victim would be.
On another note, Yu Narukami moves to the town from the big city. What do all these murders have to do with him? It seems he has been chosen to help find the person responsible, leading him into a strange world beyond the TV.

My Thoughts: Here is a bit of a disclaimer, I have never played any of the Persona games or even seen walkthroughs. I never looked anything up about the game and storyline before watching this so I have had a clean slate. The only thing I ever knew about it was that it was an anime and game franchise that was out there and that some people liked it. Meaning, if I seem stupid to the show or to anything about the show, NO FANMAIL SAYING I SUCK! Thank you. Sorry but I had to put this in here because people have been bugging me about getting things wrong in shows that branch out into other medias.

Anyway, onto the review, lets see how this show pans out. It surprises me that when I first started watching it, I got a really heavy feeling that I watched a show similar to this before, then I noticed it felt like D. Gray Man. That’s not to say that this whole show is just like it, oh no, but the opening had that slightly creepy feeling to it that I got with D. Gray Man. It wasn’t bad, in fact, the opening made me a little more intrigued as to what this was all about since the ‘old man’ Egor in the beginning had the same feeling as the Millennium Earl. The sad part though was that it was such a short introduction to him that I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Yu Narukami seems to be the main character in this show, and seems to be a rather quiet and thoughtful person. The nephew of a detective, he seems a little out of it, which is normal for someone moving from a big town to a smaller one. Oh come on now! I know this is a Japanese name but… Yu?… I guess the fact that if you place his name as Narukami Yu, you get what translates roughly into ‘You become God.’ (Special thanks to Professor Otaku for helping me out with that.) Yu has trouble at school with the really stupid and over dramatic home room teacher he has, but does tend to get friends a bit easy despite being quiet. Sadly, after the first half of the episodes, Yu ended up becoming a rather strange individual. I’m not sure what it is, but he just acted serious for everything he did and even showed a rather perverted side to him that really changed his personality. It was a change I rather didn’t like and threw me off a bit to much (not that I didn’t stop watching). I kept wanting him to go back to the way he was before. Yu’s Uncle really isn’t a family type of guy, which I have noticed is typical for detectives in anime. His little girl is much more grown up it seems.

All the characters are actually interesting and even though they seem to be standard characters with rather predictable personalities but because of their persona, they learn that everything is not all that it seems. They have another self and I think that’s what’s wonderful about this show. It gets into the whole aspect of an inner self, fighting to break free. I guess this is the time that I will get into a little bit of my own philosophy. Same as this anime, I believe we all have a mask we hid behind because we are scared of showing what we truly are. Some of us even do it out of habit, never really knowing there is a person within crying out for attention. That might be why the show actually felt close to me, it was because it spoke to what I believe in. That though, does not mean that something like this would really happen but in a small way, it could. I mean that the feelings that you have deep inside can burst out.

The artwork is mostly basic though I have to ask what is up with the stitching on their clothing! It’s way to big to be normal and just makes them look a bit tacky. Also, why do most of the main character girls have different uniforms then the others around them? I guess part of it makes them stand out as saying ‘hey! I’m a main character’ but I would think they would of already been called on not using the right dress code by now. For example, Chie wears a green jacket over her uniform and Yukiko has a red sailor shirt on when the dress code clearly shows a black sailor uniform. Sometimes the scenes seem to jump rather fast as though they were cut scenes from the video game and only used to pin point small things about the characters around Yu. The action scenes were actually rather good, not using a lot of just speed lines.

I watched the dubbed version, meaning I was able to hear the English version of the opening song (Though I have no clue if there is a Japanese version) and I think it was done pretty well in fact. It was actually surprising to me that they worked a new opening and song into episode 9 because it was about a teen idol. Not many studios would actually pay that much attention to that. Some of the background ‘noises’ and music sounds a bit like they came from the video game. The other background music is actually rather ‘rocking’ and has a bit of a fun beat to it. My favorite is some of the battle music.

I wonder sometimes about the English dubbing. There was one little nit-pick that I have to say from the first episode, why does Yu’s Uncle say that he picked up his nephew at the airport when we just saw him seconds on a damn TRAIN! It’s Train Station you picked him up at stupid! Also, why did the person at the gas station ask someone who just moved there to think about working with him? He has no idea what this guy it like. I have problems with the tarot cards that they have as well. While I am happy that they have a show based around persona’s and the fact of showing ones fate in cards that tell fortunes but the names that they keep calling the cards aren’t right sometimes. The first card is not called ‘wild card.’ It’s the card of the Fool. Now with all the odd things about this show, I have to say I really loved the strange fact that not only does Johnny Young Bosh play Yu Narukami, but he also plays Tohru Adachi, and it really was quite interesting seeing him interact with himself in a way. Also noted is Sam Riegel who played Teddie. I give him props for making a character that started out rather annoying, but yet grew on me so much more and turned into one of my favorite characters (Not my all time favorite, but still a favorite). My favorite still goes to Naoto Shirogane who is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who does a perfect cool and collected voice. And I give big props on the fact they only used Vic Mignogna for a character that only showed up for a brief time.

UPDATE: I watched a couple ‘Let’s Plays’ of Persona 4 the game and I have to say, the anime seems extremely close to the game. In fact, almost all the dub seems to be taken from the game itself. Now, I have not been able to see all of that, but it is rather close.


Link to Wikipedia:

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Posted 3/7/13 , edited 3/7/13

Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom, Phantom of Inferno (Apr. 2, 2009 – Sept 24, 2009)
Director: Koichi Mashimo Written by: Gen Urobuchi, Yosuke Kuroda, Hideki Shirane, Noboru Kimura, Tatsuya Takahashi, Yukihito Nonaka Music: Hikaru Nanase
Action, Psychology,
Key Words: Girls and Gun, brainwashing,
Studio: Genco, Bee Train Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 26

Spy was just a Japanese tourist in America when he ends up witnessing a killing by the notorious assassin Phantom. Through shear willpower and the want to live, he is taken into the organization known as Inferno and created as an assassin himself. With brainwashing, he becomes their puppet until he remembers his past. Can he escape what could become his death?

My Thoughts: Well, this is an interesting little ‘James Bond’ style opening they have. Strangely, we follow a man who doesn’t remember anything about his background, not even his own name. I feel as though they kind have coped out with using amnesia as their background. The only little look we get into his past is his ‘master’ who I see as a stupid slime ball. That’s only the first act though, and the others get even crazier. Unfortunately, the first episode lost me. They started talking about science and animal instants to a point I had no clue what they were talking about. I was still confused as I kept watching and got pretty much no answer, and to top it all off, there are three arcs that seem to mess me up a bit. There were many times they kept hinting at a love between some of the characters and yet it was pretty much all a tease.

As I kept watching, it did get slightly better on the character scale but the story line fell apart. Yuko turned into a slut and though the two main characters turned into more interesting characters but it was little too late. Not only that, but the basterd ‘master’ was even creepier more then before. Spy also turned rather creepy, bent on killing the master as though he was brainwashed again. You see his true self, which isn’t different then when he was a phantom. And it doesn’t help that the main character should have been dead at episode 10, but somehow, he ends up surviving. It poses the question, how the hell did he end up surviving being drowned and shot three times in the chest. MAK put it best when I was speaking with him outside the podcast as putting it ‘Logic: “Um… what happened?” Phantom: “Well, Fuck you! HAHAHA!!”’ There is no logic in the show at all and this makes it worse.

And now we go into the second arc, which makes no fucken sense. And its only 6 fucken months when Spy ‘died’ and when he pretty much does what he wants by going back to being a stool pigeon for Inferno. Logic also doesn’t have a hand in how he looks so much older then he was before. And they brought a strange lolita girl into the mix and he takes her down like what happen to him. Then near the end of that arc, they made a really strange story up about mistrust in Inferno and had a bunch of the characters killed off. These little storylines behind the characters were a little heart wrenching… if it didn’t feel like they were pulled out of someones ass. There was no hints what so ever that there was something odd going on or about Claudia’s brother or nothing, noda zip-ditalie do da day bit of info that any of this was ever going to come up.

Now, the third arc should never of existed. Again in the words of MAK ‘Consistency: Hey guys, what the hell is going on?Phantom: Well, you see here is that...*slaps consistency* Fuck you, that what's going on.’ I mean, Spy and Ein go to school… and are acting as brother and sister. Not only that, but Cal who was the youngest character is now pretty much an adult. What I see is somehow, Cal grew up rather fast in two years and Ein and Spy have actually somehow de-aged. I also love how when Spy sees Cal, the first thing he thinks is why she’s here, then she’s alive… but we don’t get the question on everyone’s mind of how she grew up as fast as she did.

The Animation is actually rather good looking. Backgrounds have a lot of interesting detail to them and yet it doesn’t push the characters into feeling out of place or blend them to into the background. When they bring in the CG, it wasn’t all that off putting though they should of probably stuck to normal animation. The beginning of episode 12 starts out with some very realistic images of a city which actually looked a little ok. We could really do without the sexual images of little girls being rubbed down by older sick men. It annoys the hell of me that all of these shows have that. One other thing that really bugs me is the idea of the recoil on the guns in this show. There is no real physics in it like the fact that in real life, you cannot shoot an AK47 with one hand because of how bad the recoil is. I have seen this done many times in real shows. It is just not possible.

The music and opening is actually rather sad, using surreal images and somewhat sexual looking backgrounds to the point it feels very James Bond like. Sadly, the ending song seems more like something from Rozen Maiden in both style and imagery. I guess it does work slightly but just makes me feel a bit sad because the opening and ending feels like it should have been switched.

The voices are… let’s just say don’t fit well. One or two actually sound alright to the characters but the main characters feel a bit off. Ein feels like Yuki from Haruhi Suzumiya in that she never seems to actually speak without a dull monotone that wants to lull me to sleep. As for Zwei, he feels a bit disinterested in anything around him and rather boring as well. I did like Raymond McGuire, who is voiced by J.Michael Tatum, who is one of the main executives of Inferno. Claudia is also done rather interesting with a voice that is pretty much Yuko from xxxHolic. She seems as a voice of reason and actually has rather good intentions to the characters. As such, I guess it was reasonable to give her Yuko’s voice.


Link to Wikipedia:

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Posted 3/11/13

The Cleveland Show(Sept 27, 2009 - )
Director: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Richard Appel
Key Words: Cutaway Gag Humor, Off-color Humor, Surreal Humor, Slapstick, Animated Sitcom,
Licensed American Publisher: 20th Century Fox

Episodes: Continuing

Meet the Cleveland’s: Cleveland Brown, Donna Tubbs Brown, Roberta, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo. This is their life after Cleveland left Family Guy.

My Thoughts: Well, I have to say that this is more of an old school comedy then the other things Seth MacFarlane made without being to far away from Family Guy and American Dad to destroy the same type of jokes. Having said that, this is not really my favorite version of a family comedy. Some of the jokes seem slightly dry and since Cleveland is more… well… is smarter then Peter or Stan from Family Guy and American Dad, some slapstick seems like it’s missing something. Even with this, there are some jokes that work better because of how he is. This is where I might sound racist but just to let you know, I am not. The show uses very stereotypical humor that could offend someone who can’t take that type of humor. We have a ‘typical’ black family in a suburban area of a southern looking town. Because of this, we have the normal jokes of fried chicken, afros, and white chicks wanting black booty. We also get the normal jokes of jews, white trash hicks, and Mexicans. How do I explain any more of this without sounding worse.

The animation is actually rather good with not much to point out. It’s really hard to review a show where the animation is supposed to be a little awkward. Every once in a while, we do have a small slip up but they are rather minor compared to the whole picture.

The voices are pretty good catching the personality of the characters.

I guess the only problem I really have is that this is much more real life then crazy out of control. With that, I’m not really into it as much as I am the other two he created, but I still enjoy it occasionally.


Link to Wikipedia:

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A week or two after they had first started cleaning the house, MAK sat in the livingroom, just resting a little. He was a bit tired but more inportantly, he was tired of how the other three acted. Angel was always trying to remind Akuma of being her sister, but All Akuma really wanted to do was hang onto Kurai.
Kurai soon walked in, actually alone and sat down onto the couch near him looking rather tired and sighing.

"Why in the hell are you so tired?", MAK said in a tired voice, "You're not the one that had to get on the roof to clean gutters, pull weeds, and fight out snakes! Not to mention that Akuma still don't know about Angel being her sister."

"No.... she knows now.... that's why she's not hanging on me right now....." he sighed, "But I can't keep doing all of this... I feel like Mike from Please Twins......." he covered his head a bit.

MAK had this confused look on his face and replied with, "Um, who the hell is Mike and why should you feel like him?"

Kurai looked over at him and sighed, "A really bad child series of Please Teacher........" he mumbled.

"Oh yeah, Please Teacher, I forgot about that show......" MAK thought of what he was talking about but he was stumped and confused, "What's Please Teacher and Please Twins again?"

Kurai smacked his head down on the table, sighing, "They are both anime that I was supposed to make Angel review at some point..... You do know that I had to watch all that crap first to know what it was about, right?"

"Does that mean that eventually I have to watch both shows?", MAK said in a concerned and frightened voice. "And I already sense a review out of this."

Kurai chuckled slightly, "Well, Angel did already review Please Teacher.... if you want to take it on, go ahead, I think I'll give you Angel's Review too."

Please Teacher, Onegai Teacher(Jan 10, 2002 – Mar 28, 2002)
Director: Yasunori Ide Written by: Yosuke Kuroda
Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi,
Key Words: Magical Girlfriend, School Life,
Studio: Daume Licensed American Publisher: Bandai Entertainment

Episodes: 12

Kei Kusanagi was an average boy who really didn’t stick out. The only problem he had was that he suffered from a rare disease that caused his body to go into a comatose state they referred to as a “Standstill’. When he was 15, he fell into a standstill that lasted for 3 years. After, he moved away and started a new life at his Uncles place where he kept his disease a secret from his friends and school. One night, he witnesses a UFO and an Alien women coming from it. She turns out to become his new teacher and even stranger, she ends up moving in next to him. To keep her secret and his when she finds out about it, the two end up marrying and living together but must keep it a secret from the students. Will this strange marriage turn into love or will there be problems between the secrets?

My Thoughts:Well… This was an interesting storyline and yet it felt much like every other harem style love stories out there. It was a bit unimpressive if you break it down into the small composites. We have a rather bland guy in which all the girls love, falls for a girl who is not a normal women but other people get in the middle of their love and so the never-ending cock block commences. The whole show is a big school-life-awkward story. And its really funny that I have started reading the manga and it starts out a bit more exciting then the anime.

Kei is the most boring character I have to say. If he didn’t have the standstill, he wouldn’t have anything interesting about him. Let me describe him for you and lets see how many characters have the same description. He’s a weakling with glasses and a rather bland hairstyle. He’s kind hearted and seems like he likes everything to be normal. He lives in a town where he says nothing really ever changes and likes it.

Marie is the only character that I really like but yet he gets such little screen time that I have to frown about it. He is what most of the mishaps and comedy is supposed to be around in that he is basically the master control program for Mizuho’s ship but the very first episode, he ends up getting scrambled and so most of the time (When things actually do happen with Marie), Kei and Mizuho end up getting teleported in strange places or not getting teleported at all when they should have been. This happens rarely to the point of almost not happening.

The opening pretty much looks like it should have been the opening for a Dating Sim but as far as I know; this wasn’t based on a game. It really should be with how somewhat boring the whole show is made out to be. The ending is basically all still images and a very slow music. The music is rather uninspiring, feeling very dull much like the whole anime. It’s like they tried to make it like Air but fell flat.

The animation is bland and though its rather well done, the beauty doesn’t really change how bad it can be at times. I consider it much like a somewhat bland form of Key Animation artwork. Sometimes faces are a bit squashed or seem to be drawn rather fast making them feel unnatural even by anime standards and most characters are almost like copycat characters from other series. I have no clue why they felt the need to block out some things that really aren’t supposed to be blocked out like some of the Technological stuff.

The English voices are what you would expect for a half assed production. Some come out a bit too forceful, others not forceful enough, and many of them rather annoying. Hyosuke is way to energetic and always seeming like he’s trying to get attention all the time but in the end, he sounds like a complete idiot. All of the characters, he’s the most annoying.

All in all, this is a rather bland show with bland story and bland music that makes this not stand out among the other shows.


Link to Wikipedia:!

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When MAK finished his review of Please Teacher, Kurai nodded and then tensed up as Angel leaned on the back of the couch right behind him, "And what the heck are you two doing sitting here when there is more work to be done?" she asked, a rather mean smile on her face.

And with that, MAK didn't like the look on Angel's face and he said with an angry face, "WELL, I have been doing all this work for the past two weeks with no complaints from me and the one I needed to rest, BOOM! A review comes to my lap. That's what happen!" And then MAK sat down ending on that response.

"Alright.... you do know that I didn't ask you to do the roof, right? Kurai was supposed to do it since he can fly....." she looked down at Kurai glaring, "And you..... I have seen you playing around with Akuma most of the time......"
"H....Hold on.... how about you join us for a review to relax....." he said trying to stop the situation.

"Oh, no-no-no-no-no", As MAK easily does his Shia LaBeouf impression and said, "No. I've already reviewed Please Teacher and honestly, I'm fine with that show, but there's no way in hell I'm doing Please Twins!!"

Angel frowned, "Oh god..... you do know that I have the review for that all written out... right?" she asked them, and Kurai stared at her a bit.
She blinked down at him, "What? It's not as bad as some of the stuff you been making watch this whole time..." she glared at him making him shut up, then turned to MAK, "It really isn't that bad...... just not as good as the first one. You really should just review it and have it done and over with."

"FINE!! I'm gonna review it and see how it turns out." MAK said as he was getting ready for the review.

Please Twins, Onegai Tsuinzu, Onegai ☆ Twins(July 15, 2003 – Oct 14, 2003)
Director: Yasunori Ibe
Drama, Romance, Comedy, Harem,
Key Words: School, Slice of Life,
Studio: Studio Orphee, Daume Licensed American Publisher: Bandai Entertainment

Episodes: 12

Mike Kamishiro, Karen Onodera, and Miina Miyafuji are all orphans trying to figure out who their families are. The only clue is a picture from their childhood that shows a young girl and boy playing in a small kiddy pool near a house. After finding the house, they all meet and start living together as they try to learn who is family and who is just a stranger.

My Thoughts: Ah, the ugly child of Please Teacher. People give it crap because it doesn’t base itself off the main characters of Please Teacher but a separate story all together with characters from the main series showing up every once in a while.

The show is about two twins trying to find each other and one person that is a stranger to them. All three children were drawn together by a picture of two children near a house – one a boy and the other is a girl. The only identifying feature of the two children is their beautiful deep blue eyes. Unfortunately, all three of them have that same unusual color and are drawn to the house when they see it on the news after an ‘alien UFO sighting’ that happened during Please Teacher. As the three live together, they feel romantic to the others but are pledged with the burning question of if they are related. This pretty much means you have a lot of rather ‘incest’ going on.

Lets talk about the characters, Mike is well, an asshole. He’s harsh but that’s to be expected when he’s lived alone and was abandoned by his parents. He works hard to try and keep food on the table and the home he lives in. Also, all the damn girls swoon over him. I don’t know why because he’s an unlikable person. He’s mature in certain areas but when it comes to people, he’s a real jack ass most of the time. He seems to be the only one that actually thinks Marie is weird.

Miina is a really energetic and athletic type of character who doesn’t care much for people trying to hurt others. On the other side though, she’s pushy to the point of even pushing Mike to let her stay at his place. She jumps to conclusions really fast and it’s easy to tick her off without trying to.

Karen is a rather sweet young girl. She is very polite but has a bad habit of fainting whenever she gets to excited. It makes things really awkward and worse is the idea that she might be related to him just as Miina might be. She is normally dazed and confused most of the time too. Also, it never helped that in episode 3, there is a big misunderstanding with the group. You will see when you get to it.

The other characters really don’t stand out that well, they all pretty much fall into basic stereotypes. We have Kousei who is are ‘gay’ friend, Tsubaki who is are vice-president of the student body and second love interest (first for how long they know each other and third if you count the relative), the clueless teacher Mizuho, Ichigo who pretty much is the rather pervi and troublemaker type of girl.

The show is standard and just all feels bland. The jokes sometimes come off unfunny or just plain pervi. At least in Please Teacher, it had a bit more class and was a bit more mature but this comes off as just immature. It’s like we are given a fart joke where someone farts and we laugh about it. Actually, the only thing that was actually really fun is when Kousei gets hit before actually being warned.

The animation is really lack luster, feeling even worse then Please Teacher. It’s lack luster and just doesn’t stand out at all making me want to score it even lower.

The English voices are pretty much a miss. All the characters really feel forced and sadly, even some veterans in the dubbing business, like Crispin Freeman, feel as though they are just bland.

I would say it’s pretty much a mistake that this was created because I don’t even think there was a manga created before it so they pulled the show out of their ass.


Link to Wikipedia:!

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Angel shrugged, "By the way, why are you guys talking about Please Twins?"

"I don't know, something about Kurai feeling like one of the characters in the show.", MAK shrugged that part out of the way. "Either way, the show is still bad to me."

"Well, I did say it was the ugly child of the first...." he yawned a bit as he stood up. When he did, he yelped as a blur that was actually Akuma tackled him and kissed him. He sat up, frowning a little as she had her arms wrapped around him and then looked at MAK as though to say, 'See?'

"Yeah, yeah," MAK said with him not caring about Kurai's problems and soon he was going off to sleep in his room. "If you need me, I'll be the guy in the room face down to his pillow."

Angel frowned, "Oh no your not.... your going to clean up more while I and loverboy here go to get food or your not getting dinner....."

Then MAK breaks down to his knees and said, "OK! OK! I'll finish cleaning up!! I don't wanna starve!!"

Angel nodded, "You should clean the kitchen..... I got part of it but it still needs to finish. This is a priority one, MAK!" she chuckled as she pulled Kurai from Akuma and took him out the door.

"HA HA HA HA HA." MAK said sarcastically as he once again gets on kitchen duty in order to not starve to death.
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It was a a cool morning as the light was just coming into the windows of Kakurega, the house they now lived in. It was quiet and the place was just starting to wake up when there was a female scream coming from inside the house.

The first to hear the scream was MAK and he wondered, "Oh dammit, I hope Angel didn't find out about my LED lights", and so he walked in a tired pace to see what's going on until he sees some girl in the hallway and unknown to him, she looked familar.

She turned to him, glaring slightly, "What the hell are you looking at and where the fucken hell is Ang?! I'm going to KILL HER!" she screamed, her black and red hair brushed back slightly from her rather sexy looking face.

"Um, lady, I don't know what grudge you got against Angel but we're in the wrong house." MAK said, "And I'm hope you're not hear to kill us considering the alarm would've triggered something."

She growled, "WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKING ABOUT?" she screamed out at him, "Take a damn good look at me.... I used to be a guy for fucks sake! And then Ang' decided to fucken april fool me, AGAIN!"

Then MAK took a really good look at the girl and notice the red/black hair figures and the lynx ears and the tale and notice that it wasn't Akuma and then it hit him, "Kurai? Is that you?!?!" Then MAK began to chuckle and it turned into loud laughter. "Hey Kurai!! I didn't know you got some great legs. HAHAHA!!" The more MAK laughs heartily, the more annoyed Kurai gotten.

Kurai growled and kicked him hard in the gut, or at least tried to, "IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

But that kick didn't stop MAK from laughing, as he just teleported out of the way quickly, "YES IT IS!! Awww, what's the matter, Lady Kurai?" Then MAK was just toying with him to a point.

Kurai growled at him and turned, "Coward! Get over here so I can beat that ass of yours! You fucken stupid Asshole!"
From over near the doorway to the hall, Angel chuckled a little bit as she watched, "Ah.... so you found my little trick again?"
Kurai moved over to her, looking like he was going to kill her. He started chasing her around the hall, flying at times and other times running.

Again, MAK kept on laughing at him/her and also said, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but I don't give a shit because you had it coming anyway, Lynx-Girl!!"

"How the fuck did I have this coming again?!" Kurai yelled as Akuma came in and noticed Kurai.
She blushed brightly, "K....Kurai? O....Oh my!"

MAK kept his laughter and giggling to an minimum in order to calm down and then reappear in front of Kurai and said, "But really, how did this happen again? You didn't lose a bet to somebody, did you?"

Tenshi Okami: Angel smiled, "It's because I did a little curse for April Fools...."
Akuma blushed brightly, "Um.... Kurai... you are really making me think things I really shouldn't!"

"April Fools?", MAK said as he looked at his cellphone for the date, "Oh yeah, today is April 1st. Also the day to not trust the internet for real news.....So like any other day and what kind of curse did you put on him though, Angel?"

"Just a simple gender bender curse. I always use it during April Fools...." she said gently, "And always on the little boy over there...." she pointed to Kurai.

"So in other words, Kurai was still your mule and or slave past, present, and possibly future." MAK stated, "But can I just throw water at him/her to reverse the curse?"

"Oh? Like Ranma?" she asked, "Nope, although this would be fun to review while he's like this..." she smiled.

"Actually, I agree with you." And then MAK started to giggle like a pre-teen girl again.

Angel smiled a little bit, and then mumbled something, turning MAK into a girl as well, "Well, how about it, Mis Hybrid?"
Kurai started to laugh now, "Now whos the big shot?"

Then MAK took a good long look at him...actually herself now and said, "Hmmmm....I should've saw this coming a mile away."

"Well, you did start laughing...." she smiled, "Now.... I'll give you my review."

Ranma ½ , Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi(Apr 15, 1989 – Sep 25, 1992)
Director: Tomomi Mochizuki, Tsutomu Shibayama,
Action-Adventure, Comedy, Low Fantasy, Romance, Harem,
Key Words: Body Switching, Fan Service, Love Triangle, Martial Arts, Slice of Life, Urban, Transformations, Nudity,
Licensed American Publisher:
Studio: Kitty Films; Studio DeenKitty Films; Shogakukan Production (OVA) Licensed American Publisher: Madman Entertainment, Viz Media

Episodes: 161+13 OVA

Ranma Satome has been training to be the head of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts his whole life. Him and his father went to train in China at a cursed springs. Once they got there, each fell into a spring and now doused with cold water, His father becomes a panda and he becomes a girl. Not only that, but Ranma has also been engaged against his will to Akane Tendo, the daughter of a friend of the family. With that and the massive amount of people after both Ranma's boy and girl forms, and many new and old friends after the people around him, his school life just got more hectic.

My Thoughts: So wow, um… as you read from the description or just by knowing this pretty well known anime, this is a gender bender harem. As such, the show has numerous amounts of fan service, awkward tension, misunderstandings, and secrets. You can’t watch the whole series without a boob popping out once in a while or the occasional pervert showing up now and again. (Kurai: “You are not going to be seeing mine!”) (Angel: “Sounding more like a girl already are we?”) (Kurai: “Shut up!”)

I have a big question, how is every freaken boy after Akane? I never see anything in her that would be the normal of a girl the boys would drool over. I guess in a way, that’s what makes this show special. She’s not the nerdy girl with glasses, the moe girl with childlike aspects, or a full adult style body. She’s just a normal girl who practices martial arts and is kind of (ok, really bad) at cooking. Sometimes she does have a sweet side but she doesn’t show it to just anyone so how they know about it would be beyond me. We can understand why everybody wants Ranma though; he’s strong, agile, and really athletic. He is also somewhat like a bad boy so it sums him up slightly. But even in the first episode, Ranma shows that he can be sweet and has a code that’s rather good. Now if only he wasn’t afraid of cats… (Kurai: “Ha! That’s the stupidest fear…”) (Angel: “Watch it or when I find out yours, your going down!”) (Kurai: *Shuts up*)

One could also wonder about a lot of characters in this show because they are really super stupid. They may have some times where they are at least a little smart but oh god that doesn’t last long at all. I can understand some of the love triangles and some of the problems with nearsightedness, directional problems, and other such things. BUT… that does not excuse more then half the stupid stuff they do. Believe me, if I go too much into the other characters, we will be here all night. That’s another problem with the series; we have the main characters; the supporting characters; the characters that come up every other episode; the ones that stay for a short time, go away and come back again in the next season; and then there are the characters we think may show up again and don’t. (Akuma: “What about the ones that turn into animals?”) (Angel: “I’m getting to that.”) The ones who turn into animals (and I talk about the ones that actually are more like main characters) are somewhat interesting and if you really get into the animals they turn into and their personalities, they pretty much all fit.

Ryoga who’s the pig, and he is pretty much as strong as a boar and a lot of times he runs head first into a situation without thinking. He gets lost easy to the point that he would get lost going to the bathroom in his own damn house! There is Mousse who turns into a duck, and he pretty much talks like one when he starts explaining things all the time. And yet, he is so nearsighted that even when standing two inches away from something, if he doesn’t have his glasses, he thinks it’s someone else. And then there is Shampoo who turns into a cat, she’s feisty and acts like a cat in how cunning she can be.

Then we get to the point where I bet every one wants me to point out, the fact the series runs to damn long! There are seven seasons, three movies, and 12 OVAs. I will get to the OVAs later on though but the seasons… this show should not of gone on as long as it did and it still didn’t end! The manga didn’t end either but I feel that most of the reason the series went on so long is they were playing it out for the end of the manga. The jokes are reused so many times that it feels stale and I hate to say it but most of the episodes aren’t really even part of the manga.

There are some inconsistencies that happen within the show, as in the first episode, Genma turns into a man after being a panda but he has clothing on. One of the big things about people who turn into animals is that they lose their clothing. It’s a major part of the story but yet at times it seems that it only happens when it inconsistencies them. Other times they turn back with clothing on. It makes it a little confusing.

The artwork is rather good for how old the show is and it aged rather well. It does get even better in its later episodes as it grew with the time although the older ones have a nice feeling that they did different animation for flashbacks to previous episodes. The female body is very sexually created and yet many of the girls do seem to have a bit of muscular body structure to show they have been working out. There is a lot of nudity and though in the earlier episodes, they luckily don’t show the nipple (Well, at least for the moving images but then they are sitting there, sometimes they do. In the later ones though, they show practically a well-detailed body.

The English voice acting… well it gets better over time. Oh come on now, you can’t tell me that after how many seasons Ranma got (and the many amounts of movies) it wouldn’t at least get better. Many times the lip sink does get out of sink but with so many characters screaming and having exaggerated mouth movements, it happens. The music can be really fun at times and then switch to a mysterious few cords. They may be annoying but since they have been used over and over, there are ones I can pick out perfectly as what the soundtrack is supposed to represent.

Link to Wikipedia Website:


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"Well, I reviewed Ramna 1/2 and guess what? I actually liked the show." MAK said with a truthful face and then he said, "Now if you were to be so kind, can you CHANGE ME BACK INTO A GUY?!?!?!"

Angel smiled a little, and held up a clock she had been hiding from him, "When this runs out, you will be able to change back..... in about a day or two...." she giggled.

"WHAT!?!?!?!? A Day or two!!", MAK said with his eyes widened, "You mean I'm stuck like this for another day?", Then he took a look at his watch and then said, "Why? Why me?"

She smiled, "Well, you decided to make it worse on Kurai..." she said and started walking to her room. It was a bit odd but it seemed like she was actually coming to Kurai's defence. Kurai blinked and turned to MAK, "Um..... did she do that... for me?"

"You're telling me....", MAK felt the same way, just feeling his breasts but kinda felt a little weird as of now.

"So..... what we do now?"

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Angel sighed as she got back home from her small shopping trip. She had grabbed many items for cleaning and such but she felt like she needed a break (That and she was starting to feel slightly ill). She had found a strange disc at the second hand shop she normally checked in on and decided to check it out. The words 'Murder Princess' was the title and it was so short, she thought she could finish it up pretty fast so she popped it into the main flat screen in the living room. Akuma joined her, thinking that it sounded like a worth while show as she loved dark stories and this seemed to have it.

At the same time, Kai was just getting adjusted to her new surroundings and setting up her room in Kakurega. She wanted to hang out with Angel and Akuma today to get to know them a little better. "Hiya!!", she said, "So what's been going on today?"

Angel looked back at where Kai was standing, "Oh... just checking out a new anime. Probably going to review it after. You want to join us?"
As she asked that, Kurai plopped down on the other side of Angel, grabbing the remote and starting to change the channel. Angel grabbed it back from him and hit him hard over the head with it, "Your going to have to wait to watch something else Lynx-boy...." she growled, making Kurai cringe slightly at her words. She seemed to be one of the only people who could make him cringe like that.

Kai then giggled a little bit from that and she responded with, "Sure, I'll be glad to join you", as she made herself a seat in the couch and Kai then asked her, "So, Angel, what kind of anime are you watching today? An action anime? Assassin anime? Love story? Period piece?"

"It's called Murder Princess.... suposed to be a pretty dark and bloody anime. Interesting that we are missing only one person from the house... where's MAK?" She asked, looking around a bit.

Then MAK walked into the room with him listening to his MP3 player with the sound blasting at his ear. "Hey MAK!!!", Kai tried to get his attention by shouting at him and waving her hand around him but he had his eyes close the whole time. "MAK!! DO YOU WANT TO WATCH AN ANIME WITH US?" So far, a no go. Then Kai had to yank the earphones with him and slapped him for not listening.
"OW!! Kai, why you do that for?", MAK shouted.
"Angel has something to ask you." Kai said.

Angel rolled her eyes a bit, "Kai wants you to watch this new anime with us..... so sit your butt down and I'll turn it on," she said not really asking, more like ordering him to do so.

"OK......" MAK said awkwardly as if he don't want to get his ass kicked by both Angel and Kai as he sat down next to Kai and rubbing his head, "You know that hurt, right? So, Angel, what is Murder Princess about?"

"Um... lets see..." she said grabbing the box out of Kurai's hands as he went to grab it, "It's about a warrior who switches souls with a princess."

MAK sounded intrigued by the plot and said, "So it's kind of like The Prince and the Pauper or something like that where royalty or whoever switch places and does it competently?"

"Actually, their forced.... lets just watch the damn show and figure it out..." she started the DVD.

Murder Princess, Mādā Purinsesu(Mar 28, 2007 – Aug 29, 2007)
Director: Tomoyuki Kurokawa, Shinya Kawatsura, Tomoaki Ohta
Action-Adventure, High Fantasy, Seinen,
Key Words: Body Switching, Bounty Hunters, Blood, Fan Service, Gore, Monsters, Robots, Swordsmen,
Studio: Marvelous Entertainment, Bee Train American Licensed Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 6

As the kingdom is in danger, the king with his dieing breath tells his daughter, Princess Alita, to find her brother, Prince Kaito, who was fighting in the military. Along the way, she meets up with the bounty hunter Falis with her underlings Pete Armstrong and Dominikov. As they fall off a cliff, somehow, Alita and Falis some how switch bodies and end up unable to switch back. Alita promises her body and soul to Falis in order to have her help save the kingdom. Now Falis must pretend to be Alita and rule the kingdom till they can switch back.

My Thoughts: Um, this show is a bit awkward in that it’s about a princess and a swords woman switching bodies. It’s somewhat funny seeing a sweet and loveable princess is turned into a warrior maniac though. The true princess is actually rather strong in some aspects, as she had to see her father and her best friend die. Throughout the show, I had a great feeling of Yuri coming from the relationship of Alita and Falis. It’s really a strong feeling because Alita’s always looks up to Falis a lot for her strength and power. Though one big question I have is that how can Falis have enough strength and agility within Alita’s body. Alita’s body isn’t made for fighting but it was able to not get a broken bone in her body when smashed into the wall.

I do have a little problem with the ‘kawaii’ little characters being the bad guy robots. Dr. Akamashi must have had some sort of fetish for little girls because I have no idea what other reason he would do that to them. It doesn’t help that his head looks like an onion but he seems to have the brains of one for a moment. And not to mention that one girl is the cute innocent personality and the other is a rather dark and mean spirited personality.

There is a strange base to the time period in time where rockets are old technology. It’s strange because most of this is set within a more medieval period with the addition to magic. To have technology over all makes things a bit odd. I’m a fan of some of these shows but not when the technology is so far advanced that it feels out of wack. They do give us a strange reason for it, but I still don’t get why we need the kawaii kids though.

Animation is nicely done though it seems that some of Pete Armstrong, the purple person, his scar seems to move around a bit around his mouth. The demons seem a bit interesting in their design but I seriously think that they don’t ALL need horns. Almost every demon I saw had horns of some kind on there body. I’m not really bothered by the fact that Dominikov doesn’t really move his mouth when he talks, because he doesn’t seem to hinder the anime in any way.

Oh my god the English voices! The little robot girl’s voices sound like they had been smoking a million packs a day! For crying out loud, why does there voice have to be so gravel-ly? Some others are a little high pitched but overall it seems alright. I don’t think we really need the stupid narrator though. It tries to make it more epic then it actually is.

In the end, I guess it was pretty good and I have to say I give it props for a anime that you will not guess how it ends. Seriously, you would probably not be able to guess.


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So approximately three hours later, the gang finished watching the anime and MAK's response was, "Well, what can I say? I really liked the show." Kai then said, "Yeah, this show is pretty good but why did they make those two androids all kawaii and mostly annoying? Like they were threatening. Other than that, I dug it."

"I would not of expected the ending actually," Angel said looking down at the disc, "Seriously, I was getting a Yuri vibe from the main characters."
Akuma nodded, "Though it was really sweet, like a romance between two who are deeply connected," she blinked her eyes a few times at Kurai.
Kurai put his head in his hands, "Oh god...." he mumbled.

"I kinda did, too." Kai said, "And I'm sure MAK did, too, with what I imagine the Cheshire Cat smirk of his face as he knew about the yuri." Then MAK was blushing in the turn of embarassment and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"MAK...", Kai said looking down on him, "I've known you for almost 7 years, you have this sixth sense about shows like this."

Angel chuckled, "Guys seem to get hard with seeing stuff like that, don't they? One track minds...." she said as she stretched out, "Well, I think I would recomend this. It really was interesting though I had my douts in the beginning.

"Even though Kai put me on BLAST, I did find some of it interesting aside from the Yuri!!", MAK reminded all of them, "It's something that didn't waste my time with unnecessary filter and characters. Plus, it's not like they actually......well....." Then MAK stammered on a bit, making the whole room uncomfortable, and then Kai said to him, "Maybe you should stop before the girls, including me, will make you regret you said that." Then MAK squeaked, "DEAL!"

Angel smiled, "Oh I think its a little to late.... remember 'Miss MAK'!" then she giggled a bit, bringing up what happen on April Fools.

Then MAK hide in embarrassment underneath the covers and Kai laughed along and said, "Miss MAK!?!?! Oh, I gotta hear this!"

Akuma smiled a little, "Angel and I are Wiccans. We are able to do spells and such so on April Fools, Angel turned MAK and my Kurai..."
"I am not your anything!" Kurai interupted but was ignored.
"...into women for a time. We reviewed Ranma 1/2 during then."

Kai was in shock and amazement when she heard of them being Wiccans, "Hmmm....I didn't know you were Wiccans. That's pretty interesting there." And then Kai asked the other question on her mind, "Got any pics?" Then MAK's shocked face was like, "WHAT?!?!?"

Angel thought a moment, "No... but I can always do the spell again." she smiled.
Kurai jumped up and walked off, throwing his hands up in the air, "NO! I am not going to do that again!"

"HELL NO!!!", MAK also shouted, "I rather watch Eiken than go through that shit again!!!"

"That could be arranged..." she said as she stood up, "I still have the damn episodes."

"Forget it." As MAK sounded defeated as even he doesn't want to sat through Eiken again......again. (Yes, he saw it more than twice.) "Oh well." As Kai said as she went to the kitchen and whispered to Angel, "Hey, do you think you can do it again soon?"

"How about this, find me a anime that either talks about body switching genders or is a really girlly show and we will see."

Then Kai mentioned another not that well-known series about genderbending and so said, "This should make a laugh out of them.....well, for you again."
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It's been about a month and a half ever since Angel and Akuma was attacked by this ancient danger and MAK and Kai were in danger themselves in Parish Heights and that day reminded everybody to watch their backs whether inside or outside the house but for right now in the late afternoon, Kai was arriving home with a lot of bags, specifically some packages reserved for somebody in the house for their special day.

Kurai was laying on the couch as normal, resting a bit. It was kind of strange seeing him rest so much lately but he would always jump up and grab the person who woke him. Today was no exception about him jumping when Kai came in, the door hitting the wall as she struggled with the packages. He glared over at her a moment, then sighed, "Whats with all those things?" he asked, laying back down on the couch.

Kai was surprised at first, but was relieved that it was Kurai. "Oh, Kurai, it's just you."
"Well, I just got back from the mall, and I was buying some things....and stuff......That and I brought MAK some gifts as his birthday is coming up soon."
Then she continued to struggle with the packages and some stuff feel out like some anime DVDs, Blu-rays and some CDs, too. She manage to put the stuff down without making a big scene.
"Yeah, MAK loves this type of stuff. He's also buying me some stuff, too, since my birthday is 3 days from his."

Kurai heard the discs fall, his lynx ears twitching a little. He tried to ignore it but then bit his lip hard and went to help her, "Damnit all... at least use a backpack or something next time..." he said in a rather punkish mood. He picked up the discs and put them on top of the pile, though he looked at the DVDs and picked one up, "Samurai Champloo?" he asked, "What? Is this about someone who washes their hair with some sort of shampoo or something?"

Kai seemed a little annoyed at Kurai's snappy dialogue, "One, I would've used it but MAK had to borrow it for something. Two, it's Champloo, not shampoo, boy." She then playfully flick his head and also said to him, "It's an anime about this two samurai and this girl on a journey to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers....and it's me and MAK's favorite anime of all time." She said as she smiled at that.

He rolled his eyes as he put it up on her stack, "I think I heard of it. Angel's been on about something like that too. I think she reviewed it, kept going on about how I was like some guy in it.... Moogan I think....."

"Angel reviewed it already?" She asked, "Hmmm.....Well, I already watched it before buying it and I think MAK reviewed it also.......and I think you meant Mugen...and Kurai, no offense, I really don't see how you're like him." She chuckled at that, "I mean, I see some things similar to you and him but...." She tried not to chuckle too much.

"Stop fucken laughing...." he growled, showing his fangs a bit. He didn't seem in a very good mood, "So when's his birthday?"

"It's in about a week from today." She said, "I bought the stuff early considering most of it was about to sell o--" Then she heard MAK coming out from their room and she really needed to keep the gifts from his sight. "Oh shit!! I need to hide these!!" She then needed to hide them somewhere from him quickly and under the couch was the immediate factor.
Then MAK came into the room, with crutches and all (he twisted his ankle a week ago), looking to sit down. "Hello, all and A.....Ow, shit."

Kurai was growling a bit as he was forced to sit up when she used the couch to hide everything. He had his arms folded and glared at both of them.
Angel walked into the room followed by Akuma and held up a Disc she had bought a bit ago, "Hey, you all want to take a seat and watch this?"

MAK then looked at Kurai and he wasn't exactly as pleased, "Hey, I don't know you're growling about. It's your damn fault that I have to be Hopalong and...." but his attention is distracted with what was the disc and it was Samurai Champloo. He looked at it with glee and said, "Hey, Samurai Champloo!! Hell yeah, I'll watch this."
Kai then looked surprised like she didn't know Angel had that (and she really didn't know that) and then said, "Yeah, I'm in the mood for Champloo. I get us something to eat."

"What's Samurai Champloo?" Akuma asked as she sat down next to Kurai, frowning. She had no clue about what it was just like Kurai.
Angel smiled, "It's a pretty good manga that I watched a bit ago and did a review of. I think you would like it too, and Kurai too...."
Kurai growled a little and Angel smaked him over the head to make him stop it. It didn't really work much.

"Angel definitely made the right call. Samurai Champloo is a great work of art and practically one of the few anime I can introduce to both anime and non-anime watchers." Then MAK looked down on the floor and spied something down there, "What the fuck is that under there?" and Kai know what it was. He was about to pick it up but she quickly then jumped on his lap and said, "Wait, honey, you don't need to work yourself getting something down there. Your ankle still need rest." She then got the DVD indiscreetly and hid it underneath the back of her shirt. "So, anyone ready to watch it yet?"

Akuma blinked, seeing the DVD, "Um.... I didn't know you liked shows like that....." she said to Kai as Angel popped the disc in.

Kai then looked at Akuma strangely and said, "Uh....well, like MAK, this is one of my favorite shows, too." And as she showed her the DVD, it wasn't Champloo she was holding. "Wait, why is Garzey's Wing here? I.....didn't buy this."

Akuma giggled a little, "You actually like that anime? Both of you?" she asked, and turned to watch the show.

Samurai Champloo(May 20, 2004 – Mar 19, 2005)
Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
Chanbara, Comedy, Drama,
Key Words: Samurai, Swordsman, Rap,
Studio: Manglobe Licensed American Publisher:Funimation Entertainment, Madman Entertainment, MVM Films

Episodes: 26

In the Edo Period, Jin and Mugen are two Samurai that seem to hate each other without any real reason to why to beat the other up. As soon as they meet Fuu, a girl looking for a samurai that smelled of sunflowers, they have to end up working together to help her find him. Threw there journey, they meet interesting people and get into a lot of battles.

My Thoughts: Well hey all gangsta’s!…. that was completely and utterly messed up. I will try not to do that again. But anyway, I actually loved the mixture of Edo style imagery and the hip hop rap even though a bunch of people would probably say it doesn’t fit. Unfortunately, some of the characters don’t work for me since they seem very out of place. Characters that start raping out of nowhere and those that start talking like gansta’s sometimes make me want to bang my head into the wall. It may fit really damn well with the show but I still want to smack my head into the wall. I did like the main characters though… some a lot more then others.

Mugen was actually my favorite character. He was pretty bad ass and could take down almost any foe that stood against him. His style of fighting isn’t the normal samurai style but more of just a way of living. To a samurai, the sword is something to live and die with, so he does have a little of the samurai spirit but a samurai also has honor and tact for the most part. He has none of that. He will do as he pleases without any regard to those around him, even starting fights just for the sake of showing how bad ass he is. He loves the spotlight and sometimes I can picture him similar to Black Star from Soul Eater where he would yell out ‘I’ll kill you’ even if he’s supposed to sneak up on them. That personality I would consider childish in some cases but in this, I actually see reasoning behind it. He want’s to be the best he can be and to fight someone when their back is turned may be a disgrace for what little honor he has.

On the other hand, Jin has much more class to him as a samurai. He was trained professionally and you can see that when the two fight. The styles actually look extremely different as Jin has more of a stiffer pose to him. His background is a pretty tragic one but seems much more common in samurai movies then Mugen’s story line. I can see where Mugen and Jin get onto each other’s nerves. It does make for a very interesting story line when the two need to work together to get out of a bad situation. Most of the time its purely luck based.

The last main character is sadly the one I like the least. Fuu is a bit, well, I don’t exactly understand why she’s there in the first place. She’s childish, annoying, and whines a hell of a lot. She gets kidnapped almost every single time by the guys that just want to rip Jin’s and Mugen’s heads off. Only a couple times she actually has some marret to the story as she’s most likely the person who can trust others. She is the reason the other two are stuck together but her reason for going on this journey, namely finding a samurai smelling of sunflowers, really has no real fruit to it. You would understand once you watch the ending.

The animation is rather good, though sometimes can be a little… bla. Manglobe has a thing where they will have really good animation for most of the anime but in some parts, it lacks the beauty the other scenes have. Characters sometimes feel like they are also way to detailed as if the artist was trying to make the show look extremely detailed but it makes the characters look off when it doesn’t happen all the time.

The English voices are actually really well done and I think that’s partly because of the rap and pop culture references. Jin is silent and Mugen is a badass gangster. The voices work so well that I have to say its one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Even Fuu who is pretty annoying actually has an ok voice. I give the main music props for being one of the most memorable to me. I can’t not think about that fun style of music.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

May Also Like:

She then whispered to Akuma, "Wait, I wouldn't buy Garzey's Wing, let alone watch it. I saw what happened to MAK with this. I bought Champloo today for his birthday in a week from now, along with other anime/stuff."

"Ah," Akuma chuckled a little, "Well, you should really take that one back before Angel sees it and destroys it."

MAK then wonder what was Kai and Akuma was talking about, "Are y'all preoccupied with something?"
She said, "No. Me and Akuma was just doing small talk...y'know, girly talk. You wouldn't be interested in it."
"OK..." MAK said awkwardly.

Angel stretched a bit, "Well, what do you think of the show now?" she asked, looking over at Akuma and Kurai, "Kurai? Kurai, hey, answer me...."
Kurai was looking like he was a bit sick. He got up and ran off up to his room when she called after him.

"You think he ate something he shouldn't have?" MAK said, "I think somebody should check up on him." Of course, he really meant that Angel and/or Akuma should check up on him.

Akuma shook her head, "I.... have a feeling if someone goes to him..... then... he might kill them without realizing it...." she whispered.

"Oh, fuck it, I'll just---" The very slight pain of MAK putting pressure on his ankle meant that he wasn't going to be the one to go after him. "OK, I can't go to him. Obviously."

Akuma shook her head, "No one should.... trust me on this. It happened once before and he killed 5 of his father's men without so much as a sweat."

MAK sighed, "Some days I just don't get most of y'all in here....and I partially almost one of you...Also, Kai, why did you hid a copy of Garzey's Wing under your shirt, knowing I can't stand that anime?"
Kai was shocked and wide-eyed, "WAIT! HOW DID YOU---"
"I sometimes have the ability to see what's underneath a person's clothing. I just don't use it as often as I personally don't care for that power."

Both Akuma and Angel smacked MAK hard as they walked off, blushing as they did, "PERVERT!"

"Hey!! I just said I don't use that power that much. WHY THE HELL DID YOU SMACK ME!!"
Kai then slapped him for that, too. "You know, I don't mind you seeing me naked but you could've told them about it earlier."
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So the next morning after the gang watched "Murder Princess", MAK woke up in a not heavenly way as he groaned and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. As he got his drink from the kitchen, he noticed something as he walk past the mirror in the living room and had to take a double-take and......."AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!", MAK screamed.

Kurai walked out of his room, growling as he looked at MAK, "I hope this is not going to be another running gag or I'm thinking I'm going to have to murder someone soon...." he said, glaring at MAK up and down, "Will you put a shirt on? I feel sick just seeing that...." he said as he walked past the half dressed MAK.

"Oh, really?", MAK said as he felt kinda pissed off at that comment, "Because you looked 'oh so fabolous' in your girl format, Lady Kurai." Then they saw a flash coming from the right end of the hallway and it was Kai who took the picture of the two man-women. "Yes!!", as Kai said and she walked gleefully away.

Kurai turned, glaring at her, "I think I found who I want to kill now..." he started walking after Kai, teeth showing with pointed fangs, "It's probably her fault anyway..."

Then MAK run close to Kurai, grabbed him by the breasts and said, "Uh, look, I know it's her fault. I know how she does this, you lay a fuckin' finger on her and I'll kill your ass.......but, yeah, she's getting a beatdown." Then let's go of him and continue to stalk her and as soon as they were close to Kai, the door just slammed shut.

Kurai glared at MAK, then grabbed her breast hard glaring, "Touch me again there.... and I'll actually rip this off you, not let you turn back..." he said as he finally let go and went to get some coffee. He was not one to piss off that early in the morning without him having coffee.
It was afternoon before Angel and Akuma woke since they both were more night owls then morning people. Angel stretched out a little, starting to make something for the two of them as Akuma sat idoling the now pouting Kurai in the living room. When Angel came in, she frowned a bit and sighed, "Damnit.... I didn't need to be reminded of that anime...." she whispered.

"Well, whose fault is that, I suppose?", MAK asked her and then Kai came out of the room and said, "OK, I know some of you are a little pissed at me for the morning--" Then MAK raised his voice at her and yelled this at her, "PISSED??!! You turned me and Kurai into girls....actually, the second time that happened and all because you wanted to see us like this?" Kai then tries to explain it all, "Well, I thought you and Kurai as girls would be kinda funny" and then she looks at Angel and said, "And I swear I didn't think the anime would be that bad. I never exactly watch it, just heard of it."

Angel frowned a bit, "Really? I did the spell for a Troll it seems...." she said turning away from her.
Akuma looked over at them, "I didn't think it was all that bad actually.
Angel looked over at her, "Voices and exicutions....." she reminded her.
Akuma frowned, "Alright.... it was really bad.... But thinking back on it, it was a kind of cute love story."
Angel glared again, "Ending and OVA...."
Akuma growled, "ALRIGHT! IT IS BAD!" she sighed.
Kurai blinked looking at Akuma, "You didn't have to agree with her you know...."
"But I actually do agree with her. I was just trying to make it sound not as bad as it was so I didn't have to think about it....."
"And thats why I do most of the reviews when it comes to this shit...." Angel sighed as she sat down, throwing the disc at MAK, "You see for yourself."

Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl(Jan 11, 2006 – March 29, 2006)
Director: Nobuaki Nakanishi
Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi, Yuri, Shonen,
Key Words: Slice of Life, School Life, Harem,
Studio: Studio Hibari Licensed American Publisher: Anime Works

Episodes: 12

Hazumu Osaragi declared his love for his classmate and close friend Yasuna Kamiizumi. To bad he was rejected. In his grief, he hikes on Mt. Kashima and is killed when an alien spacecraft accidentally crash lands into him. The alien, Hitoshi Sora, tried to rectify this by bringing him back to life but ends up bringing him back as a female right down to the DNA. Strangely, when he gets back to school, Yasuna unexpectedly professes her lobe for this new Hazumu. Even stranger is that his childhood friend, Tomari Kurusu, also has feelings for him/her.

My Thoughts: Um, wow. This is um… something a little different then what I have ever seen before. I give the show props for an idea, but an extremely lousy way of making that idea bare fruit. The story feels shallow, the execution is bland, the English voices are a mess, the animation is just standard fan fair. I would of loved if they got into the physiological aspects of a man turning into a women a bit, but they don’t. They just pussyfoot around like it’s a teenage drama. I know it is one but with a concept this interesting, I wish it could have been better done.

Hazumu really freaken sounds and acts like a girl! It doesn’t seem like there is any freaken difference to him being male or female. I do think its somewhat Ironic that when he first sees the ‘star’ coming straight at him, he wishes to be manlier and yet he was turned into a woman. And then after he’s a woman, he accepts it rather fast to the point of saying that nothing really changed. (Kurai: “WHAT THE FUCK!? How can he act like nothing changed at all! When you turn me, I freaken hate it!”) All the characters act really stupid and it’s hard for me to even feel for any of them at all. His parents are the worst to because they just are way to excitable. (Akuma: “Excitable? Her Dad a big fat pervert!” Angel: “Alright, ya, I’m trying to make things better then they are.” ) They look at her as if nothing happened at all and start treating him like a girl the day she gets back home. Everyone around her acts as though she should know exactly how to be a women when she doesn’t know the first thing about it. It pisses me off slightly in that aspect because none of the characters seem to think how she feels. If we really get right down to it, it wouldn’t make any difference weather she turned into a girl on her own with a operation or with space aliens. In fact, it would be better if it was a operation then alien because then it would be more believable.

Tomari was doing nothing for him when he was a guy it seems, and treated him like a child that needed protection all the time. It makes me wonder if she is the one that’s the reason that he never became a manlier guy. The whole second episode was pretty much Tomari saying don’t do this, don’t do that and don’t act like a man but she does it rather harshly. We do get into the physiological aspects of her dealing with a friend that changed into a guy but it sometimes feels bland.

Yasuna on the other hand is awkward. It’s almost like she can’t see any men at all and only a hazy look to them when she can. I’m not sure what the hell they did that for because they could of just as easy say she was into girls instead and it would be so much better. It would of actually been closer to a real life story.

This is more of the story that centers around everyone around Hazumu rather then Hazumu herself. We only learn about everyone else and their feelings, and only a little bit of Hazumu’s thoughts and feelings in the first part. When we do learn about Hazumu’s feelings, it feels a bit to late, as we have to go through a lot of crap to get there. Sadly, every single character falls for Hazumu, which makes the damn thing a harem anime.

I have problems when Aliens look exactly like the humans without much difference to them. I also have big problems with the fact that the aliens crash into him, turn him into a woman, and then just leave him to the world. They pretty much do nothing to help him. And when they do show up, they just make things even worse for her. She ends up having a ‘clone’ of herself. (Akuma: “That’s a clone? She doesn’t look like her at all for crying out loud! We look closer then they do and we are just twins!”) Yes… clone… with light pink hair that will not stop hanging on her.

The animation is really based for the fan service. We have a lot of naked shots of girls changing and just doing random stuff. It’s pretty standard and just basic. Many times, they seem to cop out and not even draw the background of go for the close up on the faces. They also do the fucken close ups on the breasts and body too which make me smack my head into the wall.

I have problems with the English voice. Male Hazumu sounds so much like a girl that I see no difference in him being male or female. Tomari sounds more like a boy then he does as a guy! Everyone else sounds so much like a whiny little girl that it just bothers me a lot. The script is so cheesy that I just want to smack the writer. No really, its really really bad! The words sound so much like the person is just reading lines without any feeling what so ever. Even when they do have emotion, it sounds forced. It’s also done rather close to the translation so it feels really choppy. People keep saying ‘it is’ instead of ‘it’s’ and all this other problems. I just want it to end! Though the voices do get a little better (more on the lines that I had to get used to it for necessity rather then it being good) like around the 5th episode, it feels a little late.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

My Also Like: Ranma 1/2,

Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl OVA(Oct 27, 2006)
Director: Nobuaki Nakanishi
Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi, Yuri, Shonen,
Key Words: Slice of Life, School Life,
Studio: Studio Hibari Licensed American Publisher: Anime Works

Episodes: 1

A couple months after the main season, it became winter and the group of friends encountered their miracle!

My Thoughts: Well, it’s hard to talk about a OVA with one episode. I’m lumping it in with the rest of the show as it seriously makes no sense for me to go back to this show after I’m done with it. And since I know some trolls out there… *looks at Kai and Kurai* that would want me to do the OVA, I’m doing this.

The characters are not as stupid as the TV part but they don’t have the right personalities. Everyone is really just pissing me off because they go against what the TV version of them was saying and doing. And it felt as if they were forcing characters do get together which the main story line was all about Hazumu deciding. And in the end, they fucken do a marriage thing which went to fast!

Animation and English Voices are really bad still like the first.

In the end, there was no reason for it, just as we didn’t need the OVA of Green Green and the whole thing of Eiken. It just meant that no matter what you choose, you will be forced to be with someone weather you like it or not.


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

May Also Like:

So after MAK watched the series and rightfully forced Kai to watch it since it was all her idea and her reaction was, "What the fuck did I just watch? Oh my god......Why?"
Then MAK said, "Because you are a damn fool, Kai."
Kai frowned at all of them and then said in a high voice, “I SAID I WAS SORRY, OKAY? I never saw the series as whole.” and MAK finished it with, “Well, the whole thing is on you since YOU wanted to be reviewed.”

Kurai frowned when he was done as well, "You know Kai... even I had the decency to watch the anime in its full when I made Angel review it even though I didn't need to."

"Wait, Kurai, you did this to Angel before?", Kai questioned Kurai about that.

"That's more because of a contract I had to protect Akuma.... I don't blame him for it," Angel shrugged, "What I do blame is you for having me watch this without you watching it. A main thing with trolls is that I'll review it but if the troll has not seen it, then...." she looked at Kai with a rather scary look to her.

And with that scary look Angel gave her, Kai then said, "I wasn't trying to be a troll but yeah, maybe I should have watch the series before asking you to review it. I just hope this doesn't mix up things here." MAK then looked at Kai, as she was looking like she did fucked up on her part and he said, "Yeah, I hate to say it, but even Kurai watches crap that eventually we have to watch ourselves. I mean, hell, I reviewed Ikki Tousen & Monster Rancher for him before."

"Um.... actually, that Ikki Tousen thing was more me getting you because you were pissing me off...." Kurai shrugged, "But I do plan on watching it some point, don't worry about that," she looked away from her a bit.

With MAK knowing that and now feels like crap, then he said, "You know what? I'm completely fine with that. Just fine." Then MAK walks to his room, sulking at that comment. "Hey MAK...."Kai said and then MAK screamed out in a whimper, "I'M FINE!!"

Kurai frowned, "DAMNIT! IT WAS A SPUR OF THE MOMENT AND YOU BROUGHT IT UP!" she yelled down the hall.
Angel giggled slightly, "Well, they are both acting like girls now....." she comented to Kai and Akuma.

Then MAK yelled in his room while hugging his pillow, "WELL, I THOUGHT THINGS WERE DIFFERENT BETWEEN US NOW!! I THOUGHT YOU CHANGED, KURAI!!!"

Kurai sighed and walked over to the door, leaning into doorframe a bit, "Things have.... and as I said.... I'm going to fucken go through that crap, so stop acting like a girl crying and hugging your pillow like that...."
At this point, the girls were watching with the yaoi/yuri glasses on and squealing a bit, making Kurai feel uncomfortable.

Then MAK stopped sobbing and then opened his door and said to Kurai, "OK, I'll stop." Then he wiped the tears off his face and he calmed himself down.
"AAWWW!!", Kai said at the sight of that.
"OK, now I'm weirded out than usual", MAK said normally.

Kurai frowned, "Your weirded out? I'm the one that has had to deal with the yuri looks each time Angel has decided to do this to me...."
Angel smiled a little, "But think about this now, both of you are actually men even though your woman in this form..." Then she and Akuma ended up squealing once again, hinting at what they were thinking.

"Well, since we got another day of being like this, I'm just gonna go back here until we're back to normal," MAK said as she calmly went back into her room and said nothing after that.

Kurai shrugged, "I think I'm going to do the same..." he said heading to his own room, but Akuma grabbed her arm, "Awww.... but how about we go to my room instead?" she asked sweetly.
Angel smacked Kurai hard on the head.
Kurai moaned out a little in pain and yelled, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU HIT ME? SHE WAS THE ONE THAT BROUGHT IT UP!"
"Because your still you..." she said as she dragged her off to make her do some work.
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Negima! Magister Negi Magi TV, Magical Teacher Negima!, Negima!(Jan 6, 2005 – Jun 30, 2005)
Director: Written by: Music:
Action-Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi,, Low Fantasy, Harem, Romance,
Key Words: Fan Service, Magic, Robot, Middle School, Slice of Life, Vampires, Wizards,
Studio: Xebec, Starchild, Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 26

Negi Springfield is a 10 year old prodigy who has just graduated from the Magic Academy. He wants to be a Master Wizard but sadly, he is sent to teach English in a Japanese all girls high school. All the girls like their cute new teacher except one girl. Asuna had a crush on the teacher Negi replaced. When she finds out that Negi has magical powers, all hell brakes loose and she vows to make his life a living hell.

My Thoughts:


Link to Wikipedia:

Other Reviews:

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Negima!? Magister Negi Magi TV, Nagima!? Remake, Negima!(Oct 4, 2006 – Mar 28, 2007)
Director:Akiyuki Shinbo Written by: Music:
Action-Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi,, Low Fantasy, Harem, Romance,
Key Words: Fan Service, Magic, Robot, Middle School, Slice of Life, Vampires, Wizards,
Studio: Shaft Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 26

(A remake of Negima! with its own story.) Negi Springfield is a 10 year old prodigy who has just graduated from the Magic Academy. He wants to be a Master Wizard but sadly, he is sent to teach English in a Japanese all girls high school. All the girls like their cute new teacher except one girl. Asuna had a crush on the teacher Negi replaced. When she finds out that Negi has magical powers, all hell brakes loose and she vows to make his life a living hell.

My Thoughts: Pretty much this is season 2 (Technically a remake actually) of the first but it starts out exactly where season 1 started, although much more dramatic. We get a tale about Negi’s father fighting a vampire and how rather epic that fight had been, only to cut into a little bit dramatization of when Negi is given the assignment to go teach in Japan. This is a rather large contrast where the beginning of Season 1 was him already on his way to the school and the rather funny time he would have there (not to mention the strange love spell Asuna was doing in the bathe). Even the little rodent that shows up partly through season 1 is in the first episode of season 2. I contribute the change to the fact that Shinbo was the director of this one. Yes, the guy that did Moon Phase, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Soultaker, Pani Poni Dash, and Madoka Magica.

We learn almost every 31 girls all at once, getting almost all of their personalities at once. It’s a bit of a mind blowing experience to have that happen, making me wonder just how we are supposed to remember their names. Konoka Konoe is played much the same way as how Hazuki was played in Moon Phase but slightly more strong. She does work hard to get what she wants. Many of the other characters feel one dimensional or just don’t stand out at all and I think it’s based on how many episodes are contributed to them. We see Asuna and Konoka all the time and so therefore we get more of a personalized look into how each other act were as many of the others we see only for a brief time or when we get to one of their episodes. Sometimes even with something that doesn’t even feel like its part of the story, sort of like Hetalia in that sense. Still, this show does get into more of them then the first series and makes them a little more loveable except for Asuna. I’m sorry but she comes off as way to stupid and off then in the first which makes me pull away from the show. If they had played her a little more straight, then she might have become a bit more loveable.

Another thing that makes this one different then the rest is that the first few episodes at least the first few episodes have a running plot that doesn’t really involve Asuna. It is all about the vampire girl and Negi. There are some side characters, but they don’t stand out as much as these two and the ‘epic fight’ that they are about to have. The thing with Asuna doesn’t happen until the third episode with a magical contract being created. I like how they didn’t wait until the very end for every girl to make a contract with Negi. And in the forth episode, he has another partner contract so it makes much more sense.

Lot of the jokes turned very old very fast and the story went really into a odd storylines that don’t seem to mesh all that well together, but it does come into a climax although how that climax actually works is kind of up in the air. Now, this has a way of doing something similar to what Persona did in that it gets to a point where the show ‘ends’ in the middle, then they have more character development and then the final ‘battle’ as it where. Unfortunately, this anime has more dinking around then character development and storyline.

The animation looks so much more like it was created as an OVA in the beginning with strange camera angles and high detailed lines. Even Negi who is just a young boy looks a little bit more adult and well defined then in season one. With a lot of the angles and such, it reminds me of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei in how dramatic they try to be and yet how funny they get. In fact, they even have the writing on the chalkboard changing every time we pan back to the board. I’m a bit surprised that they fixed Asuna’s eyes so they would have the same color. They do cop out of some times with just a single frame but it isn’t really that bad. It actually makes the dramatic parts even more dramatic. Unfortunately, it’s when the animation looks extremely poor and low budget that makes me feel sad that they had done such a thing. Characters end up losing their shape and seem to just become stretched out piles of wonky colors sometimes. They do tend to take different animation styles and have them done in rather interesting ways but it all feels flat when we get the poorer parts or doesn’t seem to fit. Just as any anime from Shinbo, they have naked women in the transformations. This doesn’t exactly bother me although in some places they do tend to go overboard in detail. It’s rather low detailed that it doesn’t become bothersome to me, I seen much worse…

The opening and ending remind me a lot like Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei so it’s really hard to look at the show differently then that show. Makes me wonder why this was dubbed and not Zetsubou. Many times though, the opening and ending seems to change at random. I give them a bit of props for this since it shows they had a lot of money for this, I just wish some of it would of gone for the main part of the show and the script.

I seriously think we don’t need the narrator voice, which makes things feel very cheesy (to the point I smack my head against the table at times). Something about trying to make this show overly dramatic just makes me want to hit my head against the wall. I watched the English dub of course so again, it was overly dramatic and bothersome. I’m not very sure if it would have been any better as the Japanese dub though.

In the end of watching it, it is rather interesting seeing a new take on a show that I watched. I would say watch it if you want a different kind of comedy then the first season. Even though the show is really strange and even more out of control then the first, it is a bit interesting.


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Dungeons & Dragons(Sept 17, 1983 – Dec 7, 1985)
Director: Bob Richardson (Season 1), Karl Geurs (Season 2 & 3)
Key Words: RPG,
Licensed American Publisher: CBS

Episodes: 28

Six teenagers end up in a world of magic and adventure. Dungeon Master gives them magical items to protect and defeat the evil Venger who wishes to take over this magical world as they try to find a way back home.

My Thoughts: Well here’s an old animation. Six kids end up in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and with them, the crazy storyline goes on. The difference between this and other shows of this time… well, it’s actually pretty much the same from the lame voices to the bad animation. Even the annoying little side kick creature is in it.

Shall we start with the characters? Each of them are pretty much stereotypical of teenage boys and girls. We have the rich kid, the level headed cute boy, the smart but bumbling geek, the overprotective sister, the gentle athletic girl, overactive younger brother, and a cute annoying sidekick to top it off. None of them grow from episode to episode since we pretty much have an episodic nature. In a story like this, characters should grow from their experiences and they just seem to go around in circles.

What I think is rather funny is that this show had a major controversy because of the level of violence in the show (that I really don’t see much of). It was so bad, that the National Coalition on Television Violence demanded that the FTC actually run a warning during each broadcast that said this show was linked to real-life violent deaths.

The animation is rather bland for the time, and many times they loop animation or use still images with mouths moving and they don’t show the right emotions. Characters aren’t really able to keep to there character sheets especially when showing a large amount of emotions. Characters are also a little miss proportioned as a lot of characters have tiny waists that look like they will snap in two. Backgrounds can be rather detailed with almost watercolor scenes but they just make the moving cells look way to bland at times.

The script does feel like it was made to simulate a Dungeon and Dragon’s game but it’s a little two close. It would be different if they did it well but half the time, the jokes go way too far, mudding up the actual story. The voices do actually fit well to the character designs, whiny but I guess not so annoying as they could be. It’s the little unicorn that makes the most annoying sounds though.

In the end, its rather fun to look back at these old cartoons but they show their age rather badly. After what is said and done about this show, the most disappointing part I think is that it was never given an ending. There was a un-produced final episode called “Requiem” but it really doesn’t count much.


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Kanon 2006(Oct 5, 2006 – Mar 15, 2007)
Director: Tatsuya Ishihara
Romance, Drama, Harem,
Key Words: School Life, Slice of Life,
Studio: Kyoto Studio Licensed American Publisher: Madman Entertainment, Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 24

When Aizawa Yuuichi was a young boy, he visited his cousin in the city but sadly, he has lost his memories of the time spent there. Seven years later, he comes to visit again in the wintry town and meets many girls from his past. Can he remember them or will he forever forget the promises he once made?

My Thoughts: Part of the trio of Key Animations lovely animations, this one doesn’t hold back. The simple and cute story mixed with a little bit of comedy and the art style of a simple dating sim game works with the type of music and slight cuteness that one would understand from this. Although this is praised so much, there are some things that seem like they were just lost or done rather badly.

I could see this show being practically a mirror dimension of Clannad. We have the plain main character, the small cute girl, the dense girl, the strong silent type, the sickly type, and so on. We get the same characters from Clannad and almost the same storylines as well. And yet, the storylines also fit with some of the magical feel that Air has too. If you want me to list out a way of watching the two shows, I say start with Air or Clannad, then go to Kanon, then the other one. They seem to blend into each other. Instead of the girl being the one losing memories, it’s the boy.

The storylines are rather sweet and I just love the romance involved in it but I feel we don’t get enough time with any of the characters at all (except the main character). It should have been longer if they were going to do this type of show and give us a bigger variety to the show. If you’re giving us a harem, then make it a harem, not a half assed one.

The artwork is special, most of the time beautiful, soft but well detailed. The times that it lacks actually don’t take much away from the show as they are few and far between. I do have to say after seeing some pictures of the older one, I believe this artwork to be much better. I do ask how wise the girls are wearing the really short skirts in the snow and not looking one bit cold. Seriously, why do they do that? And I also wonder the only adult that really is shown looks like she is the same age as her daughter. Other characters really do look like they have the same face, looking like they just changed the girls eye color and hair color.

The English voices are not really Moe but they don’t try to be. I like that about the show. There is a sense of two worlds in the show because of the English and the Japanese dub being slightly different. The music is what makes the show in how awesome it is most of the time. I love hearing the piano pieces and really want to the sound track to it.

I love the show even though the troubles they have in it and the odd non-moe characters the English dub gave me. I really feel that even though Key’s shows aren’t really the best, they are something to check out.


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